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Zombie Party - Theme Party Ideas

Updated on May 3, 2013

Throwing a Zombie Party? Browse through our ideas on food and drinks, decoration, games, costumes and much more! Make your Zombie Themed Party to die for! Like the site? Do take a moment and like it on Facebook, share it on Twitter or Google+!

Fred & Friends Brain Freeze Ice Cube
Fred & Friends Brain Freeze Ice Cube
Zombie Cupcakes by Jennifer McFadden
Zombie Cupcakes by Jennifer McFadden | Source
Zombie Barbie cake made by Summer (sustarr02)
Zombie Barbie cake made by Summer (sustarr02) | Source

Brains.... Food and drink ideas for the hungry lot

  • Brains! Zombies simply love brains! Best way to feed your hungry bunch is to serve them brain shaped dishes. Gelatin is a perfect thing to use! Get yourself a brain shaped mold and start creating your brain food. You can use food colouring to make it look even more realistic and gruesome! If you want the brain to look more opaque you can add some dehydrated milk to the gelatin, add in some red food colouring here and there and your zombie meal will look perfect!
  • Body parts are zombie's second favourite food! Make some finger shaped cookies for your dead bunch to enjoy! Just use any cookie recipe that you like, roll it up in a shape of a finger and use nuts (hazel nuts, peanuts) as finger tips. You can also add in some green food colour in to the cookie dough to make those fingers even more appealing.
  • Toxic drinks, well we don't want to poison your guests so when we say toxic we only mean toxic colours. If you have access to black light a good idea is to serve tonic water (or make ice cubes from tonic water - we suggest the brain shaped ones!) as it will glow under the black light! Can't get more toxic than that! Green liquids are also a great idea and you will do well with red ones (you can always help yourself with some food colour to make perfect colours)! You can serve the drinks in laboratory equipment - test tubes, measuring cup...
  • Zombie cupcakes! Cupcakes are great! They are a good finger food and as far as decorations are concerned options are limitless! You can make cupcake zombies, zombie hands sticking out of the cupcakes. Worms! You can make cupcakes (brown, the colour of dirt) and stick some gummy worms in them. Gruesome! Decorate your cupcakes with tombstones. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Zombie doll cake! You have certainly seen or at least heard of "Barbie" cakes. Make a Barbie cake with a twist - a zombie doll! You can buy a zombie doll as they have been quite popular lately. You can also buy a cheap doll or use one of your old ones (if you had any, that is) and give them a make over! Some acrylic paint from the craft shop, a brush and a few creative swings and your zombie doll is alive... well dead alive.
  • Graveyard cake - a cake resembling a graveyard with tombstones and zombie hands sticking out.

How to make a graveyard cake

Set the mood for the walking dead to enjoy

Making a good atmosphere and when we say good we mean creepy and dark is the key to have a good zombie theme party. If you have the chance dim the lights if not getting some colored light bulbs will do the trick ( brown and red should do the trick ).

Make the place crawling with blood hand prints. You can use water colors, food coloring or anything similar and just dip in your hands and start smearing! Alternatively if you can't afford to mess up your house you can always opt for blood smear stickers.

Throw in some body parts. If you have some old pants and shoes making some of your own should not be heard. Take some fabric and roll it into a, well roll and tie it up. The diameter of the roll should be about the same as the diameter of the human leg - this makes the base of the leg. Put the shoe on on the one side and dress the roll with a part of the pants - tear the pants a little bit to make it look like the feet was munched upon. Spill some fake blood over it.

Shawn of the Dead
Shawn of the Dead | Source

Music and movies

Music and sounds

Some good zombie tracks that you can include on your play list are:

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Cranberries - Zombie Gorillaz - Hip

Albatross Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls

The Ramones – Pet Sematary

White Zombie - Living Dead Girl

You can choose to not have music and just play some horror ambient sounds, screams here and there, squeaking noises, thumping or go with non-commercial horror sounding music. You can check the Freeplaymusic where you can search for music based on the "feeling" you want to create at the party.

Zombie movies

As this is a party something light might be good such as a zombie parody Shawn of the Dead. Perfect movie for a zombie party, light content and no one will be running away scared!

As for the more serious movies go we suggest;

Dawn of the Dead

Braindead (a comedy but not for everyone's stomach)

Night of the Living Dead

The Return of the Living Dead


Zombie party games

Zombie Dance Off

If your guests are more on the dance party side this game (competition) can be great fun. Compete with each other in a zombie dance off where two (or more) "zombies" showcase their dance moves - in zombie style! Limp & Break & Dance!

Zombie Board Games

You can also play zombie board games, there are quite a few on the market and they are zombie fun (although they usually focus on killing the zombies).

Brain Toss

Print out a zombie head (or just make a circle, but zombie head will look more fun). Place the printout somewhere in the room. Players then have to toss the brains (try to get rubber brains, or use something that resembles the brain) as closely to the hungry zombie as possible.

Zombie Celebrity

Write the names of celebrities on small pieces of paper and put them in a bag. Let every participant draw one piece of paper. He or she mustn't share who he or she is but must impressionate that celebrity as if that celebrity was a zombie and others must guess the celebrity.

How to look like a Zombie?

One way to get that perfect zombie look is to go party really hard the nigh before, you will save up on make up but we really do not recommend you to take that path.

Dress up like a zombie!

You can always buy a Zombie costume - easy but more expensive way. Alternatively you can scoop up some old clothes (or go to the second hand shop) and cut and tore them at few spaces. Buy or make your own fake blood and splash it on the clothes. As zombies are not the cleanest bunch you can buy some charcoal in the art store, crush it an apply it on the clothes to make them look dirty. If you are more on a fancy side and would not like to look all dusty and well decomposing you can opt for a more fashionable zombie look.

Zombie Make-up

Naturally you will need some cream face paint (or make-up), white is a must, green comes in handy, grey will give the final touch! Really cool zombies have some chunks of flesh falling from them so you might wanna spice up your look with some fake flesh. Add some final touches by adding fake blood. Zombies are also not known to have their all nice and shiny! Use the gel and mess up the hair! Ad some baby powder to give it a dirty (yet nice smelling) look.

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