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Angelina Ballerina Girl Gifts

Updated on August 5, 2013

Ballerina Girl Gifts, with Angelina Ballerina

One of the most fun, classic themes that little girls love is that of ballet and ballerinas. Whether your little dancer takes lessons, or not, it is thrilling to dress the part, and turn in circles until you are dizzy! Angelina ballerina is a cute mouse, who loves ballet, and the Angelina ballet theme is perfect for girl gifts at the elementary and pre-school age level. If your daughter is anywhere from age 3 to 8, and loves the ballet, then consider Angelina as a possible gift theme.

There are lots of different gift ideas, but one common benefit is that you can encourage imaginative and active play at the same time! Look for age-appropriate sets, leaving small pieces for older girls. Create a tradition by selecting a different Angelina gift each year. Think about enhancing the doll with a special piece of ballet themed jewelry.

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Angelina Ballerina Girl Gifts: Ballerina Dress Up

Angelina Ballerina Girl Gift Themes: Dress Her Up Like a Ballet Dancer

A tutu alone can make that little ballerina feel like a princess! Add a leotard, and ballet shoes, and the look is complete. A dance bag completes the look, and she's set to go to class, or to do her own choreography! One of my favorite childhood activities was to put together my own programs when I got together with my cousins, and my own little one loves to dress up, and practice!

The Angelina Ballerina dress up outfit above is fun, but if that doesn't suit your daughter, you can find different components to use in a ballet gift theme.

Pink Ballet Slippers-Large
Pink Ballet Slippers-Large

Ballet slippers are so much fun for little girls, and she will probably wear her first pair out over time.

Private Label Girl's Quilted Nylon Dance Duffle Bag with Pink Polka Dot Bow, Black
Private Label Girl's Quilted Nylon Dance Duffle Bag with Pink Polka Dot Bow, Black

A dance bag is especially great if she will be taking lessons at a local studio.


Angelina Gifts: Books and Video

Angelina Ballerina Book Gifts for Girls

Enhance her developing reading skills while you encourage her physical activity in ballet as you scour the library of Angelina Ballerina titles. From experience, if she loves dance, then related reading material is perfect for helping her to practice and improve her verbal and comprehension skills as well.

Angelina Ballerina 25th Anniversary Edition
Angelina Ballerina 25th Anniversary Edition

There are so many options, but you'll find that as you explore this anniversary edition, many more are recommended based on themes like Christmas and other events.


Angelina Ballerina Girl Gifts: DVDs

Not only are DVD's great gifts for ballerina fans, but they are excellent entertainment choices for road trips or for rainy days. Put on a video and have her dress up and dance along. Act out the story with her in order to make things even more fun.

Angelina Ballerina: Nutcracker Sweet
Angelina Ballerina: Nutcracker Sweet

Enjoy the Christmas classic in animated style with Angelina as the star...what a great place to expose her to one of the all time favorite ballets, right at home with a beloved character.


Ballet Bar and Dance Mat

If your daughter loves Angelina Ballerina...

A ballet barre, mat, or combination such as the one featured above, is a great way for her to be able to practice to her heart's content. In my elementary school years, I loved being able to put on a Nevada Dance Theater record, and to improvise and choreograph to my heart's content. I even had the chance to take ballet lessons from the founder of Nevada Dance Theater, though I wasn't great at the art of ballet. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to have the chance to pursue the interest.

My own daughters haven't had the chance to take dance lessons, but they have loved ballet themed toys, including a dance mat with a musical accompaniment.

If you don't find a real barre, the back of a chair works wonderfully!

Angelina Ballerina Girl Gifts: Angelina Dolls

An Angelina Ballerina doll is a fun way to emphasize your daughter's interest, whether in the character, or in the art of ballet. In my experience, a beloved character doll can add lots of fun to bedtime or travel. Additionally, investing in a high-quality keepsake will provide her with ongoing memories of her love of ballet. Years from now, she can share that love with her own daughter, teaching ballet steps or talking about her first dance recital.

Angelina Ballerina Matching Game: Girl Gifts and Games

Most young girls who love characters like Angelina Ballerina also are at a perfect age for memory games. Ballet involves learning steps and memory work is just as important as physical work. Memory match is a fun way to work on those "remembering" skills.

Girl Gifts for Young Ballerinas: Angelina Ballerina Puzzles

Angelina Ballerina Puzzle
Angelina Ballerina Puzzle

Children learn a great deal through putting together jigsaw puzzles, and it's even more fun when it's a familiar character in the scene!


Angelina Ballerina Playsets for Girls

My youngest daughter adores playsets of all types. She loves princesses and ballerinas in small sizes, and she ooohs and aaahs over the tiny characters in miniature sets. Look for fun choices and clever themes that will encourage her creative thought.

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