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After Black Friday Shop Small Businesses

Updated on November 22, 2012

Black Friday Blues? Shop Small Business Saturday!

I talked my better half into "black Friday" shopping one time about 15 years ago.

We had a specific item in mind, for our sons, that was on sale for a crazy amount. We stood in line in a light, very windy snow for about 45 minutes. Took turns going to the car to warm up our frozen fingers and toes. (Probably not allowed now!)

It was incredibly rewarding because we walked in the door and were handed a scratch off coupon, ours was $50.00. A coupon to use that day on the purchase that was already on sale. We made out super that day. But he has never returned with me.

The crowds, the greed atmosphere, not at all like the "I Love Lucy" series where we could stand back and belly laugh at human nature, no, more like claustrophobia in a 20 person elevator, stuffed with 100 hyper-shop-till-you-drop-super-saver-bargain-hunters.

I used to jump out of bed at "still dark o'clock" every Black Friday after Thanksgiving for those bargains.

Then I got a daughter-in-law, who also loves that frenzy.

We had our days for sure elbowing and shouldering crowds. Even made it on T.V. a few times at the "Toys R Us" store. The family growing to 5 Grandchildren to buy for, we would usually end up with 2 or 3 stacked high carts. Now we both see the craziness in this. Plus the kids are older and shopping on-line is much more savvy.

This year, black Friday has little appeal, although I do have a 30% off coupon from "Michaels" that I printed and am pondering. The hubby goes hunting. I may have to take a little journey.

Book Shop

Sung Kim, 24 in. x 18 in.

This Book Store poster can be found on What an awesome idea, buy it framed. Click on the picture to order.

It seems like all businesses are jumping ahead of the season this year with bargains galore way before Thanksgiving. Most of the big bargains seem to be large items people buy for themselves, not about personal gifts for others. Anyone else notice that trend?

So this year I'm making a very special effort to either shop a small business on Saturday after Black Friday, or shop on-line.


I love shopping Amazon, because you are buying from small home-made businesses all over the country. Amazon Associates list their items among large and small businesses alike.

Have you heard of Small Business Saturday?

Photo of NYC Yarn Shop

Find out more about Small Business Saturday - quick.

Shop Small. Small Business Saturday supports all those brick and mortar small businesses who need to make a living. They have purchased items uniquely selected, hand picked and often handmade or locally made.

Specialize, buy unique items while supporting businesses in your community.

Shop Small Business Saturday - on AMAZON

Shop Amazon - Countdown to Black Friday Deals


My Best Gift Ever from a Small Business - A Yarn Shop Gift

Our daughter-in-law gave me this gift a few years back. She went to a small business and bought several useful and delightful items that I would never purchase for myself.

On the list were some designer yarns, and knitting kits, specialty knitting needles, a BagSmith bag for my wares, some books on knitting, and a variety of unique tools. Did I mention yarns. Wow, I was very impressed. The shop owner helped her design the gift, by taking time to get to know about me through my daughter-in-law, the shopper.

Get individual shopping advice at Small Businesses, Shop Small Businesses the Saturday after Black Friday.

Use Amazon to shop Small Business Saturday - Many Amazon sellers are just like you and me, a home business.

Shop Small

Small Businesses depend on your business to stay alive. Grace just one of them the day after Black Friday, they will be so appreciative.

In Southern Indiana we are so blessed to have several fine shopping areas for specialty shops, Nashville, Fountain Square, Broad Ripple, Mass Ave. and Bloomington Downtown Square to name a few. The shops are super specialized and the items are unique. Go get 'em.

The person you are gifting has mentioned a place they'd love to see. - Buy them a travel guide from Amazon.

Or a coffee table book about their favorite vacation spot. Or buy the tickets and send them on that trip whichever you can afford.

I Have a Small Business, Too.

I have an Etsy Shop online.

Check out the unique handmade items here.


There are small businesses all around you.

Click on this link to find some shops near you. ZIP CODE ______

Black Friday Videos

Uh, maybe this is why I'm not in the fray?

My Yarn Shop - I love Yarns Unlimited in Bloomington Indiana

Yarns Unlimited
Yarns Unlimited

My second favorite - it's a little farther to travel, is Mass Ave Knits in Indianapolis.

Let's talk about this phenomena..

If you're doing the Black Friday thing let me know why. - If you're doing the Small Business Saturday thing I'd also love the hear about it.

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    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      My daughter likes doing the Black Friday thing so I'll probably do that just to hang with her. Fun bonding time and low prices all at once!

    • krakensquid profile image

      krakensquid 6 years ago

      Great lens!

    • bikerministry profile image

      bikerministry 6 years ago

      @smithlights: That's a great goal. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings.

    • smithlights profile image

      smithlights 6 years ago

      I'm going to try to do all my shopping at small businesses this year, not online or in box stores. We'll see how it goes!