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Affordable digital camera - GREAT GIFT!

Updated on March 3, 2013


My friend got this camera and I fell in love with it at first sight. It is beautiful, simple, with relatively affordable price considering the fact that this is KODAK. Quality is at very high level, and you will certainly not regret if you buy this as a gift for the person that is very important to you and you want to make happy. I know that I would love to get this for my birthday (which is in few days) - I would be so delighted - nobody would be happier than me.


When you get it out of the box for the first time, you will see that it has a little bumpier and bigger construction, with dimensions 92x63x35 mm and weight of 180 grams (with battery and card), but nothing that would not fir in a pocket without a problem. The casing is made of a cheaper plastic, but it is perfectly folded and C140 is solid and firm in hands. Even the little door behind, which are for the batteries and card, will inspire you with confidence.

Built-in sensor has 8 megapixels, and the lens has a 3x optical zoom, with range of 36-108mm. The screen is 2.4 inches diagonally and has 230,000 pixels. Screen display is decent. With fully automatic mode and video there are 23 scene shooting modes, which should be satisfactory for everyone.

The quality of images surprised me in a very good way. Given the price, I was expecting a picture similar to those from mobile phones, but the KODAK C140 offers much more than that. Images are correctly exposed, sharp enough and with accurate colors. The flash is powerful enough for family use. The only thing that bothers me is that it doesn't have built-in automatic rotation of images captured vertically. You have to do it yourself when viewing pictures on the computer.

Video mode records with 640x480 resolution - 30 frames per second and it it also didn't disappoint me with quality.

Easy-to-use, affordable digital camera.

The camera automatically detects the face in the frame so that you can focus on more important things - getting that smile!!


Typical uses of camera

Buying a digital camera is a nightmare for many. What kind to buy, how many megapixels, what kind of zoom is, how much money can I spend at all ...? These are just few questions running through our heads. Through this guide I will try to explain the basic features of camera and present to you couple of products, who knows maybe you will like one of these and buy.

FAMILY AND TOURIST USE OF CAMERA - In this, the most common group, belong users who intent to record family, friends or trips and vacations without thinking too much about the camera settings. Nearly all compact cameras can satisfy their needs. I suggest you to pay attention to the lens: it is very useful to have a 28mm wide angle (35mm is normal), and stabilization is also a welcome feature. In such a low cost class i advise you to avoid models with more than 12 megapixels, because they usually have worse image quality than similar models with fewer pixels. Unfortunately, in this class of digital cameras are usually models which image quality is really below average, and I most certainly recommend you read test and do the search of examples of photographs on the internet.

MORE DEMANDING AMATEUR USE - Users who do not want to enter the D-SLR world, but are looking for more manual controls and greater versatility of camera. One solution are the compacts with manual controls, and other are ultrazoom appliances. Normal zoom range is up to 30x, allowing one camera to cover an amazing range of possible subjects.

TRENDSETTER - Customers who have high criteria, they prefer good design and elegance of the device, and the money is not the problem. Most manufacturers have at least a couple of designer models that look different and with the latest features stand out from the crowd.

THOSE WHO TRULY LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY - photographers who want more manual controls and uncompromising image quality. The only real choice is D-SLR camera. Large sensors and changeable lenses are able to tackle with any shooting conditions. Extremely good choice are models of Olympus or Panasonic micro 4/3 that offer the best options: a large 18x13mm sensor, interchangeable lenses and the dimensions are not much longer than the chubby compact.


Now I will present you some models of digital cameras, those with nice and solid price and once for those who have a lot of money :)))



This digital camera has thickness of only 20mm. It is available in several colors: black,blue, red, silver and purple.

Quality of the case is excellent. Plastic seems good and the unit is a little heavier than you would expect at first glance, which contributes to the feeling of quality. Behind the wide angle 4x zoom lens is sensor of 10 megapixels, which has become common for most cameras. The lens is wide with the range of 28-112mm. Kodak deserves praise for this, because even though the offer is better than a few years ago, it's still a little harder to find a cheaper camera with a real wide angle. Memory card is model SDHC, and a lithium-ion battery. The battery is charged via USB or power adapter that connects to the USB cable which is extremely practical solution.

Built-in screen is 3 inches in diagonal and is very clear and visible under sunlight. There are enough options for the adjustment, but I am disappointed in the lack of manual white balance. ISO range is 64-1600. There is a built-in option of automatic stacking of panorama.

