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A Christmas Devotional by Thomas Kinkade

Updated on November 13, 2014

Christ, The Light of the World: a devotional book for the holiday season.

This holiday season, I am participating in a daily devotional group using a book by Thomas Kinkade. The holidays tend to be a stressful time for a lot of people and I feel that Mr. Kinkade has created a beautiful tool to help bring back my memories of Christmas past.

Christ, the Light of the World is a 35-day devotional and features Christmas Paintings by Kinkade. Mr. Kinkade's seasonal, "light infused" artwork is paired with daily meditations including appropriate Bible verse reference. I have paged through the book and am looking forward to reading every day beginning on December 1st.

Since the holiday season is so jammed packed with activity, my group has decided to "meet" online using email. Several of the members have chosen entries or days of the month to "moderate". I committed to Tuesdays. What does this commitment of mine mean? Well, every Tuesday during December, I will write a comment about that passage in the book. Then I will send it out to all the members of the group. The members are then free to make a comment (or not) about my observations for that meditation.

Quite a few years ago, I realized that the Christmas season was becoming more and more stressful for me. I was constantly looking for presents for family members and trying to stay within a budget. Christmas had become just about the money and shopping.

I came to notice that I had truly forgotten why we celebrate Christmas. The season was inundated with ads on TV for the "hottest" toys or the name brand (expensive) clothes that MUST be under the tree or you will not be loved by your kids. As a mother, I was so worried that my children would be disappointed because Santa could only bring them one of the high priced, name brand toys that were all the rage. (Remember when American Girl dolls came out? My girls only got the doll. Several of their friends got all of the clothes and furniture, too.)

Years later, I realized that I actually put the pressure on myself. My children did not care about what their friends got from Santa. They were always filled with joy on Christmas morning.

This year I am taking the pressure off by reading this Christmas Devotional every day. I will bring the Light of the World (Christ) back into the season.

If you would like to participate, visit LFC Christmas Devotional. You will need to go click on the "archives" to see the comments being made and to read the daily entries. Pop in any time!

(all images -except product photos- are mine, Mickie_G - all rights reserved.

Merry Christmas -- by Mickie_G
Merry Christmas -- by Mickie_G

What helps you the MOST to get in the Holiday Spirit? (add a comment, too)

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Holiday Music to accompany your Devotional time:

Music is probably one of my favorite ways to get in the holiday frame of mind. I have several CDs in my collection and "Noel" by Josh Groban is my favorite. My step-daughter just adores Andrea Bocelli and has convinced me that I should buy it this Christmas Season.


This is my favorite Christmas Album. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. I will be playing it when I am reading my devotional.

My Christmas
My Christmas

I am putting Bocelli on my wishlist this year. This addition to my Christmas Music Collection will make it a superior one.


Holiday memories for you.

Thomas Kinkade: The Painter of Light

If a book is not enough to bring back the Spirit of Christmas to your life, then watch this awesome video that features Thomas Kinkade's Holiday Paintings. I hope you will find the memories you are looking for in these short films that will renew your Holiday Spirit.

Spread your holiday spirit:

What is your favorite activity during the holidays? Do you ever read daily devotionals? (Feel free to share the name of the book you used, too!) What do you think of Thomas Kinkade's light filled art?

You can add your comments below.

Thanks for visiting my Christmas Devotional page and I hope you have a Christmas that is full of light.

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