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Gift a Man With An Andy Warhol Pop Wristwatch

Updated on April 3, 2013

Andy Warhol Pop Wrist Watches - Super Gifts

I Think We May Be Witnessing Andy Warhol's Greatest Solo Show!

I might say that the proliferation of Andy Warhol's Pop Art images on everything from posters to pill boxes, amount to his most magnificent exhibition - currently on display in homes, on arms, fingers, and furniture, all across the world.

Since Warhol's content employed mass marketing images, like the Campbell's soup cans, his artwork was readily identifiable.

Even persons who failed to grasp a sophisticated recognition of his content and the purposeful direction of his art could identify with the imagery. It was frequently as common as the cans on their pantry shelves back in the 1950s and 60s.

This lens presents a valued selection of Andy Warhol designs on wristwatches for sale here. Get your own Andy Warhol Pop Art watch, below.

Those who prefer a traditional venue can find Andy Warhol Art in two museums, and in collections worldwide.

Pittsburg's Andy Warhol Museum sports the grandest size of any American museum devoted to a single artist. Travelers will enjoy the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Medzilaborce, Slovakia, home of Warhol's parents, who later immigrated to the United States, where Andy Warhol was born (in Philadelphia).

All photos from Amazon unless specifically noted

Andy Warhol Said

“POPism (is) when you do something exactly wrong, you always turn up something”

Contemporary Cool Andy Warhol Watch

The artist began experimenting with a type of screening he developed himself while still a commercial art student at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He would later carry the simplicity of his style of picture making to the simple extreme.

Pop Watch with Brown Band and Orange Bezel
Pop Watch with Brown Band and Orange Bezel

Sleek designer styling is a standout.


Warhol Factory Collection

The Factory was Warhol's nickname for his studio. Perhaps it was a play on the repetitive nature of his art. After all, with a silkscreen or photographic equipment, one can create numerous images that look like true replicas, one of the other.

He co-opted the shapes of items that sometimes seemed in funny juxtapositions to their multiples, and to the original source from which he developed the image.

A regular character in much of his work, a big red sofa was a prominent and well-known occupant of his Factory, location of his art studio in New York.

He also placed the red sofa in his films and it was included in at least magazine shot.

Andy Warhol Unisex ANDY044 The Factory Collection Watch
Andy Warhol Unisex ANDY044 The Factory Collection Watch

Wear a piece of Andy Warhol's artwork on the inner side of the watchband.


Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh
Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

Museum Opened in 1994

The Andy Warhol Museum is located at 117 Sandusky St, in Philadelphia, PA. It is a repository for a varied assortment of articles from his life, in addition to a remarkable collection of works of his art.

Warhol referenced actual items from everyday and commercial life in his designs, and much of them can be viewed in the collection.

The photograph to the right shows a display not unlike so many of his works that were comprised of repetitions on a theme. This theme is Andy Warhol himself, as pictured on the covers of magazines that featured interviews with him.

photo credit: Cover Shots

Mammoth Chronograph Warhol Watch

The Fifteens Men's Watch with Silver Band and Black Dial
The Fifteens Men's Watch with Silver Band and Black Dial

Give him this remarkable watch to remind him that he's a star in your life.


Brilliant Magenta Andy Warhol Watch

He was born in Pittsburgh, PA, with the name of Andrew Warhola.

His parents came from Czechoslovakia.

Andy Warhol Andy055 Nothing Special Watch

In the 1950s Andy Warhol entered the Pop Art scene with a real smash. At the same time he continued to work as a graphic artist, then called commercial artist, for which he earned a degree in 1949.

Andy Warhol Andy055 Nothing Special Watch
Andy Warhol Andy055 Nothing Special Watch

Wear your dentures on your wrist. Make a statement with teeth!


Andy Warhol - The Man - Get The Poster

Always a sort of lackluster man in her personal aspect, with the exception of his stand-out grey hair, Andy Warhol did cut a remarkable portrait.

He was generally quiet, and never seemed to have much to say, with his mouth. However, his work had so much to say, it kept saying it again and again and again.

Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol

This stunning portrait dares you to make something out of it. The dare's in the stare.


Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art

Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art
Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art

photo credit for above picture: Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art

Time Capsules In The Museum

Beginning in 1974 Warhol practiced a sort of historical rendition of whatever piece of printed matter and reference material landed on his studio desk.

He assigned this material to a waiting cardboard box that sat on the floor next to his desk. Eventually full to the top, each box was taped shut and labeled with the date, to be hauled off to a storeroom.

The museum contains 612 filled Time Capsules.

Super Savings on Warhol Watches

The man turned the mundane into High Art, especially when he repeated himself, to do it over and over again.

Stylish Warhol Watches

In...your...face! Warhol took a simple object and broke it down into its essence, and then he reproduced it as basically big and bold. Simple to the max!

The Andy Warhol Collection Catalog

His friends gave him a nickname, a melding of Cinderella and Dracula, in reverse. Songs for Dreila immoralized the artist in songs by Lou Reed, after his unexpected death from what we would think of today, as matter-of-fact - gallbladder surgery.

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