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13 Signs You Don't Know How to Properly Decorate a Christmas Tree

Updated on December 5, 2011
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Oh Christmas Tree!

It is Christmas time again and it is time to decorate the Christmas tree. This is a time-honored tradition that many families enjoy each year. It doesn't matter if you prefer live trees or an artificial tree; a Christmas tree can be beautiful no matter which kind you purchase for your home. Of course, every now and then, we see a tree that has issues. In these rare cases, someone clearly does not know how to properly decorate a Christmas tree.

Christmas trees, in general, are not too difficult to decorate. It is all about finding ornaments that are not too big for a small tree, or ornaments not too small for an enormous tree. Also, a fair amount of lights should go around the tree, but don't overdo it. It is easy to find trees that are pre-lit now, so that is something I would highly recommend for anyone buying an artificial tree. Don't forget to put the garland on FIRST before putting on the ornaments, too. Hopefully, these basic hints will get most folks through the Christmas tree decorating experience. However, for those who have bigger issues, let's discuss some signs that you don't know how to properly decorate a Christmas tree.

The 13 Signs You Don't Know How to Properly Decorate a Christmas Tree:

  1. Live kittens do not go on a Christmas tree. If your tree is meowing, you are not decorating it correctly.
  2. It is perfectly acceptable to put candy canes on the tree. However, don't unwrap them first. There is a reason why there are bugs on your Christmas tree now.
  3. Artificial trees do not require any water. This is especially the case if the twinkling little lights are plugged in.
  4. The angel goes on top of the tree. She does not lounge in the middle of the tree. Christmas angels do not nap in trees.
  5. The Christmas tree is not supposed to lean at an angle to the side. If you've put all the heavy decorations on one side of the tree, you are going to have this issue.
  6. Keep the lights turned on while you are stringing them around the tree. The last thing you want is one bulb to blow out after you put every single decoration on the tree.
  7. In general, ornaments that sing Christmas carols are annoying. This is not necessarily funny or a sign that you don't know how to properly decorate the tree; this is just something I wanted to share with the world. It just seems important.
  8. When someone asks you to put the icicles on the tree, it did not mean go outside and find real icicles. The same goes if someone asks you to find a snowman to put on the tree, too.
  9. Beer cans hanging from paper clips are not real decorations no matter what your Cousin Earl tells you.
  10. A partridge in a pear tree is just a line from a song. Don't find a partridge for the tree; it is a pine tree anyway, not a pear tree.
  11. The star on the top of the tree should not lean. Also, it should be secure on the tree. When that thing falls down on someone's head, no one is having a merry Christmas.
  12. If you can't see the tree because it is weighted down with decorations, you probably did not decorate the tree properly. For that matter, you may want to check to make sure you have a tree at all rather than a pile of decorations and ornaments sitting in the corner.
  13. You've connected so many strings of lights together, a fire safety inspector would condemn your tree if he happened to see it.


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