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A Spider Freek Out Party

Updated on September 21, 2015

Yikes, Invisible Spider Trappings

Beware, watch your face, watch your hair!  The spider web strings spread out far and wide, making you duck everywhere.
Beware, watch your face, watch your hair! The spider web strings spread out far and wide, making you duck everywhere. | Source
Oh you mysterious creature, amazing spider.
Oh you mysterious creature, amazing spider. | Source

Come On, Touch the Door, We Got Spiders Galore!

Spiders on my head, now spiders in my face,

Spiders on my arms and legs, get me outta this place.

Frantic squeals of laughter, running at a frenzied place.

Oh what is the matter? Spiders don't like how we taste.

Are you sure my little sweety? Come on over here.

Come dance at our little party. Really there is nothing to fear.

We've made your favorite spider soup filled with colorful flies

We've got candy and cookies and slippery little eyes!

So welcome to our party where people are bumping into each other.

Swish, splat, what was that? Beware the midnight dew.

Now lay down and rest my precious..... Aughhhh, where is my mother?

Step right into the spider goo,

go ahead and scream if you have to.

Spider Road Guard

See me here standing out so proud?
See me here standing out so proud? | Source

Spider Web Alley

Where to Find Real Webs to Walk Through

One way to get the real sensations of spider webs is to take a twig, walk around a yard and collect them. If you are lucky enough to have bushes, berries, outdoor plants. Or Look for them on sides of buildings, fences, barns or alley streets. Anywhere they can connect their web strings.

Slowly, carefully get the stick started at one thin strong line of the web and start rolling it toward the center, then back over the center.

Yeah, the spider will be mad at you, so be careful where it is crawling, not on your stick! Not that it will hurt you, but it does feel kind of creepy when they are on your skin! Really, they usually just run away and hide until you leave.

Their webbing material is quite sticky, so it will adhere to your stick, or face or skin, quite well.

A Spider Party Needs Music - Here is A Freeky List To Start With

Yes, I am sure some of you have noticed I spelled Freeky in a weirdo way. Had to give the Spider clan some notoriety!

  1. Spiders and Snakes ~ by Jim Stafford
  2. The Spider and the Fly ~ by The Rolling Stones
  3. Good Morning Spider ~ by Sparklehorse
  4. Eating Spiders ~ Psapp
  5. She Spider ~ by Mew
  6. The Spider ~ By Weezer
  7. Spider in My Web ~ by 10 Years After

Spider Sandwhich

Cut off crusts and make circles out of bread.

Put peanut butter or soft cheese in between.

Insert 8 pretzel sticks around it for legs.

For the eyes, raisins or M & M's or chocolate chips.

Yum, Yum, finger licking treat. But be careful it's not the spider you eat!

Freek Em Out - Watch This Spider Make Her Web

Have some music cued to go off or have someone yell somewhere in the middle of it, "BOO" "GOTCHA" A freekish laugh never hurt either.

Spiders of the Season

where are spiders found?

See results

Spiders All Year Round?

Spider decorations with a little bit of snakes, make the perfect decorations for any room, food or cake! Grab those silly skeleton straws, put a plastic web in a glass, freeze some sneeky spiders, hear them scream, at last.

So, sneaks up the spider, you are in my grasp. As you can see, we've caught a bee, in our humble nest.

Happy Halloween my dear, come on over here, and enjoy these tasty snacks.....

Now wait just a bit, hanging around my campfire here in the early summer is a little black spider jumping on my leg.

Got me to wondering what that little bugger might be trying to say. Go on now on those adventure hunts, look that one up in those books, gonna go find a way to get a picture of that one who comes crawling out of the tree limbs we toss into the fire.

Spider Snack

Stir together some tiny cracker bites, soft peanut butter M & M's, throw in a few small pretzel sticks.

There ya go, ewwy gooey, totally freeked out spider snack.

Get Your Freek On - Play With Spiders and Their Webs

Go a Spider Hunting

Take a can of hairspray and a poster board. Spray both sides of the web, also some on the paper. Then, slowly move the paper, as gently as you can onto the back of the web. Hold it for a moment until it sticks onto the poster board. Slowly pull it away, and there ya go. You've started your web collection.

Spider Frenzy - Follow Me Through the Berry Garden.

Where Spiders Love to Roam

They love to hide under the branches and make the leaves their home.

On this shadowy night, follow me into the gloom. Watch out for sticky berries that slap you in the face.

Spiders like the taste. Especially during a full moon. Or so I've been told from the air-breathing arthropods.

This Photo by RubyHRose

Marshmallow Spiders

Package of Large Marshmallows

Pourable chocolate syrup

chocolate chips for freeky eyes

Red and Black string licorice, cut into 2" pieces

Poke 8 pieces of the black licorice into the marshmallow for legs.

Use a red licorice to add another marshmallow.

Pour a small amount of warm chocolate syrup over the spider creation.

Sprinkle extra licorice on the plate, for added effect.

Pose them biting each other in the neck.

Making Freek Out Spider Crafts

Pom Poms, Pipe Cleaners, Glue, Black Paint, Paper Tubes, Eyes, Styrofoam, String

Buy various sizes of black pom poms and cut black pipe cleaners in half. After gluing a big and little pom pom together attach some freeky eyes.

Glue on the 8 pipe cleaner legs, attach them to the string to hang from the ceiling, to crawl along the walls.

Paint paper plates to glue plastic spiders on, leave lots of strings hanging all around to tickle people's faces.

For a great freek out, use flypaper traps to grab them in the legs.

Styrofoam painted works great for bigger spider creations. Make webs out of old panty hose, it has a freeky stretch to walk the haunted house.

Look For The Letters - This Spider Wrote

Do the letters make a word?
Do the letters make a word? | Source

Spiders Above Us

"Aha"!  Thought you were hiding up there didn't you?
"Aha"! Thought you were hiding up there didn't you? | Source

Spider Web Your Candles

Easy Way to Decorate


Orange and black candles, tapers or table top.

4 to 6 small spiders, plastic or cloth

Straight pins to stick into candles

Black and orange paint

small paint brush

taper candle holders or orange and black plates

sparkly glitter to glow in the candlelight

How to Make:

Close to the bottom of the candles so the wax from burning doesn't touch.

Paint a spider web pattern from a stencil or your own simple creation. Black on orange candles, orange paint on black.

Drape webbing around the bottom with a little glitter added for a freek out affect.

Stick 2 to 4 spiders all around the bottom of the candles, glue some sparkles for their eyes.

For safety sake keep an eye on the glowing candles to make sure none of the webbing or creepy crawlers get caught in the burn.

If you are really into a major freek out, collect any of your spider friends and pin them all about. Not nice you say? Spiders are masters of creation. They'd LOVE to participate. Eeww

Spider Catches a Bee, Come See - Gummy, Yummy, Spiders to Play with, Enjoy

 Spiders this time of year leave nothing alone.
Spiders this time of year leave nothing alone. | Source

© 2012 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose

How Do You React Running into Spider Webs? - I spit and swear and wipe the fine satin webbing outta my face

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    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 4 years ago from Washington State

    @squidoopets: Thanks, here they come again, welcoming spring

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    Darcie French 4 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

    What a fun lens! Next time I run into a spider, this page will come to mind :D

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