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Angel Perfume Thierry Mugler

Updated on November 8, 2012

Wearing Angel -The paraxodical and contrasted fragrance

Thierry Mugler expressed the unique futuristic artistic vision in the elegance and simplicity of his conceptions exploring the fashion design but also the olfactory senses being the creator of the perfume called Angel.

When I first sampled the perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler at a Sephora shop, I felt a spicy pine trees smell which reminded me of Christmas tree. The spicy effect of perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler was very strong on me as it had a tenuous birthday cake smell as well and didn't know whether to like or not. After reading a few angel perfume reviews, while I was walking around in a perfume shop, discovered a new smooth and creamy smell perfect for the colder days.

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Discovering and rediscovering the Thierry Mugler perfume

Even though I don't advocate the online purchasing as the Angel perfume has been copied so much and there is a chance to find a similar smell on the streets from many women, I still find that this perfume has its own versatile character.

After reading several Angel perfume reviews, I found out that it can be worn lightly and still can fascinate anyone for the memorable cool smell. The alien fragrance in Mugler's perfume is in a strangest way masculine and I found it in the first place not very suitable for every day wear but trying it after a few years rediscovered the sweet smell of vanilla, tropical fruits and the patchouli note giving its feminine contracts.

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Strong scent of patchouli and the alien fragrance

As many people consider, the Alien angel perfume is not just a typical parfume and you can either like or not like it. I have received one day for Christmas the Alien perfume gift set with the mysterious fragrance and found a new tone of soft passionate smell of floral amber.

As the first Alien Angel perfume I have smelled, the patchouli ingredient is still consistent in other Thierry Mugler perfumes being the base of if, having the intention of bringing the serenity and the hope of the one who wears it. The chemicals used in his perfumes are also used in aroma-therapy bringing an interesting experience for the one who wears it.

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The claims of unsafe cosmetic ingredient in the Alien Angel Perfume

The Alien Angel Perfume has been suspected though as having some potential unhealthy effects for the pregnant women due to the Coumarin ingredient from this perfume as well as some respiratory irritants which can cause undesired results when being used for a long time.

This off course can be disadvantageous for this perfume reputation taking in consideration that Thierry Mugler brand has been recognized as a perfume legend many comparing it with the N°5 Coco Chanel. So far there haven’t been any answers from the brand and some of the specialist consider it that the alien fragrance doesn’t have any major effect for the health.

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The bottle design and the artistic impression

Thierry Mugler is considered by many as being a famous French designer known for the urban style of his many fashion creations, recognizable for the modern and dynamic looks which he has applied not only in his fashion shows, musical concerts, operas, theatres, creating also costumes for celebrities such as George Michael, Beyonce, Demi Moore, Robert Altman etc. but also being the perfume creator of the Angel collection.

The icon bottle comes in blue fragrance color in the alien perfume gift set with two stars: the shooting star and the nomadic star. The design was created in collaboration with Brosse Master Glassmakers so the blue colored perfume is enc laved in a clear glass. The new idea of the perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler is to refill it every time you want with other perfumes from the Angel collection and keep it as something beloved.

As in his fashions where Mugler wanted to shape the woman with a glamorous exterior, the Alien angel perfume has the specific innovative design. He also used the art of the craftsman along with the modern industry opening the perfume Angel Thierry Mugler for the general public. The engraved style as well as the perfume fragrance is inspired by the solar system aiming to produce the tranquility and the balance, as well as the dynamism of a futurist world.


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Extremely Unique Thierry Mugler Perfumes

These are very rare and limited edition!

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Did you ever use Thierry Mugler products and what do you think of them?

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    • Glenda Motsavage profile image

      Glenda Motsavage 4 years ago from The Sunshine State

      My daughter loves the original Angel Perfume. It's on her Christmas list every year!

    • malena10 profile image

      malena10 4 years ago

      I love this Angel perfume, smell so nice!

    • Mami Design profile image

      Mami Design 4 years ago

      @sailor_man: That is not a problem because the ranks didn't refresh yet. Will in about a half an hour :).

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      sailor_man 4 years ago

      Tilen you something is not right. when the lens is made rank shall not exceed 300,000