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Abraham Lincoln Costumes

Updated on September 29, 2014

Abraham Lincoln Child Costume

Abraham Lincoln was one of the most popular presidents in American History. And many history teachers love to have the kids do plays or presentations dressed like President Lincoln. And if you are a really talented seamstress then could could make a Abe Lincoln costume by hand, but if you are like me, you may find it easier and possibly cheaper to simply buy a President Lincoln costume.

This page has some of the best Abraham Lincoln costumes for kids of all sizes. These Abraham Lincoln outfits also work out really well for a Halloween costume.

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Abraham Lincoln Costume

This Abraham Lincoln Costume includes everything you need to step into the role of one of the most popular presidents, Abe Lincoln. It contains the Top hat with a bow, a vest with dickie which can be worn over any white shirt. There is also a coat and pants. This costume is available in all Children's sizes.

This costume is a great deal for the money. After reading reviews I discovered that the quality is good. A few people mentioned that the pants were just a bit too long. But that is an easy fix. All you need to do is simply sew it, or add a few safty pins.

One not though, is that the costume doesn't include a beard so that is something that you will need to purchase seperately.

All in all this is the perfect costume for any occation. It is sure to be a hit for Halloween.

Rubie's Deluxe Abraham Lincoln Costume - Large (10- 12)

Child Honest Abe Beard

Abe Lincoln Beard

Since the Abraham Lincoln costume above doesn't come with a beard, I wanted to give you an option.

This Abe Lincoln Beard is very inexpensive. This beard comes in a variety of sizes. It actually sticks to your face so there are no strings or ties. It may become a bit itchy, but that is expected since you have a fake beard attached to your face.

This beard is sure to make your costume look awesome!

Hand Made Abraham Lincoln Costumes

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