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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party and Party Supplies

Updated on October 6, 2013

How to Throw an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party!

Find out everything you need to know about throwing an Alice in Wonderland birthday party for your little ones here!! Fancy a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for your kids? Or, if you can't wait until the next birthday party, perhaps you are keen to celebrate a very merry Unbirthday? Read on for lots of tips, ideas and inspiration.

From Alice in Wonderland party supplies, to decorations for a mad tea party, unbirthday themes to wonderland games, this guide will help you organise and hold a FUN FUN FUN Alice in Wonderland party!

This makes a GREAT theme for a kids party, because there are no rules, everything is topsy turvy, and the madder the better! So come on, don't be late, for this very, VERY important date!

PLEASE NOTE: This page is currently undergoing an update - if you don't find what you are looking for this time around, please check back soon!

Photo Credit: Image in the public domain

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Invitations

Don't be Late for this VERY Important Date!

You can have great fun creating invitations for your Alice party. Although there are plenty of Alice in Wonderland invitations available to buy, you can have far more fun making your own!


If your party is going to centre around the mad tea party, create invitations in the shape of a teacup or teapot!

These can be a single teacup or teapot, or make a double one that will fold in half. You can get craft templates and stencils in these shapes to help you, such as this sweet little teapot brass stencil:

Brass 4x6 Embossing Template:


Colour in or paint the teacups and pots, and decorate with stick-on gems, paper flowers or brads. Inside, write something tea party-themed, such as:

"Don't be late, but DO be mad... you are cordially invited to attend a Mad Tea Party at..."

"The White Rabbit hereby invites you to follow him down the rabbit hole and attend the Mad Hatter's Tea Party..."

"Time for tea! (Child's name) is having a Mad Tea Party at..."

Photo Credit: Image in the public domain


Alternatively, make invitations in the shape of a rabbit head or pocket watch, or draw/print these on a square piece of card. For this theme, the wording should be along the lines of:

"Don't be late for a very important date!"


Create invites in the shape or design of a playing card (ideally the Queen of Hearts!)


Create cards in envelopes or even fancy scroll invitations, with a declaration from the Queen such as:

"You are cordially invited to play croquet with the Queen of Hearts. Don't be late and bring some tarts!"

Alternatively, you can buy some superb ready-made Alice invitations from sources such as eBay:

Decorating for an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

This Way, That Way!

You don't have to use official party supplies to throw an Alice party. Have fun putting together lots of cool decorations and using what is available in creative and interesting ways.

The best way to theme an Alice party is to recreate the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Ideally, if it is a summer party, hold it in the garden. But if this is not possible, create an outdoors feel inside with potted plants, fake trees, mad paper flowers and birds, and so on.

The centerpiece of your party should therefore be the table. More on that in the next section! Meanwhile, surround the table with the following:


Either go for black and red, in the spirit of the playing cards and Queen of Hearts, or blue and white, to match Alice. Or you could go for a Mad Hatter colour scheme, or purple and yellow stripes like the animated Cheshire Cat!

Or even better, go for the playing card suites with these incredible heart, spade, diamond and club shaped mylar balloons!

Hang paper lanterns over the table, or if outside, string them amidst trees and bushes, along with fairy lights! You can even get flamingo ones:

Pink Flamingo Fun Party String Lights



Cut out card clocks (or use real ones if you have enough!) that are stopped at tea time

Collectible Alice In Wonderland Alarm Clock

Have lots of signs dotted about that say "this way!" "that way" "up" "down" and so on

Cut out rabbit paw prints and have them lead the way to the table

Cut out a Cheshire Cat grin, paint it with luminous paint and partially hide it in a tree, bush or in a pot plant indoors


Have lots of roses! These can be in the form of real rose bushes, or cut roses in vases, or even paper roses painted red and white


Have a few flamingos dotted around! What, you don't know where to find a flamingo? Well you can get them here!

Garden Plast Pink Flamingos , 2-Pack

Sculptural Gardens by Heritage Farms Pink Flamingo Pair, Lawn Ornament

set of 6 whirlygig whirly gig Pink Flamingos spinning Twirling lawn ornament art YARD art STAKES whirling whirly bird spinner wings

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Table Décor

Go Mad as a Hatter for your Party Table

To recreate the tea party guests from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, you'll need a dormouse, the Mad Hatter, Alice and the March Hare, or the White Rabbit if you prefer. You can also add a Cheshire Cat - perhaps hide him in the overhanging branch of a tree if you're outside, or perched somewhere near the table indoors.

If your party is fancy dress, then Alice and the Hatter are easily taken care of. For the rest of the gang, and for mini Hatters and Alices, these plushies are ideal! Put the dormouse in a teapot, and stuff Alice into a dollhouse, to represent shrunken Alice!

