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Mother's Day

Updated on May 8, 2014

When Is Mother's Day?

This year Mother's day is celebrated on Sunday, May 11th. In the United States Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In some countries the date has been changed to days that were significant to the historical dates important for religious purposes. In many places, it coincides with Women's day, the 8th of March. Irrespective of the date, the importance of celebrating mother's day is to remember with gratitude the selfless love and care showed by a mother.

Mothers are the epitome of patience and embody the best qualities of a woman. A mother can go to any length to ensure the well-being of her child. Mothers never hold a grudge and continue to love and take care of their children whether the feelings are returned or not.

For their untiring devotion and selfless actions, it is good to remember and honor their love on at least one day of the year. Celebrating motherhood, making mothers feel special and expressing gratitude is what Mother's day is all about.


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2013 Mother's Day

Mothers Day

As we get older we sometimes forget the love bestowed to us by our mothers. Many mothers put the interests of their children before their own and throttle their ambitions only to take care of their children. As children we do not realize this and tend to take a mother's unconditional support for granted.

We live in a busy world and are often unable to thank the very person around whom our lives revolved once upon a time. Our lives are complicated and we don't even get the luxury of a minute of time to even call up and say hello. Thankfully, to compensate for this there is the special occasion of Mother's day when all you have to do to make up for those moments of forgetfulness is to let her know you care.

Call up your mother, whether to apologize to her or thank her for her love and kindness, she will always accept you in a warm hug with whole-hearted affection and good wishes.

Mother's day is a great way to celebrate the essence of a mother's nature and it gives people a chance to step aside from their busy routine and recall with fond memories the contribution of a mother in shaping their lives. Pause for a while and wish your mother a happy mother's day with genuine love and she will reward you with her smile and good wishes, as always.

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Mother's Day

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Mother's Love
Mother's Love

Mother's Day Ideas

Your Mom is Special

Most moms don't really want their kids to make a big deal about mother's day. This is the one official day they just want to hear that you love them and appreciate what they've done for you throughout your life. Tell her she's special and lay aside everything else and spoil your mom.

Think about how much your mom loved you and cared for you throughout your life, and take time to show her and tell her how much she means to you this year.

As you think about all she's done, caring for you as an infant, teaching you as a child, cooking, cleaning and just plain taking care of business for the family for years, you realize that there's no way that we can ever tell your mom "Thank You" enough times. Our moms, though not saints, don't expect much in return for all they did for us, but you'll light up her day when you show your gratitude for who she is and all she's done for you.

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Mothers Day Poem

Throughout the days

Of youth gone by

For all that you have given me

I can return but love for you

You gave me love and set me free

My hopes were sculpted

Through the years

With dreams of what I was to be

I can return but love for you

Before I was you made me, me

Poem by George Gardner

Gifts For Mother's Day - Mother's Day Cards

Here are some great cards for Mother's Day

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    • beaworkathomemom profile image

      beaworkathomemom 4 years ago

      mothers are superheroes. they work in order to support us, take good care of us and sacrifices a lot for their children and family. On mother's day, we should treat them special. One of the best gifts is to love them with all our heart and soul :) Thank you for sharing this wonderful lens!