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Despicable Me 2 Out of the Box Party Ideas

Updated on July 28, 2014

Mischievous Minions to rock your birthday party

My affair with adorable minions started after watching this super fun animated movie. Minions are fun, naughty, and cute and are a huge hit among kids of all ages. To help you host a delightful despicable me party here are some simple decoration and party food ideas along with some unique DIY ideas for crafty mommies.

I am sharing a mix of birthday supplies and ideas, to help you find best theme supplies together with innovative ideas to throw an impressive Despicable Me party on your upcoming birthday!

Despicable Me DIY Decoration Ideas

For making these simple and adorable decorations, all you need is some inexpensive supplies from your craft store like cardstock, googly eyes (staple of minion characters), black marker and some acrylic paints. By using these supplies, you can make some amazing decorations at home and wow your guests.

Minion Balloons

A Despicable Me party decoration is all about yellow, blue, white and black colors. Make a balloon bouquet with these four colors of balloons and tie them on chairs. You can also transform yellow balloons into fun minion characters, just blow yellow balloons in different fun shapes, stick a printable of googly eyes, and add other details with black marker.

Minion Characters with Stick Base

Paint a large size mischievous minion on a card-stock and add googly eyes and silly expressions using black marker. Grab craft sticks, paint it yellow and stick it to the back of the minion cut out in a manner that it can be placed in garden area as decorations.

Minion Hats

Transform classic cone hats into fun minion hats, just stick googly eyes cutouts and give detailing with black marker. Let the minion fans adorn these cool cone hats and have a gala time.

Minion Favor Bags

Despicable Me favors bags, send lil minions home with these cute theme bags. Just grab some yellow favor bags, add cut out of minion eyes to the bags, and give each bag a different expressions using black marker.

Minion T-shirts

Let the birthday boy be dressed in fun and funky theme t-shirt. You can buy plain yellow t-shirts, stick a piece of black strip on it, add googly eyes and draw details with marker. Give each t-shirt different expression and you can write a fun message on it.

Despicable Me Cake Pops

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Despicable Me Cake Pops
Despicable Me Cake Pops

Cake pops are bite sized treats that everyone enjoys eating. These little lollipops can be changed into different colors and characters to compliment your party theme or party food. With simple ingredients and few cake store supplies, you can wow your guests with these adorable Minions Cake Pops.

Here is the recipe. These frozen despicable me cake pops can be made a week or two before the party.


  • Candy melts (Yellow color)
  • Marshmallows
  • Sucker sticks
  • Candy eyes
  • Black icing Tube
  • Fruit rolls ups (Blue)


  1. Firstly, melt the candy melts in microwave-safe bowl, then dip one end of each stick into the candy melt and push sucker sticks into bottom of the marshmallows and let candy melt to cool for some time.
  2. Dip entire marshmallows into the candy melt to form a coating.
  3. Cut fruit rollups into a 1/2 inch narrow strips and place them around the bottoms of the marshmallows to form a blue color waistband.
  4. Using black icing tube, make a big black circle onto centre of each marshmallow to create eyeball.
  5. Press candy eyes into the black eyeballs made using icing tube.
  6. Mark a thin, black line from one side of the eyeball and circle it to create goggle lines.
  7. Before serving, let the icing to harden a bit.
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Much loved Minion Cookies

Children are fond of cookies and love eating them. Here is a recipe for making mischievous minion inspired cookies and wow kids. This is the simplest recipe I ever tried and the whole cookie thing was a huge hit.


  • Candy eyeballs
  • Blue & Black icing
  • Milano Cookies


  1. Make eye straps on cookies using black icing and then place one of the candy eyes on it. For piping black icing, use a pointed tip. Also, draw the mouth.
  2. Pipe the blue icing for making the blue colored adorable minion dress. Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. If you are not running short of time then instead of store bought cookies, you can bake cookies at home and decorate it to give a minion touch. Making these cookies took less than an hour and they turned out too adorable to eat.

In fact, you can use them as favors also, just put them in a bag and seal them too. You can also attach a tag to each sealed bag and staple that on the top as shown in the picture. Write down a fun message for the guest and hand it over.

Despicable Me Party Supplies

Despicable Me 2 Pull String Pinata
Despicable Me 2 Pull String Pinata

A minion piñata will add a rush of excitement among kids and makes a great party activity. Fill it with despicable me goodies and shower upon your lil guests.

Despicable Me Party Tote Bag - 13 x 11 Inches
Despicable Me Party Tote Bag - 13 x 11 Inches

Minions fans attending party will be more than delighted to receive this tote bag featuring mischievous minions goofing around. Fill it with fun and easy on the pocket theme goodies such as theme Blowouts, Bounce balls, Bubble & wands, Party straws, Stickers, Cone hats and more.

Despicable Me 2 Party Decorating Kit – 7 Count
Despicable Me 2 Party Decorating Kit – 7 Count

Instantly jazz up your party with cute theme banners, swirl hanging decorations, honeycomb decorations featuring adorable minions in a party mood.

Despicable Me 2 Dessert Plates – 8 Counts
Despicable Me 2 Dessert Plates – 8 Counts

What can be a better way to dress up your table than a theme tableware?

Serve theme food in theme plates featuring minions in a colorful and fun background.

Despicable Me 2 Bubbles and Wands – 4 Count
Despicable Me 2 Bubbles and Wands – 4 Count

A party without favors is incomplete. Let the kids paint their world of imagination by blowing bubbles.


Despicable Me is a fun theme and I hope ideas shared here will surely allow you hosting a stylish and remarkable party without making your budget upside down. Have a delightful despicable me party!

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