Photos are of excellent quality - this means that they are very attractive, with vibrant colors and high contrast. Directly from the camera photos appear to have a strong ''high-performance'' on your computer and will surely delight all the users.

Video mode records clips, 640x480 at 30 frames per second. Just like photos it is characterized by strong and vibrant colors.

All in all, if you are looking for wide angle camera that shoots high quality and attractive photos, and do not have the desire nor the time to process them on the computer, the KODAK M420 is one of the better cameras with fine price.

CANNON IXUS 110IS - Review

Cannon IXUS compact series is known for its quality of picture. It offers interesting possibilities, so it is no wonder that it is one of the more popular and better sold, and new models are constantly made.

Resolution of 12 megapixels should be more than enough to anyone who uses the camera for his/her own personal purposes, such as trips or birthdays. It has feature such as Face Detection and Face AiAF. It focuses on the face and optimizes the settings so the person in the photo would look good. Similar function has i-Contrast. In cases when your light is too dim for normal photography, there is a stabilization in the lens. IXUS 110 IS will do everything that a person who takes photos obtains good results.

Although we have seen larger JPEG files of the same resolution, the Canon definitely didn't ''kill'' photos with excessive compression. As for the size, it's not too convenient for people with bigger hands, especially when zooming.

VIDEO - The most interesting thing is the ability to record HD video in 1280x720 pixel resolution with 30 frames per second. Considering how popular home movies are, there is no doubt that it will be useful to many users, as well as the possibility of image stabilization while recording video. Of course, the stabilization works only in the so-called continuous mode (and be warned it uses a lot of power in this mode). The objection goes to counterintuitive way of viewing the recorded video file - you have to squeeze the arrow up. There is also one, can I say, clumsy limit. When you record a video you can't use the optical zoom - the way you adjusted the lens when you started recording, it will remain like that the whole time. However, you can use the digital zoom, which results in lower image quality. On the other hand, maybe that's not so bad - for the highest quality you should try to think in advance which frames will you use.

Check them out, they are not so expensive!!


I will present you some models from Amazon with my personal spotlight. Hopefully, you will find something what suits your needs. Enjoy!

SONY DCS WX1 - Review

Your first encounter with this digital camera will convince you that the production quality is very high. The casing is made of metal. The general impression is that the camera exudes with simple design and elegance. All of the buttons except the shutter release button are on the right side of the screen. Ergonomically positioned well, which contributes to easy usage, but users with larger fingers will have trouble with adapting. The back side is dominated by the LCD screen 2,7 inch, 230.000 pixel resolution. Given the dimensions of the camera and the diagonal of the screen, it's clear that there wasn't any place for optical viewfinder. At the bottom is a metal thread for stand moved to the edge and universal USB/video/audio connector. There is a battery bay and memory card bay (Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo). Dimensions are 90.5x51.8x19.8mm, while the weight with the battery and memory card is 149grams.

Characteristic that separates this camera from the competition is it CMOS ''Exmor R'' sensor, size 1/2.4, 10.2 megapixel resolution. It is not common to find CMOS sensor on compact cameras, so this move from Sony is for praise. In addition to high-quality sensors, Sony has put BIONZ - image processing engine, which further contributes to the quality and speed. Another important issues is the Sony ''G'' lens 24-120mm, aperture range F2.4 to F5.9. An excellent lens selection of range lens (5x optical zoom) provides flexibility in the selection of frames starting with a solid 24mm wide for photographing landscapes, up to 120mm for the convergence of distant details in the scene. The maximum iris of F2.4 will provide better illumination, and therefore less need to increase the ISO sensitivity. It is possible to take photos in macro mode with a minimum distance of five centimeters. The maximum value is ISO 3200, while the minimum is 160.

User can select the mode in which you can choose scenes by yourself or to opt for the ''P'' mode where there is a bit more options (ISO, WB, EV, select the focus ...), although the full manual control parameter is missing. There are some advanced features like ''Dynamic Range Optimizer'' and advanced smile detection. Optical stabilization is entitled ''Optical Steady Shot'' and provides up to two steps of freedom.

In addition, Sony DSC-WX1 provides an unprecedented opportunity in compact cameras. It has a continuous shooting rate of ten frames per second. DSC WX1 is fast during standard shooting, as well as turning on and off, and therefore I think this mode is one of the fastest, if not the fastest on the market.

