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Your Best Kris Kringle Guide

Updated on August 19, 2013

What is a Kris Kringle?

Also known as Secret Santa, Kris Kringle is the tradition of giving gifts to someone who is randomly allocated to you. Sounds a bit precise but it isn't really? It's as simple as dropping names into a hat and then pulling out your choice. It's a great way to arrange office gifts at Christmas time or for social clubs or groups of people who need to give gifts to each other but don't really know the other person that well. It can also be a hilarious tradition whereby it's the chance to give your work colleague something hilarious. There is usually a limit on price and is of course traditionally done at Christmas time. There is one other key element in this tradition. The gift giver remains anonymous! This really opens the gates for true hilarity in your gift giving.

Dear Santa

all I want for Christmas is you
all I want for Christmas is you | Source

Kris Kringle - How To

If this is your first Kris Kringle then here's how to get things going.

1. Gather together the names of the people in your office, social club or family who will be participating.
2. Set a limit on price, this is usually around $20.
3. Cut all the names up and put them in a hat.
4. At your next gathering, get all the people involved to pull a name out of a hat, or get them to come to your desk at a suitable time.
5. Designate a day for the Kris Kringle gift giving.
7. Have fun!

Kris Kringle Ideas

Oh Charles ... really, you shouldn't have! Solar Queen Jubilee Edition, $22.95
Oh Charles ... really, you shouldn't have! Solar Queen Jubilee Edition, $22.95 | Source
Mmmm, another cup of Jarrah please! Eco coffee cup, $14.95
Mmmm, another cup of Jarrah please! Eco coffee cup, $14.95

Kris Kringle Poll

What would you prefer for your Kris Kringle gift?

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Kris Kringle Fun Facts

Did you know?

  • Kris Kringle is known as different things all over the world! In The USA it's called Secret Santa. In Ireland they call it Chris Kindle, the Philippines call it Monito-monita, in Germany it's known as Christkindl, while over in Switzerland and Australia they call it Wichtein or Engerl und Bergerl. It's also known as Pollyanna, Amigo Secreto, Amigo Oculto and Amigo Invisible. It seems all over the world, people enjoy Kris Kringle.
  • The idea was born from the Three Kings who gave Jesus a gift each on his birthday.
  • There is a version called Casino Secret Santa where you give money instead of a gift.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Darwin Fish Mug, $14.95Crap Jokes, $9.50Fifty Shades of Brown, $8.95Bullshit Button Detector - $14.953D Notepad, $9.95
Darwin Fish Mug, $14.95
Darwin Fish Mug, $14.95
Crap Jokes, $9.50
Crap Jokes, $9.50
Fifty Shades of Brown, $8.95
Fifty Shades of Brown, $8.95
Bullshit Button Detector - $14.95
Bullshit Button Detector - $14.95
3D Notepad, $9.95
3D Notepad, $9.95
Brown Bag, Lunch Bag, $19.95
Brown Bag, Lunch Bag, $19.95
App Magnets, $22.95
App Magnets, $22.95

Kris Kringle for Guys & Girls

Here's a few ideas for gifts for guys and girls. After all, it can be quite confusing if you pull out a name of the opposite sex.

Guy Gifts
- funny
- quirky
- jokes
- toilet humor
- useful
- geeky
- gadgety

Girl Gifts

- Cute
- Pretty
- Kitchen
- Useful
- Tasteful
- Healthy
- Beauty

Feeling Cheeky? How about this funny Kris Kringle! Sergeant Snacks Fridge Cop, $14.95
Feeling Cheeky? How about this funny Kris Kringle! Sergeant Snacks Fridge Cop, $14.95

Kris Kringle is Fun

Although extremely popular in the office and corporate environment, Kris Kringle can be a great way for large families to get around the idea of having to buy 25 gifts!

Kris Kringle for Your Family

Some families are huge. We're not talking mum, dad and two kids and a few cousins. We're talking Mum, Dad, ten aunts, ten uncles and dozens of nieces, nephews and grandchildren. If your family is on the large side, you might consider using Kris Kringle at Christmas time. Everyone still gets a present, but you don't have to spend wads of cash in celebrating as a family. More to spend of Christmas lunch!

Kris Kringle is Coming To Town

Kris Kringle is Fun

Last of all, Kris Kringle is about having fun, so let your hair down and have a think about what you're buying. Look at your budget and the person you're buying for. Maybe a mug is perfect, maybe a CD of music, an umbrella or something else quite useful. If you were lucky enough to pull a friend's name out of the hat, then you might like to consider buying something a little more personal, something you know they love or have wanted for a long time within reason! Tickets to a favorite movie or gig. If it's someone you know has a great sense of humor, then you might be looking for something that will make them laugh, a joke book, roll of funny toilet paper or something for the car that's quirky like the Jubilee dashboard queen. Either way, it's all about having fun and a laugh and making the most of the small budget set. Merry Christmas, have fun and here's to a wonderful festive season.


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