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Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Updated on March 15, 2016

The Hunt Is On!

If you think that the Easter holiday is just for kids...think again! Why shouldn't this holiday be about adults as well? It is important for adults to have fun, too, after all.

One of my favorite childhood memories of this spring holiday was always waking up to find a note from the Easter bunny complete with a list of colored eggs to find. Searching for those colored eggs filled with goodies was so fun and joyful. This tradition doesn't have to stop once you enter into adulthood! One way to create new joyous memories is to bring out the inner child in yourself and others by having an adult Easter egg hunt. Whether you don't have children or just want to feel like a child again, an egg hunt is the perfect way to do so! Use these fun and unique egg stuffer ideas to really have a great time.

Get creative and see what other ideas come to your mind as you search for your egg stuffers. Try browsing the travel section of your grocery store for tiny treasures you can use in your hunt. The dollar store also holds many great egg stuffers for those on a budget. Thrift stores are another great budget-friendly option. Handwritten notes or bible verses rolled up and tucked inside an egg are a delight to both give and find! If you are the crafty type, hand made gifts work great. You'll soon notice yourself on the lookout for tiny objects wherever you go. Of course another option is to find bigger Easter eggs! One year when I was little the Easter bunny hid giant golden eggs filled to capacity with candy and toys. It was a great treat that I will never forget! So whether you go big or small, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself! Happy Hunting!

Adult Egg Fillers

1. mini scratch-off, who doesn't love winning big?

2. mini alcohol shooters, just make sure your egg hunters are at least 21!

3. money, always the perfect gift for any occasion.

4. condoms, because protection is important.

5. coupons (for example a free back massage or walk the dog), just be sure you are willing to do these things when the egg finder cashes in his or her coupon!

6. movie tickets, great for the film lover and guarantees a date night for couples.

7. gift card, this doesn't have to be much...a $5 card to your local coffee shop will put a smile on anyone's face.

8. bottle opener, a trinket that comes in handy.

9. naughty game dice, to spice things up a bit!

10. flavored mini lubes, to add some yum to your love life.

11. jewelry, whether its costume jewelry or a special promise ring, you can't go wrong here!

12. golf tees, perfect for the athletes in this egg hunt.

13. guitar picks, bring out everyone's musical side.

14. tea, buy a variety pack individually sealed tea bags and you can fill a lot of eggs!

15. travel size lotion, for super soft skin of course.

16. keychain, you can find these inside of gumball machines at the grocery store.

17. cat litter (as a joke of course!) Hehe!

18. earbuds, for the music lover in all of us.

19. mini music player, who doesn't love to rock out?

20. essential oils, some oils can be more expensive than others, so take time to check the price before you buy!

**you can also use this list for stocking stuffers at Christmas time!**

Where to Hide Easter Eggs

There are many options as to where you can hide the eggs. I like to place them in a variety of spots so that the seeker has to look up, down, and all around! Typically I don't recommend anything would be impossible to find or burying any of the eggs. Here are some suggestions for both an indoor and outdoor hunt.


  1. In branches that are within reach
  2. Behind rocks and other natural elements
  3. In the mailbox
  4. Underneath or behind garden ornaments
  5. Green eggs on the grass
  6. Inside flower pots
  7. In the corner of a window


  1. Underneath pillows on chairs and coaches
  2. On windowsills
  3. Tucked in the corner of shelves
  4. Matching same color eggs with same color objects, for example a red egg within a bowl of red apples.
  5. In corners and on the floor behind household objects
  6. Inside of indoor plants, decorative bowls, or baskets
  7. Tucked inside a shoe

Jumbo Easter Eggs

It is much easier to find items to put inside the eggs for a hunt when the eggs are bigger! Check out these jumbo sized eggs from amazon. Perfect for fitting larger sized gifts that are too big for traditional sized Easter eggs. These larger eggs can be hidden in more unusual places since they are easier to be seen.

Would you want to participate in an adult egg hunt?

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    • TesstheScribbler profile image

      Tess Deleon 4 years ago from At Home

      Thanks =) We will!! I make a huge deal over Easter every year!

    • chipped teacup profile image

      Sarah 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      @TesstheScibbler thank you! I hope you and your family and friends have a great Easter holiday filled with fun!! ;)

    • TesstheScribbler profile image

      Tess Deleon 4 years ago from At Home

      Omg! GREAT IDEA!! I've always been into Easter, it's the only holiday without family drama. And my mom's been doing egg hunts for me since i was engaged. This is a great idea for next year, BRILLIANT! My friends will have a blast! (especially my single friends)