Another interesting addition is the presence of ''Handheld Twilight'' and ''Anti Motion Blur'' modes for photographing in low ambient lighting. The first mode captures 6 successive, underexposed photos and then combines them into one well-exposed image. The second mode uses a higher ISO values, detects moving objects and take them with only one of the 6 successive frames and combines it all into one photo. Both modes are very useful and by using them we got some quality photos.

A new rapid and economical CMOS sensor has certainly raised the quality of images in comparison to some previous models. Color reproduction is quite faithful, the sharpness in the center of the frame is excellent and decreases towards the edges.

Sony DSC WX1 allows you to capture video clips in HD (720) resolution with 30 frames per second, audio in mono format. Recorded clips are of high quality and it will please the most demanding users. Videos are recorded in MPEG-4 format.

Sony DSC WX1 is a refreshment in a monotonous world of digital camera, thanks to good performances and some very useful functions. If you often take pictures at night, and you need a compact camera, look no further, because none of the proposed models can't provide such a large number of new and useful functions.

OLYMPUS E - PL1 - My personal review

OLYMPUS 262855 12.3 Megapixel E-PL1 Pen Camera (Black camera body)
OLYMPUS 262855 12.3 Megapixel E-PL1 Pen Camera (Black camera body)

Offers the best compromise between size and features of a compact and D-SLR camera. With dimensions of 115x72x42mm and a weight of about 450 grams with the kit lens, it is smaller than any SLR, guaranteeing an identical image quality. Has a handful of settings and advanced functions, shoots 720p HD video.


SONY DSC TX7 - My personal review

Sony DSC-TX7 10.2MP CMOS Digital Camera with 4x Zoom with Optical Steady Shot Image Stabilization and 3.5 inch Touch Screen LCD (Silver)
Sony DSC-TX7 10.2MP CMOS Digital Camera with 4x Zoom with Optical Steady Shot Image Stabilization and 3.5 inch Touch Screen LCD (Silver)

This digital camera offers a perfect combination of style and quality. Thanks to the 10 megapixel image sensor Exmorra, photos are excellent even in moderate light, and the video mode is the best on the market. TX7 records full 1080p HD video with stereo sound.With thickness of just 18mmit will fit in any pocket.


OLYMPUS E - 520 - My personal review

Olympus Evolt E520 10MP Digital SLR Camera with Image Stabilization w/ 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Zuiko Lens
Olympus Evolt E520 10MP Digital SLR Camera with Image Stabilization w/ 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Zuiko Lens

This digital camera is the best buy digital camera of initial class. For extremely low price offers many options such as built-in stabilization, KELVIN WB, great adjustment settings and image quality.


PENTAX K-X - My personal review

Pentax K-x  Digital SLR with 2.7-inch LCD and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL Lens (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Pentax K-x Digital SLR with 2.7-inch LCD and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL Lens (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The Pentax K-X is one of those models that you don't miss. It offers HD video recording, very low noise at high ISO speed, built in stabilization and fast continuous shooting of 4.7 frames/sec.


SONY DSLR-A550 - My personal review

Sony Alpha DSLR-A550 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
Sony Alpha DSLR-A550 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

Sony DSLR-A550 is one of the best models of SLR from this manufacturer. Characteristics - 14 megapixel sensor, continuous shooting of up to 7 frames / sec., HDR mode, swivel LCD screen, and a fantastic display and other attractive specifications. A550 has achieved great progress in performance at high ISO settings and ease of use, and clearly demonstrates Sony's brilliant future.



Formerly, in the class "entry-level" devices, there was only Digital Rebel. It was known as the EOS 300D, and was valid for a ticket to the world of serious digital SLR - the newly established class, then for the first time available to the masses. After almost five years of existence and absolute dominance in the field of sales, the market is awash with a whole procession of miniature and powerful machine , who have offered their models with competitive performance at considerably lower price. Having realized the threat, Canon has decided on a radical step. That a class of existing "three digits" (xxxD) Canon would not be compromised, it would have to be devalued and technology and price, the manufacturer has decided to multiply, offering the flavor of cheaper and more expensive models.

The new Canon EOS 1100D is so familiar yet under two names: Rebel T3 Kiss X50. EOS prefix (followed by number), the dominant term for most of the world market, while in North America exploited the name Rebel. There is a third term, is limited solely to the Japan market - Kiss.

The first visual contact with the digital camera reveals obvious similarities with the old 1000D, but also some differences. Compared to its predecessor, the dimensions are slightly enlarged and now is 130 x 100 x 78mm. Despite this, the weight has been reduced by 35 grams. Design is due to increase slightly more open, harmonious lines that better follow the shape of the hand and the grip, which is a bit more comfortable. Digic IV is still the "brain" of Canon camera. Light meter was promoted over its predecessor.

