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A Few Funny Christmas Poems For Kids

Updated on December 19, 2010

The Gift That Remained

"Is it right to give

    one's one presents away?"

Asked little boy Jim

    of his father one day,

As Christmas was drawing near.

"If I gave away

    what was given to me,

I would be unkind

    to the giver, you see,"

Declared Father,

    and Mother said, too,

"It would not be

    a nice thing to do."

So on Christmas Day,

    when Father woke up,

He found by his side

    a little live pup,

With a card that said,

    "Daddy from Jim."

And Jim gave his mother

    a nice present, too,

A little dog collar,

    all shiny and new.

"I know," said wee Jim,

    "that you'll let the pup stay,

For you said it was rude

    to give presents away."

Author Unknown

A Note For Santa

How can a fuzzy, wiggly pup

Hang in my little sock,

With balls and trucks and aeroplanes,

And telephones that talk?

I've left a note for Santa that said,

"Please fill my sock to the brim;

Put my puppy in my warm bed...

I'll be waiting for him."

Mary E. Pool

A Christmas Lesson

I found an old Christmas stocking

in the attic the other day,

It was filled with toys

and goodies and games

that I still like to play,

I dusted it off

and brought it downstairs

to share the treasures with Dad,

To his laughing surprise,

"son open your eyes

these were the gifts you asked for last year,

you got them and looked

and never opened them to play

and decided on some others

that last Christmas day.

So that's way this Christmas

we've changed our plan

and are giving you only three gifts

and the other's can stay

in Santa land.

D. Alsup

Merry Christmas!

Thank you so much for visiting our hub. If you have a few funny Christmas poems for kids that you would like to share please do so here.


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