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Adult Halloween Costumes

Updated on July 24, 2015

Adult Halloween Costumes of a Different Kind

When you think of adult Halloween costumes you think of the obvious naughty type or the short skirts and costumes showing a lot of leg, or whatever else.

I thought in this batch of adult Halloween costumes we could look at different types that are a lot of fun but take a different path and present more wholesome themes.

Even so, they're still a lot of fun and goofy, and really great attention-getters.

I've found that when you look across different age groups, it's amazing how similar in themes the costumes are, although the look of the costume is much different.

For example, everyone continues to like to dress as pirates, Tinkerbell and vampires; themes that are prevalent in pop culture. And so costumes reflect those themes across a number of age groups, albeit, in less tense ways the younger they get.

So here are a number of adult Halloween costumes to give you some ideas on what to wear this year.

Woopie Cushion Adult Halloween Costume

Now if you want people pressing on your stomach to see if your costume will let out a huge sound, than this one's for you. It is a great attention-getter, and you'll have your share of fun as people all let out the sounds from their mouths they expect to come out of your costume.

Hopefully no one will attempt to sit on you to extract sound out of you either.

Adult Halloween Costume Woopie Cushion

Samurai Adult Halloween Costume

This is a pretty cool looking Samurai fighter Halloween costume. The helmet is great, and I really like the wide-legged pants and colors of the top, along with the neat sash around the waist.

Samurai Halloween Costume

Adult Chick Magnet Halloween Costume

You've got to have some guts and chutzpah to wear this interesting Halloween costume, but let's face it, if you got it, you have nothing to worry about. No matter, whoever you are this is a great gag Halloween costume which is sure to get you some comments.

Chick Magnet Costume

Adult Penguin Halloween Costume

The first thing I thought when I looked at this is you're going to be hot. But it depends on where you live and what the conditions are.

But the penguin costume is great looking, and if there's food to be had you'll have difficulty with those paddles for arms. Fish anyone?

Penguin Halloween Costume

Flamingo Adult Halloween Costume

Keeping with a bird theme, this is really a clever flamingo Halloween costume. The neck is obviously the key element and compelling part of the costume, but that beak on the forehead and the feet are also a lot of fun.

Flamingo Costume

Mummy Halloween Costume

Every Halloween party needs to have a mummy there (no, not your mommy), and this is a good costume to fill that need.

While the tattered clothes look good, it's the face that I really like. It will capture a few looks and comments at any party I'm sure.

Adult Mummy Halloween Costume

Gothic Adult Halloween Costume

The colors of this Gothic Halloween costume captures some of the general culture of Goth, and is a good costume to differentiate yourself from potentially having the same costume or something very similar. Nice contrasting colors to capture the Gothic dark feel.

Tinkerbell Adult Halloween Costume

A Tinkerbell costume, for whatever reason, works across all ages of the females that where them, and this is a really pretty and fun way to show your appreciation for the little lady.

Almost every Tinkerbell costume I've ever seen always really looks good, and this one doesn't disappoint.

Adult Ariel Halloween Costume

Just like Tinkerbell, this Disney character always looks good on the ladies, whether they're young of old, and this is a very attractive and colorful addition to any Halloween party and celebration.

Ariel Halloween Costume

King of Hearts Halloween Costume

This is just unique and cool to me. The entire way the crown and card, along with the arm and leg covers make this a pretty compelling costume. It's not something you see every day, and would get a lot of smiles from those appreciating it.

Adult King of Hearts Halloween Costume

Adult Scary Doctor Costume

You'll definitely get a few gasps and screams walking around in this getup, and rightly so. That face is just too cool and gross, and those hands look they're not the type we would want working on us.

Halloween Costume Horror Doctor

Halloween costume for costume ball

This is a gorgeous costume of a woman about to attend a costume ball. It's really beautiful and enchanting, and something that will catch the eye of everyone in the room; especially if you can wear it like this woman can. Cute hair with it too.

I like the way you can take a mask and use it playfully and and in a flirting manner as women of the past did in these types of costume situations.

Adult costume ball Halloween costume

Great Adult Pirate Costume

Pirate Halloween costumes continue to be among the most popular there are, and looking at this one shows why. It is very dashing and of very high quality. Guys, do grow some beard out like this guy, I think it adds something to it.

Everything works for me with this pirate costume. The puffy sleeves, hair hat, pants and boots. The only thing I would have liked done a little better would be the vest; probably a little more colorful is what I was thinking.

Female Vampire Halloween Costume

Along with pirates, vampire themes are definitely in this Halloween, and this really nice looking female adult Halloween vampire costume has a lot going for it.

Of course the Dracula-like piece behind the neck always looks good, and the black and red colors really complement each other nicely. Just a really nice vampire costume.

Adult Vampire Halloween Costume

"Who Cut the Cheese" Costume

Pretty funny novelty costume, and one that will probably get a ton of comments throughout the duration of a Halloween party.

It does show how easy it is with a little creativity to make a Halloween costume which will garner a lot of interest and humorous feedback.

Adult Halloween Theme Costumes

So there you have a bunch of inspiring ideas when thinking about Halloween or costume themed parties you can make a big splash at. Naughty isn't the only thing you need to think of when hearing the word adult, and these great costumes show how you can have a great time with unique costumes.


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