Pleasant surprise is that Canon has implemented identical sensor for measuring lights which is a part on all Canon's modern and top models of digital camera. It's two layer 63-zone iFCL measurement system, which, according to Canon except measuring incoming light, it also measures color spectrum, simultaneously analyzing the information obtained from each of the 9 AF points and giving focus object in focus, regardless of the currently selected AF mode, the what acronym and refers iFCL (intelligent Focus, Colour and Luminance).

Autofocus system is improved and brought up to the level that Canon exploited in a higher class, the current EOS 600D. Old AF system with 7 points, known from 1000D was replaced with a solid, multi-phase BASIS TTL AF system with 9 points, arranged in a rhomboid shape, one of which is a central cruciform (aka "crosstype"), which is twice sensitive. Eye-point, that is the maximum distance of the eye from the viewfinder, so the frame is visible in its entirety, is 21mm, which is good for people who use glasses. There is a diopter correction wheel and operates in the range of -3.0 to +1.0.

The memory controller is compatible with SD cards (Secure Digital) standard, including all current revisions, such as SDHC and SDXC. It also supports Eye-Fi card, which shots can be transferred to compatible devices wirelessly. TFT diagonal display 2.7 "(68mm), made in a resolution 230,000 pixels (320 x 240 in the three channels of color vision). Proportions videos are standard - 16:9 and this digital camera offers only one resolution - 720p (1280 x 720) at 25 or 30fps (precision - 29.97, at prevailing video standards).

Photo credit: Valeria Gonzalez.- / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Nice review. Thank you, I am shopping for a new camera. :)

    • PCRoger LM profile image

      PCRoger LM 4 years ago

      Could use a newer, updated one with fresh batteries.

    • profile image

      burntchestnut 4 years ago

      Lots of great information here; not just a sales lens. I have a Pentax D-SLR, which I've had for over 10 years. and then later bought a small Canon Elph. Digital cameras have sure dropped in price since I bought mine and there are many improvements, too. I love digital photography, but also took many print and slide photographs over the years..

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 5 years ago

      @audrey07: I agree with you totally.

    • audrey07 profile image

      audrey07 5 years ago

      If I'm going out with my kid, we always have a cheap digital camera with us. My son likes to take photos with a camera and no way am I going to give him our DSLR camera to play with! So, the lower range cameras are great if you have young kids who will be grabbing your camera to take a few pics.

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 5 years ago

      @Eugene9184: Thank you very much, glad to hear that.

    • profile image

      Eugene9184 5 years ago

      Nice info on budget cameras. I enjoy reading it very much !

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 5 years ago

      @takkhisa: Thanks!

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 5 years ago

      @darciefrench lm: Thank you very much.

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 5 years ago

      @Sylvestermouse: I love too more compact size cameras, and of course that takes great photos, but at this moment I would be satisfied with any kind :D Thans for visiting.

    • Best-Deal LM profile image

      Best-Deal LM 5 years ago

      It is important to remember the world that not only DSLR's can take a picture ! Good job ! Nice lens !

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

      I love the more compact size of digital cameras that take exceptional photos! I appreciate the review of the Kodak camera. I have owned several Canon cameras, but I haven't owned a Kodak since I was a kid. I must might need that little one as a "carry anywhere" pocket camera.

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 5 years ago

      Lovely review of the Kodak camera - I too love the quality, low pricing and ease of use of today's digital cameras

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 5 years ago

      I use Sony, i rely on it. Nice lens.

    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 5 years ago

      I also have a Kodak. I find that the display is not great but the pictures are OK. I might choose a different brand next time.

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 5 years ago

      @WindyWintersHubs: Thank you for your visit and squidlike.

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 5 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      I have an older Kodak Easyshare and replaced it with a Canon. I'm not that happy with it and wished I had bought a newer Kodak Easyshare. Thanks for your reviews!

    • profile image

      Auriel 5 years ago

      We use canon, nikon..

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 5 years ago

      @audrey07: It all depends what kind of user you are and of course how much you can afford. I wish I could buy myself one of those professional cameras,at the moment there is no chance for that, but who knows someday maybe.:) thank you for your comment.

    • audrey07 profile image

      audrey07 5 years ago

      I have a Nikon which is also an underwater camera. Not as sharp as the SLR cameras though, but then again it is in the much cheaper price range.