Ideally, you will need a long table for your Mad Tea Party. Cover with a suitably mad table cover, and then have FUN stacking the table high with crockery and chintz! just be careful that nothing will topple over and injure any little ones. Think mismatched cups, saucers, teapots and more.

Giant Teacup ceramic Pink Planter TRV3B

Baum #TRV3A Giant Tea Blue Planter

Yedi Houseware Classic Coffee and Tea Dancing Fairies Tea For One

Yedi Houseware Classic Coffee and Tea Butterfly Espresso Cups and Saucers, Gold, Set of 6

Yedi Houseware Classic Coffee and Tea Polka Dot Espresso Cups and Saucers, Set of 6

Yedi Houseware Classic Coffee and Tea Polka Dot Teacups and Saucers, Set of 6

Have odd chairs for your guests - different heights and shapes and sizes are perfect. You can use playing cards for place name holders or miniature teacups. Decorate the table with Alice in Wonderland playing cards or have them set out for guests to play with!

Alice In Wonderland Playing Cards

Red Back Deck

Alice In Wonderland Playing Cards

Blue Back Deck

Alice in Wonderland "Double Deck" Playing Card Set


Pepys Alice in Wonderland Cards

Alice in Wonderland Pack of 20 Parchment Gift Tags

Finally, for the most ADORABLE table décor, how about something like this?

You can find the most beautiful felt fancies below, perfect for scattering about your party table, popping in teacups, pinning to cushions or hanging from ribbons and mobiles! (You could also use these designs as inspiration for your tea party cupcakes and cookies!)

Alice in Wonderland Table Centerpiece

Improvise with Alice-themed ideas when creating a table centerpiece. Just because you can't get an official Alice in Wonderland version, it doesn't mean you can't come up with something absolutely ideal!

You'll see what I mean right here - isn't this playing card centerpiece just PERFECT?

Card Night Centerpiece, Mini Foil W/Prt Base W/Att

(6pks Case)

Tea For You! Centerpiece Standup 3-D

(6pks Case)

Or how about this gorgeous tea time cardboard centerpiece? Again, totally tea party perfect!

You can also use an Alice figurine if you have one, or simply present a tier of "Eat Me!" cupcakes (see food section below) in the middle of the table. Or how about a Cheshire Cat or other Alice-themed pinata?

Toadstool Cupcake
Toadstool Cupcake

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Cupcakes

What is a tea party without cupcakes? Pile 'em high, stack them on pretty china plates, pop them on a tiered cake stand or cupcake stand (makes a great centerpiece!), bundle them in baskets or even put them in large teacups!

* For the BEST Alice in Wonderland cupcakes, make plain or chocolate cupcakes and top with coloured icing (you can make icing from icing sugar, butter and salt and colour to your preference with some drops of food colouring, or use ready-to-roll fondant icing). Write "EAT ME" on the cupcakes in different styles and colours. Dr. Oetker Icing Writing Tubes are ideal for this, or if you are making large cupcakes you can mould the words out of fondant icing or modelling chocolate!

You can also make mushroom or toadstool cupcakes. Bake 18 plain cupcakes and make red icing from 13oz icing sugar, 8oz unsalted butter and a pinch of salt. Cream until smooth and mix in a few drops of red food colouring until you get a good red colour. Spoon the icing onto your cupcakes and cut out white circles from white ready-to-roll fondant icing. Pop them on to the red icing to make a toadstool!

You can also get creative by putting teacups, teapots, playing cards, chessboards, bread and butterflies and more on top of your cupcakes!

For more inspiration...

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cakes - How to Bake a Wonderland Cake!

Photo used under Creative Commons License
Photo used under Creative Commons License

Photo used under Creative Commons License Kristen_a Meringue Bake Shop - / CC BY-SA 2.0

COMING SOON! Check back for cake recipes, cake gallery and more!

Amazing Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake Topper Kit

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake Topper Set Featuring Various Alice in Wonderland Decorative Themed Elements, Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, and Tweedledee and Tweedledum Cake Topper Figures
Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake Topper Set Featuring Various Alice in Wonderland Decorative Themed Elements, Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, and Tweedledee and Tweedledum Cake Topper Figures

Make your cake look truly amazing with this set of fabulous Alice figurines to top your cake with, along with funky arrow signs to represent "this way!" and "that way" for your mad tea party shenanigans!


Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Games

From a game of flamingo croquet on the lawn, to giant chess, and everything in between (and upside down), here is my ultimate Alice party game guide!


Alice in Wonderland Party Favors and Prizes

Make up Alice in Wonderland party loot bags for your guests to take home at the end of the party. There are lots of ideas for things to put in the bags as favors - here are just a few of them!


Your party will be the talk of the town if your party bags are stuffed with these incredible and unique gifts!

Off With Her Head Lip Balm - Berry, The Red Queen Lip Balm - Blood Orange

Red Queen Heart Ring, Red Queen Key Chain

Red Queen Key Cap, Mad Hatter Earrings (6 pair) - give as one gift or break up for cool party favors!

