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Adult Medusa Costumes

Updated on January 2, 2017

Medusa Is A Great Costume Idea For Women

Find the adult Medusa costumes and fun Medusa makeup ideas you need to create a great costume look for Halloween fun. This snake headed mythological creature is perfect for any women who want to dress up using a Greek theme this Halloween. The story of Medusa comes from Greek mythology. She is a Gorgon and is know as the creature that turns people to stone when they look at her. Historically, she was the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto. She was eventually turned into a monster with a head full of snakes and the power to turn people to stone when they gazed upon her. Among the many women's costume ideas, the Medusa costume is a popular choice, easy to find and relatively inexpensive to make. If you're looking for a Medusa Halloween costume, you shouldn't have much trouble finding one in any costume store, or you can make it yourself with some basic craft supplies. This picture is Medusa by Caravaggio.

One Of The Many Medusa Costumes
One Of The Many Medusa Costumes

About The Medusa Costume

Find out all about the Medusa costumes you can make or buy:

  • Medusa costumes are easy to find at costume stores as well as being easy and inexpensive to make yourself.
  • It is often more enjoyable to make your own costume rather than wearing a store.
  • The Medusa costume complete with it's head of snakes is a fun costume to wear to parties and Halloween events.
  • If you want to coordinate this costume with another, you can go as Medusa, while your friend goes as Athena, Zeus, Aphrodite or Venus. The Greek costumes make a wonderful couples or group costume idea.
  • The Medusa costume is appropriate for any type of occasion, including one with children and families, as well as work functions.
  • The costume is comfortable enough to wear for dancing, walking, and going to Halloween parties for several hours.

What You Need To Put Together A Medusa Costume

To make your own Medusa costume you will need the following items:

  • Tunic style dress in your choice of color
  • Flat sandals or heeled shoes...wear something that matches your unique homemade costume
  • Gold braided rope or cording
  • Rubber snakes
  • Rubber bands

What do you do with this stuff? Check out the Do It Yourself costume instructions below and learn how to make your own Medusa costume for Halloween. It's a fun and easy costume to make at home.

Adult Medusa Costumes
Adult Medusa Costumes

How To Make A Homemade Medusa Costume

DIY Costume Instructions

Here are some easy homemade Medusa costume how to's. These DIY instructions will help you to make a great Halloween costume at home and hopefully, it will also save you some money.

Choose a tunic dress that is long, simple, and a neutral color such as white, ivory, or another color of your choosing.

Homemade Costume Tip: Look in your closet and your attic for a tunic style dress. If you don't have one check a consignment shop to save money.

Next, you will want to wrap gold cording or a braided rope around your waist, tying it in any fashion you like. For a traditional Greek look, wrap the braided rope or cording around your body by going under your bust, wrapping in an X-shape over your stomach, and around your waist.

Homemade Halloween Costume Tip: You can find this rope style braid in a curtain store.

Your shoes can be any type of flat shoes you like, but sandals and strappy shoes are traditional shoes worn by women in Greek mythology.

In order to make the very recognized head full of snakes, this is the unique costume feature that will let everyone know you are Medusa, you should use very small rubber snakes, small rubber bands, and braid them into your hair or costume wig. Make several small braids in your hair and braid the small snakes along with it. Make sure to spread out your snakes and put them on the top where people can see them. If you have a few snakes, braid them in all over. You can braid some of your hair or all of it depending on the look you want. Secure the rubber snakes to your hair by wrapping the snakes around braids of your hair with clear rubber bands.

Add a diadom or gold colored tiara to your costume for a bit of contrast against the snake look.

Homemade Medusa Costume Or A Store Bought Medusa Costume?

Which is your favorite costume idea? Do you think you will be making your own Halloween costume from scratch or will you go to a store to pick it out?

Which Medusa Costume Will You Wear This Year?

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Adult Medusa Costumes - Where To Find Your Medusa Costume

Here are some different styles of the Medusa costume you can get for Halloween this year. If you want to be a snake haired Gorgon who can turn anyone who looks at her into stone, here are the costumes you will want to wear.

Medusa Adult Halloween Costume, Large (12-14), Black
Medusa Adult Halloween Costume, Large (12-14), Black

This is a darker colored costume for this women's Halloween outfit.


The Medusa Costume Wig - The Ultimate Medusa Costume Accessory

It's not a Medusa costume with out the head of snakes. That makes it the most important part of your Halloween costume, so here are some ideas for you, whether you decide to make your own Medusa hair or buy a costume wig complete with snakes. If you decide to make your own Medusa snake wig check out the makeup video below to see the one there. They just elastic band the snakes together and let them fall. It looks sure to check out the wonderful makeup ideas for your Medusa costume too.

Awesome Medusa Makeup Tutorial - Get Some Fabulous Medusa Makeup Ideas!

This look is created using a white makeup base, a green skin makeup, black liquid eyeliner and a variety of eye shadow shades. I love the green and yellow together, and the detail here is really quite amazing. The snake wig is also very unique. Practice this look before the actual day you are planning to wear your Medusa costume. You don't have to follow this exactly, but it will certainly give you some great ideas for your own costume look.

This video makes it look fairly easy to create a mystical, Medusa makeup look to go with your costume. The snake pattern on the skin is made using netting. It adds so much to this look and it's that simple. You will see it towards the end of the video. The snake wig is just a bunch of rubber snakes elastic banded. I love this look and the ideas I got from the video and I am sure you will too. Your makeup doesn't have to be this intricate but using the colors, the netting for the snakeskin pattern and a bit of the designs shown here, your Medusa makeup look will be quite exciting.

Medusa Makeup Suggestions

Here are some more makeup ideas to help you create a beautiful Medusa face for your costume. Greens and yellow colored eyeshadows and face cream work very well together, as you can see in the video.

Even More Makeup Ideas For Your Medusa Costume

Add some glittery makeup and some snakes for your hair will really make your Medusa costume quite glamorous. I am just crazy about the tutorial you can find in the video up above. If you are looking for an outstanding look this year for Halloween, take a look at that Meduas makeup tutorial.

Meet Medusa In These Video Clips

You like the idea of a Medusa costume for Halloween, but what do you really know about this lady? Find out more about this Gorgon and her history, and her unique look. Was she ugly, or was she beautiful, and what is your costume version going to look like?

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