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Heavenly Angel Costumes

Updated on June 30, 2014

Angel Costumes for Halloween and Cosplay

Angel costumes are a lot of fun to wear, as the array of choices for angels of the heavenly type are extensive, and there's something for everyone, including adults, children, and even a pet that we may think of as a saint.

The other side of that is the dark or fallen angels, which some people like to show up as together, and in some cases a good angel and its nemesis the devil will sometimes show up together at a costume party to contrast the two beings.

In those cases the good angels are always dressed primarily in white, and of course the devil costume will usually be red because it's the way many people imagine him to be, even if it's not based in reality at all.

This article we'll focus on the good angels and the many costumes chosen to wear, with almost all of them being the choice of the ladies. That is the major focus for angel costumes, whether homemade or boughten.

Angel costumes are normally white in color, although some are made with darker colors while incorporating white wings to be sure to let the viewer know which particular set of angels they're representing.

But even here there can be some naughty angel costumes, as they can be designed with very short dresses, although long, flowing robes are also a very popular angel costume choice as well.

Let's look at some heavenly angel costumes now.

Long, Traditional Angel Costume

We'll begin with what most people imagine what a traditional angel would look like as far as one would appear like when revealing itself.

You get the sense of purity of purpose and motives when viewing an angel costume like this. It would be a great choice in a number of settings.

White, Lengthy Angel Costume


Cute Angel Costume

It's amazing to see how two long angel costumes can look so different, even while they have some similarities, including the choice of wings.

The top angel costume has more of a symmetrical look, while the bottom angel is more curvy looking, mostly from the inclusion of the belt around the waist, as well as the flair at the bottom. The costume above is tapered near the bottom, and looser in the middle.

Also nice with the bottom angel costume is the see-through sleeves, which add a little bit of a mystical look to the costume, going with the heavenly theme.

Going with the platinum hair instead of her own really works well. Very cute. Both are great.

Full-Length Angel Costume


Adorable Angel Tuto Costume for Toddler

For children, especially those in the toddler age range, angel costumes can be absolutely adorable, as confirmed by this very cute costume, which includes a tutu and fluffy little wings. And how wonderful is the little halo on her head? Wonderful photo and costume.

Toddler Angel Costume


Adult Angel Costume

Here we have a completely different angel costume look, this one with some glamour and a much shorter dress to show that some good angels have a naughty side as well.

My favorite part of the costume is actually the high-quality wings, and I like how the silver eye shadow was incorporated into the overall look. For those of you choosing to wear a heavenly angel costume, that's something that will always work well for you.

As for this particular angel costume, it has a very interesting design, with each third of the costume changing patterns. There is the vertical lines of the top; the flat white around the waist; and the white floral pattern of the lower part of the dress. Very nice looking.

Also gorgeous are the puffy, filmy, transparent sleeves. Again, that gives an other-worldly feel to the costume. Just take off the wings and it could be an outfit for other occasions as well.

Angel Costume with Short Dress


Dog Angel Costume

There is probably nothing cuter to human beings when a baby or toddler is dressed up in a cute outfit or costume, but not too far behind it is when a favorite pet is dressed up in a costume, especially if it's a dog, which can include an array of expressions if you catch it right when taking a photo. They can be awesomely compelling and hilarious.

With this doggy angel costume it's more somber, as the photographer captured the dog turning its head right at the right angle, and that seemingly bored or disinterested face does provide a little humor with the costume.

Now who's going to forget pooch when she was dressed up like this?

Pet Angel Costume


Angel Halloween and Cosplay Costumes

Deciding on an angel costume for Halloween or another costume event is a good one, as you can see above. It is surprising, when thinking within the parameters of good angels and white costumes how different the costumes can look and feel.

You could even do a family angel theme if you choose, where you could include the family dog and your children. That would be a fantastic photo op.

Whichever route you may take, showing up as a beautiful angel yourself, or with a couple of little angels as part of your family entourage, you will definitely garner a lot of appreciative and delightful looks from those gazing at your heavenly angel costume.


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