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Ahava (The Dead Sea Reborn) Beauty Products for Her

Updated on March 15, 2015

Ahava...The Dead Sea's Greatest Secret

While at the Dead Sea, I was introduced to the wonders of Ahava. Ahava is a beauty product line which uses the unique aspects of the Dead Sea to create amazing beauty products. The one-of-a-kind salty and muddy shoreline of the Dead Sea contain the highest concentration of minerals. Minerals used to create face clarifying masks and lotions. The high salinity and unique algae contain the secret to age-delaying products. The plants growing in one of the driest places on earth hold the secret to some of the best moisturizers in the world.

At the Ahava boutique, on the shores of the Dead Sea, they introduced me to a wonderful skin clearing product, a mud purifying mask. Mud purifying? Yes. The mud purifying mask I purchased, purifies and restores the skin. Every time I use it, it leaves my skin looking and feeling radiant. I have become a firm believer in the wonders of the Dead Sea. The natural minerals within the mask, have done more for my skin than any chemical I have ever tried.

Thankfully, you do not have to go to the Dead Sea to get an amazing Ahava product. You do not even have to enter one of their boutiques, which I might add, are found in over thirty countries. In this squidoo, I will introduce you to some of their products which can be purchased through Amazon or Ebay. Giving the gift of Ahava, is giving a product which is completely unique to the Dead Sea and its minerals. If you are looking to purchase any beauty product for a person this year, than truly consider the gift of Ahava.

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The Mud Purifying Mask - My Ahava Favorite

AHAVA Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask
AHAVA Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask

This is the mud-purifying mask I was introducing. I use it twice a week to purify my skin and leave it feeling radiant. The extract of Jojoba oil contained in the mask, keeps my skin nourished and moisturized. Something I find extremely important during the winter when my skin is so prone to becoming dry. If you are looking for a clarifier and great facial product, I completely recommend it!


Ready to Clear?

These are all products which are recommended by Ahava to help clear the facial skin and keep it looking bright and healthy. They all work to GENTLY cleanse and purify the skin. This even goes for the Ahava exfoliator which does its job but will not leave you looking like you ran sandpaper over your skin. All the products are made from the wonders of the Dead Sea and not the chemical unknowns found in so many other products claiming to do the same job.

Hydration please!

If your skin tends to get dry or very dry, then Ahava has a facial line for you. Skin in winter will typically require a heavier moisturizer as opposed to a lighter one for the summer months. All facial skin is not the same, so Ahava has lotions designed for people with very dry, normal to dry, and a moisturizing combination. They understand hydration needs to vary like a person's skin type does. No lotion can be one size fits all, which is why Ahava provides facial specific options.

Age Defying - Clear & Healthy Skin Means a Younger Looking You

The impurities in the air and around us build up within our skin. I know it is gross to think about but it is true. When skin is soft and smooth, it not only feels better, it looks younger and healthier too. Ahava perfectly understands the connection between daily skin care and age. Their age control products were created specifically for the purpose of keeping skin looking healthy, smooth, and young.

Take Control and Treat Your Skin!

Ahava has developed a special facial product to help control redness and ease skin irritation. While doing this, it also deeply hydrates and strengthens the skin against the irritating cause of the problem.

The Ahava site gives the results of their dermatological studies: 84% of users felt immediate comfort and 84% saw an improvement in skin redness after just two weeks!

The results are due to the amazing combinations captured from the Dead Sea and surrounding area. These Include: Dead Sea Mud, Narcissus Bulb Extract, Tomato Extract & Lavender Water which all work to calm the skin while reducing redness

Dead Sea Mud Products For the Body

The mud from the Dead Sea is a rare find of concentrated minerals. Because the Dead Sea has no outlet, all the minerals which normally are washed through the typical lakes and rivers are concentrated in its unique mud. This is not mud you see on the ground and get on your shoes! Mud from the Dead Sea provides a unique concentration of minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron (to name a few) which keep skin supple and healthy.

Dead Sea Water Products

The Dead Sea is slowly drying up over time. Ahava is very involved in aiding research and preservation of the Dead Sea's diminishing water. They support its protection and are allowed to use the water of this fragile ecosystem. This is another reason why their water products are so special! Their Dead Sea Water products work to not only hydrate but provide further protection against further environmental damage to the skin. To get the perfect combination of the two, essential oils are added to the products to give it a unique and amazing touch.

The Famed Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea is so full of salt that you literally cannot sink. I know this for a fact because I floated on the Dead Sea. Of course since it was only in the sixties, I was freezing and preferred our hotel's indoor warm salt pool. Still, if the high salt level is amazing enough it can float a human. Then think of how amazing it is on the human skin! Ahava has perfectly developed beauty products using the unique salt found at the Dead Sea. The high levels of rich vitamins and minerals are what give such a wonderful and beautiful result to the skin.

The Plants of the Dead Sea

I know you are probably thinking...How can the Dead Sea have living plants if no life can survive the high salinity??! The plants are actually different types of algae. No. Not the algae which gets stuck on your fish tank! Ahava combines the unique algae with essential oils, vitamin E, and natural extracts to pamper your skin. They replenish, hydrate, and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day!

What about the Men?

Ahava does not focus on just women. They want men to look and feel their best as well. Even if guys will not admit it, they still like the feeling of hydrated and replenished skin as much as women do. Not to mention, women enjoy when their man looks and smells good. So men, you do not have to think owing Ahava products is only for women. They have created a line solely for your needs!

Ahava Suncare

Sun damage can cause fast aging, put one at risk for sun cancer, and a burned face feels not only painful but unattractive. The Dead Sea is located in a desert which gets very hot and is obviously, very dry. So no one understands sun protection better than those who deal with it on a daily basis. Ahava knows just how to deal with taking care of the sun and uses the unique minerals found in the Dead Sea for your benefit. Do not face the sun without a little Ahava protection!

Love the Idea but Unsure of Which to Buy? - Ahava has you covered!

To get a range of products without committing fully, consider choosing one of many different gift packs from Ahava. They allow you to choose several options at one time. This gives more variety if buying for a girt or if you cannot make up your mind which is best for you. I had an official Ahava personnel to help guide me through my specific choice, if you just are not sure what you want, than opt for the gift pack.

Finally! On to Ahava Makeup

I will be honest. I do not have experience in trying the Ahava make-up like I do most of the other products. My skin is such a strange shade of pale, it requires multiple products to reach the perfect shade and they have to be in the lightest of light. I mean, the almost no color to the skin, scarily light shades. However, if you love mineral make-ups or have fallen for Ahava. Then I fully recommend trying out their product. If your skin looks like it has never seen the sun, like mine, be cautious as most make-up products can be to dark and leave you looking several shades different between body parts.

Since I have warned all the super pale people, I highly recommend the not-super-pale to try their products. Like the others, they are made from the minerals of the Dead Sea and filled with the right mix to make your skin look beautiful even when under make-up. Let me know how beautiful you feel in it! And if you are deathly pale, if you find the right shade for us!

Ahava Intrigue

Does the idea of the unique Dead Sea Ahava products intrigue you?


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