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American Idol Birthday Party Theme

Updated on April 28, 2015

American Idol Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas

American Idol is a great birthday theme that can be a blast for kids!

Treat your birthday star to an amazing birthday party filled with music and fun!

Below I've included ideas about activities, treats, favors, birthday gifts and more to make this a birthday they'll never forget.

Activity Ideas

1. Put on a show! Create a stage for your little stars to perform on. You could rent or buy a Karaoke machine or buy a Karaoke CD. If you have a game console like Playstation or Wii - you can find Karaoke games reasonably.

2. Mini Makovers Before the show begins you could put out an array of make-up, glitter hair spray and dress-up items (hair scrunchies, boas, etc.) for the girls to get into Star mode!

3. Pass the Microphone Like hot potato - with an American Idol Twist! Pass a play microphone around while the music plays, whoever is left with the microphone is out. Keep playing until one winner is left.

4. Star Videos Video tape the performances, then watch them at the end of the party. If it is a slumber party, get everyone settled in their sleeping bags and then watch the show - sure to bring lots of giggles!

American Idol Contestant Number

Turn up the excitement by changing your guests into American Idol contestants!

Just like on the TV show, you can print up contestant number from your own computer and pin them to their shirt. (You can use sticky labels instead if you don't want to use pins).

They'll feel like an official contestant!

Hand Clappers

Giant Purple Hand Clapper

Applaud winning performances with these 71/2 inch plastic clappers. They make great party favors too!

True Stars!

True Stars!
True Stars!

American Idol Favor Boxes

Every kids love birthday party favors! Things you could include are feather boas, glitter tattoos, Glitter Microphone, star shaped candies and more!

If you video tape the kids' performances, you could also transfer the video to DVDs on your computer and give one for each child to take home. It's a party they'll never forget!

Microphone Cups

Rock Star Microphone Cups (8)

Serve your stars their refreshments in style! A fun take-home favor, rock star cups will be the hit of the party.

Party Food

The party menu can be basic - pizza, soda, hot dogs, etc.

You could have bowls of snack mix or popcorn set out for when the children are watching each others performances.

Birthday Cookies - To combine a treat and activity, pre-bake sugar cookies in shapes of stars and set out frosting and sprinkles for each child to decorate their very own cookie! If your party includes all girls, you could call them diva cookies and even make them in shapes of high heels, purses, etc.

Create an amazing American Idol Cake

Americal Idol Gifts - Sing like a star!

Who is your all-time favorite American Idol Contestant?

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    • i Dia1 profile image

      i Dia1 5 years ago

      What a great idea for a teen's birthday party. Jessica Sanchez is my favorite idol contestant.

    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 6 years ago

      With the popularity of this show, I imagine this is a popular birthday party theme too. It would be fun to do a karaoke contest at one of these events. Great selection of products.

    • jgall34 lm profile image

      jgall34 lm 6 years ago

      I like Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Hicks. Cool ideas for a birthday theme.