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Anastasia Music Box

Updated on July 16, 2015

Anastasia Music Box

Giving a gift is a universal way to show interest, appreciation, and gratitude, and it strengthens bonds with others. People always are looking for unique ways to gift their loved ones. Pendent, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry have always topped the list amongst the mostly preferred presents for girls. These items are usually placed in a box, but today most people are looking for an artistic way to present. For such people the search ends with the Anastasia music box.

Anastasia music box is a beautiful, exquisitely designed box that plays music. Every time you open the lid of the box, the light, soothing, soulful music starts playing until you replace the box with the lid again. It is a perfect item to gift on any occasion as the box acts as a container for holding anything precious. Rings, necklaces, pendants or any valuables can be placed in it. The music box proves to be an absolute delight to the receiver of the gift. Just imagine, looking at a gorgeous box and while you look at the contents of the box, lovely music is playing in the background. That is why most lovers opt for the Anastasia music box as it provides a romantic feel to the whole ambience.

How it all started

The literal meaning of the word Anastasia is resurrection". It originates from Russian Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov. The history of Russia's last Emperor has been and will remain an interesting one, for Grand Duchess Anastasia and her entire family was brutally murdered. Many believe that Anastasia was alive and did not die and hence the name Anastasia became synonymous to resurrection. Many moviemakers have filmed this story and made it into a motion picture. As petr the movie "Anastasia" which was produced by the 20th century fox, the old queen gifts her granddaughter Anastasia a music box. She has a key to the box in her locket, which proves her identity as the duchess. The movie has popularized the music box so much that it has become a rage among the young and old.

Features are its charm!

Even after one hundred and ten years in history the Anastasia box still holds its charm .Due to its heavy demand the Anastasia music box is available in a wide variety of ranges. The box is usually made of wood but it is also available in ivory, ceramic, plaster of Paris, clay, plastic etc. The designs on the box are exquisitely made. The outer area of the box is either carved or painted with beautiful designs and patterns. Some of them are even studded with precious gemstones and metals.

The inside of the box has a provision for placing any gift or articles. It also usually has a dancing doll of a boy and a girl. It signifies the duchess Anastasia and her lover Dimitri. Sometimes there is a mirror and the couple dances on it as the music plays in the background. Now days there are various figurines like a girl doing ballet, children dancing and other such stuff. There are various types of music box available in the market like

1.Anastasia music box with a necklace

2.Anastasia music box with a key.

3.Anastasia music box with necklace and key.

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Custom made Anastasia music boxes

In the elite society some people have it even custom made according to their needs and choices. These come in the higher price range. Some customers go to the extent of studding it with diamond, pearls, gold and other such precious ornaments.

Special occasion custom music boxes make wonderful gifts. And a box that is designed by you will be truly unique. Of course it might cost you a little more, than buying a manufactured music box. But only by creating your own, you can have a truly unique music box. You can always personalize your gift. Many people give new parents, baby music boxes as gifts and a custom one that is designed to reflect the occasion should be chosen.

Advantages of the music box

-Easy to use

-It serves as a good storage device to hold all your delicate items

-It comes in various colors, textures, and shapes

-It is available for all occasions at different prices.

Product recommendations

Most music boxes are made for special occasions. A unique Anastasia music box will make a perfect gift for a wedding, birthday or anniversary.

Different variety of Anastasia music box is available at

San Francisco Music Box Company (, and

The price ranges from $70 to $450 depending upon the features of the product.

Anastasia Music Box
Anastasia Music Box

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