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Angel Christmas Cards

Updated on October 27, 2015

Angels Christmas Cards and Different Styles of Angels

Since I'm a fan of fantasy literature and images, it's somewhat shocking to see angels of Christmas displayed so effeminately, while the angels, in most cases, of fantasy, are very powerful and masculine looking. All of the angels in the Bible are also revealed in masculine form.

It seems the difference is the peace and joy we connect to Christmas, and so possibly a more feminine interpretation. It's not that it really matters, as the two genres represent completely different stories and messages, and so the images portraying them obviously have to as well.

Nonetheless, angels are fascinating creatures, and it's very interesting to see how how they're imagined by those illustrating or painting them.

In the case of angel Christmas cards, while similar in regard to femininity, are very different in the variety of scenes they're embedded in, along with colors used to interpret them.

Either way, angel Christmas cards will always have a place in the holiday, as there was enormous activity at the birth of Christ that involved angels.

Angel Playing Flageolet Christmas Card

When first looking at this angel Christmas card playing the flageolet, it was soothing immediately, and you could feel yourself sitting there mesmerized by the music.

Another part of the card I enjoyed was the gold colors, which give the sense that the angel is playing in the presence of divinity. Nice effect.

Angel Christmas Card Playing Instrument

Angel Holding Baby Jesus in Cloud Christmas Card

The imagery in this angel Christmas card is very subtle but powerful. Of course the fact that the angel is carrying Him in the clouds speaks of where Jesus came from, seeming to imply this was like the seed of God coming down to Mary. The hovering of the dove above the angel speaks of the Holy Spirit watching over the event.

This is definitely a vintage Christmas card depicting the angel holding Jesus.

Concerning the writing on the bottom of the card, it's German for Merry Christmas.

Angel Christmas Card

My immediate response upon seeing this angel Christmas card was I really was taken with the dark blue background. I also like how the angel seems to be gliding while it holds the strand of what appears to be ivy. Nice effect.

Olive Green Angel Christmas Card

I like the nice touch of olive green and the word peace on the card as the angel carries the olive branch around. A very different type of angel Christmas card, and I really like how it was designed.

Angel Christmas Card with Angel Sitting between Lion and Lamb

The red color of the angel's garments stand out nicely in this card, as the lion and the lamb look to lie together, as spoken of in the Bible. What a great scene and visual. Fantastic angel Christmas card with a tremendous meaning.

Angel Gabriel Christmas Card

While I don't imagine the angel Gabriel looking like this, I still like the photo being attributed to him, carrying the lily and the dove representing the Holy Spirit overhead. It seems he's announcing the coming of Jesus.

Christmas Card of the Angel Gabriel

Wonderful Angel Christmas Cards

Although, as I said in my introduction, I prefer angels that look like they would in a fantasy story or Biblical depictions, these are still very nice angel Christmas cards representing the time when Christ was coming into the world with a promise of peace to men of good will.


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      YaYaNuge 6 years ago

      Where can I find Christmas cards with the fabulous image of angel Gabriel above?