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Best Priced Fog Machine For Halloween

Updated on September 22, 2014

Best Priced Fog Machine

Another Halloween is just around the corner and I have decided to get a Halloween smoke machine to set the mood. I’m not an over the top Halloween enthusiast, but I do have fun with it, and a cheap fog machine should be just the ticket for the eerie mood I'm envisioning.

Dry Ice Makes Fog

I thought about using dry ice to make my own homemade fog machine, then I got a bit of sense. Dry ice needs attention to make certain no rogue hobgoblin sticks their fingers where they don’t belong. Last thing I need is an angry parent with a child that has instant frost bite. Note to self- “No Dry Ice”. Where do you get dry ice these days, anyway?

I Could Build a Fogging Maching

Build a fogging machine? That might have been something I did in my teens when I would have had endless hours to spend making something out of nothing, not today though. How do you even make a homemade fog machine? I really don’t know, but I’m guessing it has something to do with a heating element and a vegetable oil like solution.

I Continue to Research Fog Machines

All that thought, it’s a no wonder I never get anything accomplished. So I spent a little more time researching my brainchild, but this time the focus was on purchasing a fog machine, hopefully a cheap fog machine.

What I found is that there are some very affordable smoke machines available online. Let’s be honest, I’ll be using this item only once or twice a year. Even though I’m not sure where the twice a year would be. Regardless, it solidifies my need for cheap!

Eliminator Lighting Fog Machines EF-400 Fog Machine
Eliminator Lighting Fog Machines EF-400 Fog Machine

This is the EF-400 . An inexpensive... OK, "Cheap Priced" Fog Machine, that works very well and has many great reviews to back it up.


EF-400 Fog Machine

I Found One

I ordered the EF-400 by: Eliminator Lighting Fog Machines and a Gallon of Swamp Juice from "Froggy’s Fog”. The EF-400 was available on Amazon for and astounding 65% off the regular price. This may have been a seasonal or discontinued deal, but cheap is cheap and I was ecstatic.

It works Great

The fog machine works just fine and I’m now looking forward to a very foggy All Hallows Eve, with no worries about whether I’ll be able to build a machine correctly, or dangers of dry ice lying around with so many children eager to investigate. There’s not a lot of science to using the machine. It takes about 5 minutes to heat up and better quality comes from better quality fogging liquid, e.g., that’s why I got the gallon of Swamp Juice, it was highly rated for fog hang time.

Easy Maintenance

From the reviews I have read it’s a good idea to clean the unit out after using it, especially, if it will be stored until next year. Cleaning it is as easy as emptying the fog juice from the reservoir and running just water through the unit.

Most Fog Machines Are Affordable

If you see yourself using the fog machine more than once a year you may opt to purchase something a little more industrial. Surprisingly, even the top of the line fog machines were quite reasonably priced.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

1 Gallon (128 Oz.) Great Party & DJ Fog Juice for Water Based Fog Machines - American Made - Perfect Fog Fluid for Small 400 Watt to Higher Wattage 1500 Watt Foggers
1 Gallon (128 Oz.) Great Party & DJ Fog Juice for Water Based Fog Machines - American Made - Perfect Fog Fluid for Small 400 Watt to Higher Wattage 1500 Watt Foggers

The quality of the fog juice you use will determine how long your fog hangs and how clean the nozzle on your fogger remains. The Swap Juice by Froggy Frog is known by many as the best choice.


Are You Considering A Halloween Fog Machine?

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Do you think this will help set the mood on Halloween Night?

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    • BobZau profile imageAUTHOR

      Bob Zau 

      5 years ago

      I'm Counting on it ....


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