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All New Avengers Flip and Attack Transformers

Updated on July 31, 2013

All New Avengers Flip and Attack Transformers

How FREEKINGLY, EXCITINGLY COOL is this? It's the New Avengers and Transformers in ONE cool toy!

Yes, you can turn your favourite Avengers characters into everything from Tanks and Quinjets.

I know my nephew is going to love these all New Avengers Flip and Attack Transformers - the ideal present for Christmas!

They're quite new, so I'm hoping that more will be available soon - we currently have Captain America, The Hulk and Iron Man.

Check out the range of Flip Attack Transformers currently on now

Captain America - Flip and Attack - Marvel the Avengers
Captain America - Flip and Attack - Marvel the Avengers

I'm in love with this Transformer design. The Marvel comics are so popular, and iconic that all you need is red, white and blue, a star and there you have it...Captain America.

It's like the Marvel comics and Transformers got trapped in a blender, and out came this hybrid. A fantastic Captain America Flip and Attack Transformer! Aces!


I'm in love with these little Toys!

I mean seriously, these little toys are like heaven for anyone, child and adult alike, who have a love for anything to do with comics! Not only are we talking one generation of comic book heroes - but worlds are literally colliding here! We have Transformers AND The Avengers - marveltastic, right?

When I was little I had hundreds of Transformers! But of course, they were all cars - the robots in disguise. But, if I'd have had another character, that was also a robot in disguise, that would have been smart - and here we have it.

So, your robot in disguise is one of the marvel characters, translated as a robot, that then turns into a character related vehicle. I really like them all, but I think Captain America is my favourite - for my love of all things Americana, but also because the colours really stand out in all their vivid glory!

The New Avengers Flip and Attack Transformers

Who's your favorite New Avengers Flip and Attack Transformer?

Which New Avengers Flip and Attack Figure do you like the best?

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Avengers Hulk! - Flip and Attack Smasher Tank!
Avengers Hulk! - Flip and Attack Smasher Tank!

He's green, he's angry and now he's a transformer! The green meanie has never looked so fierce, than as a Flip and Attack Smasher Tank Transformer.

I tell you what, if I was still a kid, I would be lapping these up! Uber coolness!


The Green Meanie becomes a Robotic Tank - woooo!

Although, I really like the Captain America autobot, transformer creation, I also really like this one, the green hulk!

The Incredible Hulk was recently made into a film, starring Mark Ruffalo, so whilst I remember this green dude from my childhood, his legacy still lives on strong today amongst the Marvel superstars.

Although some compare to a big brussel sprout, I prefer to think of him a big ball of bulky and hulky, greeny goodness that will stand up in any fight against any wrong'un trying to defeat the Marvel Avengers!

Iron Man Flip and Attack - Marvel the Avengers
Iron Man Flip and Attack - Marvel the Avengers

Then there were three! Finally, Iron Man completes the trio of Marvel comic Transformer mash ups!

The full on red and gold combo is incredibly iconic - so it's clear to see who this Transformer is. Of course - Iron Man is a clever chap, and he's accolade of armour just went up a notch as he takes on those robots in disguise!


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Are you an Avengers fan, or a Transformers fan, or both?

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