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Alabama Crimson Tide "Elf on the Shelf"

Updated on February 22, 2018
Mickie Gee profile image

Mickie Gee is a retired librarian and a grandmother. She knows a little bit about a lot of topics. Life experiences are wonderful.

My very own Crimson Tide Alabama Elf:

Here is my own Crimson Tide Elf!
Here is my own Crimson Tide Elf! | Source

The "Elf on the Shelf" is a holiday tradition all over the world!

I recently walked in to a "Bama Fever" (a football fan's dream) store and was astonished to see an "Elf on the Shelf" dressed in a Bear Bryant houndstooth trimmed outfit . "What a cute idea!" was my first response. The Elf is already wearing red and white (the Crimson Tide's team colors, as if you did not know!) so adding the houndstooth was a natural thing to do to turn this holiday traditional elf into an ncaa Alabama Crimson Tide pixie. Yes, I bought one and you can see a photo of him if you scroll down a little bit.

Dress your elf in his/her team colors!

The pixie shown here is not the trademark Elf, but who cares? Certainly not your children if they are University of Alabama fans. The last time I looked, this pixie was sold out, but if you already have the "name brand" elf, you can purchase a red and white football jersey (scroll down the page to find the link) and dress your elf up! As an alternative, you could also make your own black and white trim in the form of ribbon or fabric for this jolly trickster. Yes, you can scroll down to find a link to that as well.

While I was on Amazon, I discovered that there were a ton of "fashion" clothing sets for The Elf on A Shelf. Who would have thunk it?

Tricks for your Bama Pixie to Pull:

  1. Find an Aubie (the Auburn University mascot) or any other university stuffed toy and knock the stuffing out of it!
  2. Deflate a collegiate football and have the pixie holding the knife.
  3. Roll toilet tissue all over a room (Roll Tide, get it?)
  4. If you have a photo of Coach Sabin, spread the pixie on the image like he is giving Nick a big kiss!
  5. Color the milk in your fridge with red food coloring.

You get the idea, right? Does your pixie need some inspiration? Then visit Elf on the Shelf Pinterest Boards and you will be inspired.

If you want a pixie that graduated from another university, click NCAA College Pixies

Elf Sightings--Proof that elves are naughty.

You will find lots of tricks for your pixie on YouTube. Hide these pranks from your kids. It seems that elves have names, too! One elf is a Pittsburg Steelers fan. I even found a video that there are elves in the State of Alabama that do all kinds of silly tricks.

This elf is a Pittsburg Steeler pixie!

Who does you elf "go for"?

One of my granddaughters asks everyone she meets "Who Do You Go For?" In Alabama, my home state, one is required to choose a side when it comes to college football. Not everyone who lives here "goes for" Alabama or Auburn. There are quite a few LSU fanatics who reside here.

You do not have to choose sides on this page, however. You DO need to leave me a cheery comment, though. Share what your elf had done at your house. I promise to keep it quiet so elves and pixies across the nation will not be find more ideas for holiday trouble.

Happy Holidays to you all!


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    • Mickie Gee profile imageAUTHOR

      Mickie Gee 

      7 years ago

      @Brite-Ideas: They had plenty at Bama Fever/Tiger Pride shops the last time I was there. They only had Crimson Tide ones, though.

    • Mickie Gee profile imageAUTHOR

      Mickie Gee 

      7 years ago

      @Diana Wenzel: I am sure you can find one! If not, make your own.

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 

      7 years ago from Colorado

      Love your Crimson Tide elf. Wonder if they have a Texas Aggie elf on the shelf. Surely there is a "gig 'em" Aggie elf. Break out the maroon and white. Love the elf pranks you taught me here. Too much fun.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 

      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      my friend was talking about these today - I hadn't heard of them until she mentioned it, and she wants one


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