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Adult Gumby Halloween Costume: A Blast From the Past

Updated on June 22, 2014

Your kids may have no idea what you are - but guaranteed every other parent or adult out there will smile with glee when they see you walking down the street or into the party. You know the feeling you get when you see this costume - the nostalgia of remembering Gumby, the character you almost forgot, but somehow can easily remember. A character you may not even know why you loved, or even if you did! But somehow seeing him makes you smile and want to pat the guy on the back that thought to wear such a great time piece.

I will tell you, this costume ran in my family and I have fond memories of wearing it to costume parties. Not only do people love to see it, but it's one of those great choices that doesn't make you feel exposed or wonder if you're showing too much skin. The eyes are a mesh material that you can see out of, so despite the fact that your face is covered, there's actually a pretty big space to see out of. One of the greatest features of this costume is also that it's really, really, really comfortable. You can easily wear whatever you want underneath it and the rest of the costume is a loose material that hangs on your body. An added bonus - while the costume itself is happy-go-lucky, the anonymity adds some mystery to the outfit and everyone will be wondering who is inside. You will get to be the center of attention without people even knowing it's you!

This is guaranteed to be a huge hit at parties, and if you're taking your kids Trick-or-Treating, then you can be sure they won't lose you!

Need a costume for your partner? Well here you have it!

Rasta Imposta Pokey Costume
Rasta Imposta Pokey Costume

Where would Gumby be without Pokey?


In case you forgot why you love Gumby...

Do you remember Gumby and his pals? Would you be impressed to see Gumby walk into a party?

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