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Angelina Ballerina Birthday Party Supplies & Theme Ideas

Updated on April 8, 2014

Angelina Ballerina Party Ideas

Find Angelina Ballerina party supplies and ideas for an Angelina Ballerina birthday theme party. Birthday Party favors, decorations, cake and cupcakes, invitations, food, party games and more are featured here.

This theme is perfect for any child who loves the books and the tv shows. However one thing that is almost certain If you are planning on throwing an Angelina Ballerina party theme is that the color pink will play a major factor in the party. Angelina ballerina birthday party supplies are hard to find but If you are ever looking at potential party supplies and you are choosing between something that has pink and something that doesn't have pink, go with pink. If the other one is dusted with gold and comes with a pony, you should still pick the pink one. Angelina Ballerina is all about pink, which makes party planning for this theme just that little bit more easy. Of course Angelina is also a mouse that loves her ballet so many of the ideas will be themed around that too.

Personalized Angelina Ballerina Party Invitations
Personalized Angelina Ballerina Party Invitations

Angelina Ballerina Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

Alright so you know Angelina Ballerina is a mouse that dances and does so with lots of pink. That's pretty much all you need to know to create the perfect Angelina Ballerina party. The first step is to create some Angelina Ballerina invitations. While you can go on Etsy or EBay and find some great personalized and printable Angelina Ballerina birthday invitations,there is something special about making them yourself. Not to mention making these can be a lot cheaper. A Little Loveliness tells you how to make ballerina invitations that look gorgeous by using a few things from your local craft store and your own computer and printer.

Photo Source: TOTI67

Ballerina Hanging Decorations
Ballerina Hanging Decorations

Angelina Ballerina Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Now for some Angelina Ballerina birthday party decorations, remember the pink? This is where you really need to remember pink, and pink and perhaps some roses. So pick up everything pink that you can find, varying shades of pink work best and you can use white and purple accents. Use solid color stremers, balloons, confetti and conventional decorations to spread it all around the party room.

If you want to make sure that there are some specifically tailored Angelina Ballerina decorations rather than just a pink ones, you can go back to your printer and print out pictures and silhouettes of Angelina. This can then be placed on the walls, on the table and where the streamers meet. Your Style Scout came up with this gorgeous room when creating a ballerina themed baby shower. While it will take a little effort, this picture shows just what can be done with lots tutu decorations.

The balls that you see hanging from the ceiling can be made with tissue paper and the doorway could easily be done with streamers to save money. The tutu table could be done by bunching up plastic tablecloths, it may not look quite as nice but it will save a great deal of money. Whether or not you do the tutu table, it will look great with plenty of pink place settings and even some pink treats.

Angelina Ballerina Birthday Party Food Ideas

As Angelina Ballerina party food and treats try making strawberry cupcakes with pink frosting, some cookies and providing a healthy side of strawberries for guests to eat.

Use Sparkling white grape juice and add a few drops of red food color to create a bubbling pink drink that the girls will be sure to love. You can even bring some of the books to life by writing words with icing on strawberry wafers.

Another great idea for sweets would be to dip marshmallows in white chocolate and then drizzle them with white chocolate colored pink with food coloring. Just keep remembering the theme here; as long as it's pink it fits.

Photo source: Julie Elliott

Angelina Ballerina edible cake topper
Angelina Ballerina edible cake topper

Angelina Ballerina Cake Ideas

For Angelina Ballerina cake decorations, EBay has plenty of personalized edible Angelina Ballerina cake toppers to choose from. These toppers are perfect for making a professional looking cake without all the hassle of doing it yourself or paying a bakery to do it for you. For most of the toppers you just need to make a regular rectangle cake, but some of them are perfect for circle cakes as well.

To keep with the pink theme you can use strawberry cake mix or add some red food coloring to your cake batter.

It should be noted that there are plenty of stunning Angelina Ballerina birthday cakes made by professional bakers, so if you are willing to spend the extra money on a professional cake, it may be well worth it.

How to Make Angelina Ballerina Cake

Ballerina Cake and Cupcake Toppers

Ballet Slippers Cake Toppers
Ballet Slippers Cake Toppers

This ballet Slipper cake topper would look great when placed on a pink frosted cake. The ballet slipper topper can also be used as a christmas tree ornament or charm after the party.

12-Count Cupcake Pick Decorations and Baking Cup Wrappers, Tutu Much Fun
12-Count Cupcake Pick Decorations and Baking Cup Wrappers, Tutu Much Fun

These adorable cupcake ballerina picks are just right for this theme. As in the picture all thats needed is a cupcake to pop in into aside from that you can further decorate your cupcake with purple or pink frosting just to make it stand out a little more.


Angelina Ballerina Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

Now when it's time for the little dancers to leave, you want to make sure that you send them home with some fun Angelina Ballerina birthday party favors that they are sure to remember. For something a little special make little tutus for all the girls out of tulle. MomDot features a great tutorial on how to make them and they will definitely be a huge hit at the party.

Another great idea for favors depending on the age of the guests would be to get a little pink bag and fill it with some child friendly makeup. The girls will love having their own bag of lip gloss and nail polish to give each other makeovers at the party.

Angelina ballerina coloring pages
Angelina ballerina coloring pages

Angelina Ballerina Party Games, Activities and Ideas

As for activities, it should be all about letting the little girls dance and have fun. One of the best ideas for an Angelina Ballerina party activity would be the balloon dance. For this dance you tie balloons to the wrists and ankles of all the girls. The length of the string depends on how long you want the game to last but you also want the girls to be able to reach the balloons. Once everyone has their balloons start the music and have everyone dance. The goal of the game is to pop the balloons of the other girls. The game gets tricky because the girls have to protect their own balloons as well. It can get a little rowdy so make sure you have plenty of space for the girls to really spread out and have some fun.

Free Printable Angelina Ballerina coloring pages are available from a number of places online so they won't be hard to find. (click image to be taken to one source) Once you find the coloring pages you like you can simply print them off and have coloring as a short activity for kids to do at the party. You could even hand these out as favors and crayons or pencils for them to take home as part of the favors.

Ballerina Pinata

Ballet Slipper 18" Pinata Party Supplies
Ballet Slipper 18" Pinata Party Supplies

A ballet slipper pinata - filled with small toys, candy and confetti is a guaranteed hit. This 18" pinata looks good enough to be used as part of the decorations or even a table centerpiece.


Whether you decide to go out and create the frilliest, pinkest party in history or you just keep it fun and simple, your little girl is certain to love her Angelina Ballerina party. The only downside will be living with all that pink, but the smile on the faces of your little one and her friends will make it all worthwhile.

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