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Count Down To Christmas With A Beautiful Advent Calendar

Updated on November 12, 2013

A Charming And Decorative Holiday Family Tradition

If you have never seen or used an advent calendar before, it's basically just a countdown calendar for Christmas which (typically) begins at the first day of December and follows through to Christmas day.

The idea behind the advent calendar is that there is a surprise to discover on each day of December, counting down to Christmas.

Most advent calendars are disposable and are made of cardboard. They feature elaborate pictures and will have chocolates hidden behind their little tear away panels or tiny perforated doors within the picture. Sometimes they have a joke or picture behind the panels instead of a treat.

Disposable advent calendars are fine and they serve a purpose, but the ones that really catch my eye are the ones that you can fill with treats yourself and they are made of wood. This means that not only does the advent calendar serve as an amusing tradition, but they are also attractive, festive decorations for the home.

An advent calendar can make a very unique gift or even a treasured heirloom. Below I have listed some stunning and diverse advent calendars for your browsing pleasure, including a few inspiring, fully customizeable kits.

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Beautiful Pre-Filled Wooden Advent Calendars

There are many different pre-filled reusable advent calendars on the market. They are great if you don't want to be tempted by a sweet treat every day, or if you like the activity of following an advent calendar but can't be bothered with thinking about how to fill it up.

Many advent calendars are exclusively for display on a tabletop or mantle but some also have hooks on the back which allow for wall hanging. Below I have displayed three very different examples of pre filled advent calendars.

Kurt Adler J3767 Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar with 24 Magnetic Piece
Kurt Adler J3767 Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar with 24 Magnetic Piece

I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination but I cannot deny what a gorgeous piece this is or the cleverness behind its design.

There are 24 magnetic nativity pieces that hide behind each door and as each day passes you open the corresponding alcove and arrange the nativity in the center of the calendar.

It is beautiful as well as functional and it helps to tell the story of the birth of Jesus.

This calendar is able to be hung on a wall or displayed on a table top.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar - Crafted all wood
Christmas Tree Advent Calendar - Crafted all wood

Here is a brightly colored generically festive wooden table top advent calendar which houses little ornaments inside of each drawer.

As each day passes the ornaments are displayed on the tree until it is fully decorated.

Woodlands Advent Calendar
Woodlands Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is so unique in its approach to counting down Christmas. The little doors are placed all over the house and inside are tiny woodland creatures that you use to decorate the house.

It's not religious or overwhelmingly festive but it is beautiful and original.

I love it.


Our Advent Calendar

I admit that I paid a lot of money for this advent calendar (adorable Santa not included), but I am quite fond of it.

It is solid and made of wood and I really like the grey and burgundy colors being not too flashy but just festive enough. It suits me.

Besides the aesthetic reasons I also like the fact that it is empty which means that I have the freedom of filling it myself. The doors are fairly spacious as far as advent calendars go and I could even put little toys inside or make the activity into a treasure hunt by putting notes inside instead.

I found my advent calendar by chance at TK Maxx which is the exact same chain as TJ Maxx in the US.

Fill Your Own Wooden Advent Calendar

Here are some "fill your own" type advent calendars like mine. They're all made of wood and they are all very creative in their varied designs.

Kurt Adler Wooden Gift Tree Advent Calendar, 13-Inch
Kurt Adler Wooden Gift Tree Advent Calendar, 13-Inch

This is another unusual design for an advent calendar.

To me it looks like it might be a good choice for a house with smaller children because of its bright colors and the fact that it looks less delicate and better balanced than most other designs I've come across.

Mr. Christmas Animated & Musical Santa's Workshop Advent Calender House #23963
Mr. Christmas Animated & Musical Santa's Workshop Advent Calender House #23963

Here is an advent calendar that I would love to see in person.

It looks a little busy to me, but it's also quite charming.

It is made of a combination of wood and plastic and every time you open the drawers the Santa's workshop scene animates and plays music. (25 different Christmas songs!)


Decorate Your Own Advent Calender

I am a very crafty person and these "decorate your own" advent calendars are extremely appealing to me.

Decorating an advent calendar could also be a really wonderful activity to do with children, even as a class project since the drawers could each be assigned individually.

Wood Advent Tree Featuring 24 Removable Box Drawers -Ready to Paint Unfinished
Wood Advent Tree Featuring 24 Removable Box Drawers -Ready to Paint Unfinished

This design is also beautiful. I love the little drawers with handles.

The dimensions are 20x16x2 inches

As a blank wooden set (also very reasonably priced) it's got a great deal of potential.

Christmas Tree Ornament Advent Calendar Wood Painting Kit
Christmas Tree Ornament Advent Calendar Wood Painting Kit

Here is a whole kit, ideal for adults or kiddos.

Besides painting the calendar its self you also get to paint the little ornaments that go inside the calendar so.

As with anything that comes with its own paints, I would still suggest you buy additional paint as well as glitter glue and anything else you can think of to give this project your own personal touch.

The picture makes it look like it only covers 12 days but the product description says that it covers 24 so the base must be double sided.


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