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Find a Sexy Hermione Granger Costume

Updated on November 24, 2016

Sexy Hermione Costume for Halloween

Dress up in a Hermione costume for adults. It's a great idea for Halloween, Harry Potter costume parties, a movie marathon with your friends, wizard conventions, theme parties, and more.

If you're like me, and aren't handy enough with a sewing machine to make your own, take your pick from one of the costumes that's already made.

After all, adults like you and me are Harry Potter fans too! Why should kids have all the fun? This is a great costume for a group -- everyone can choose a different look, or dress as any other character in the Potterverse to give your group a theme.

The key elements you need are -- maroon and gold strip accents (Gryffindor house colors), a black robe (most of these costumes represent the robe as a wizard cape so that you can see the costume underneath), a wand, and the wavy, brunette hairstyle. (Either the frizzier look from her earlier years, or the defined, cascading waves of her later years.) Add your own Mary Jane shoes to give the ensemble a schoolgirl look.

Show your wizarding spirit and be Hermione Granger for Halloween or any occasion with one of these sexy costumes.

Sexy Harry Potter How-To

You can do something funny to jazz up the traditional gray sweater and tie school uniform, like The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev did by adding cutouts of Harry and Ron's faces. But it you want something sexier, then this is the wizard costume for you.

Even though Hermione was kind of a goody-goody, you can spice up your look and make it more grown-up and sultry, like this. This costume comes with the gray dress, collar/tie, and cape. I like this one because it's a costume you don't see everywhere, but it's got enough of a Hogwarts feel that people will know who you're dressed as. It's also got a bit of a cheerleader look to it that makes it work for Halloween parties on campus or at the and club.

This seductive look is not for the timid. The gray, sleveless minidress features a zipper front, and the pleated skirt reveals Gryffindor maroon pleats when you walk. Made of a cotton with a hint of spandex for stretch, this outfit fits true to size.

The short cape covers your arms and will help keep you warm on Halloween night. You also get the collar and necktie in Gryffindor colors.

Depending on how provocative you want to go (or how tall you are, or how much dancing you want to do), you might want to add some boy shorts, hot pants, tights (fishnet or otherwise) or leggings underneath for modesty.

I don't necessarily like the combination of black knee socks with white shoes the model's wearing (above), but the style of shoe is right-on target.

Hogwarts Uniform Dress

For those who aren't picky about it being an authentic replica from the movies, this is a sassy, fun option with a surprising twist that you can wear almost anytime. Wear it to work, to the mall, or to a party.

This tank dress mimics the look of the gray Hogwarts cardigan, skirt, and wizard robe on the sides and back

The outfit has a "Gryffindor-esque" crest on the chest.

Sexy Harry Potter Costume

This sexy take on the Hogwarts uniform comes with a grey dress with a flirty, pleated hem, a short cape with collar and necktie in Gryffindor colors, metal frame glasses and a simple wooden wand. The cape gives the effect of robe, while still showing off the costume.

It's a sassy look that highlights your cleavage and definitely shows off your legs. This costume is fitted, so order a size that leaves you room to breathe. If you're tall or you plan on sitting down in this, then you will also want to add some hot pants underneath for modesty.

For your shoes, you can keep it "schoolgirl" by adding tights and Mary Janes, or go seductive with fishnets and black leather boots.

Hair and Makeup Tutorial

You might want to go a bit stronger with the makeup than this video demonstrates if your dressing as "sexy Hermione." But if you're wearing more of the school-girl look, then check out this tutorial on how to get the right hair and makeup.

What's Your Favorite Hermione Look?

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