Mad Hatter Key Chain and Mad Hatter Pewter Keychain

Cheshire Cat Flip Key Chain


Alice in Wonderland Wristband, Cheshire Cat Wristband

Mad Hatter Eyebrows, Cheshire Cat Mad Here Keyring, Cheshire Cat Keyring

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Costumes

Dressing Up Like Alice - Fun for your Wonderland Party

How can you make your child's wonderland party even more amazing? Why, make it fancy dress of course! Go for full-blown costumes with everyone in character, or simply ask everyone to wear a crazy hat!

FABULOUS Alice in Wonderland Costumes for your Child!

Will the guest of honour be Alice?

Or will they choose from one of these fun Wonderland costumes?

Harlequin Costume, Tweedledum / Tweedledee Costume

Mad Hatter Child Costumes

Queen of Hearts Child Costumes

Alice-ify hairstyles with these CUTE accessories!

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Bow Hair Clips, Alice in Wonderland Red Queen Hair Pins

Alice in Wonderland Scissor Bow Barrettes

Or have even MORE fun with these AMAZING Alice in Wonderland hats!

Mad Hatter Movie Child Hat, Mad Hatter Child Hat

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Music! - The Unbirthday Song and More!

No party is complete without music. Here you can find the Unbirthday Song, part of the soundtrack to the original animated Disney film. Or you could buy the soundtrack to the new Tim Burton movie.

More Wonderful Alice in Wonderland Party Themes...

The book "Taking Tea with Alice" contains six beautiful Alice in Wonderland party themes, and is just the invitation that welcomes guests to all types of imaginative tea parties, both those that the famous "Alice" characters enjoyed, and the Victorian teas that the real life Alice would have attended. Now you can plan a variety of absolutely adorable teatime celebrations, complete with delicious recipes, whimsical games, Victorian activities and gorgeous table settings set amid cottage gardens and Victorian surroundings that will inspire you to create a Wonderland of your very own.

Over 50 beautiful full-color photographs, charming illustrations and teatime prose make this a unique fits for those that love the charms of tea, th elegance of the Victorian era and Alice's Wonderland. Taking Tea with Alice provides plans for six enchanting tea parties.

Taking Tea with Alice: Looking-Glass Tea Parties & Fanciful Victorian Teas
Taking Tea with Alice: Looking-Glass Tea Parties & Fanciful Victorian Teas

The six themes contained within are:

"Drink Me" - Tea with the Mad Hatter. Put on your maddest hat to enjoy "Eat Me" cake in the Wonderland world of the Mad Hatter.

Painting the Roses Red - Tea in the Garden. Play a round of Flamigo Croquet after Lemon-Raspberry Looking-Glass Cake with the White Knight's Limeade.

The Coronation of Queen Alice - A Nursery Tea. Tiny guests will delight in Alice's Shortbread Crowns after their Parade of Queen Alice and Her Loyal Subjects.

In Honor of St. Valentine- A Cupid's Tea. Create authentic Victorian valentines and bake heart-shaped Cupid's Scones for a very special doll's tea party.

A Midsummer Night - Tea with the Fairies. Plant a fairy garden and enjoy the Victorian ritual of preparing for nocturnal visitors with fairy foods and activities.

The Holiday Yuletide - A Family Tea. A Victorian history of Christmas, complete with the celebrations, foods, and parlor games ideal for any present-day holiday affair.

Taking Tea with Alice:

Looking-Glass Tea Parties & Fanciful Victorian Teas


Ways to Celebrate an Unbirthday

Is all this Alice party stuff just TOO exciting? Can't wait until your child's birthday, or want to throw more than one party? Why not throw an Alice in Wonderland UNbirthday?

You can throw one of these 364 days of the year (365 in a Leap Year!) because an Unbirthday is any day that isn't your birthday. So have fun with your kids and their friends by throwing all kinds of different Alice in Wonderland parties!

  • Hold the Unbirthday Party in a different season to your child's birthday, and theme a party around something they wouldn't normally be able to do - for example, if their birthday is in the winter, hold a summer beach party or garden tea party!
  • Do lots of fun crazy things, like jumping in puddles or piles of leaves, wearing silly hats or playing nonsense games!
  • Do everything in a topsy turvy manner. Play a game where the children behave like disapproving, sensible adults while the adults run around behaving like children!
  • Do something that your child has never done before, such as an event, activity or going to a place they've always wanted to go. Paddle a canoe, try falconry or attend a renaissance fayre!

Find Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Supplies

Find Alice in Wonderland plates, party kits, favor boxes and more!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave your ideas, comments, feedback, party stories and unbirthday celebrations here! Remember, it's good to be mad!

Is an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party your Cup of Tea? - Do you Celebrate your Unbirthday?

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