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Angry Birds Building Sets for Kids

Updated on October 21, 2012

Have You Seen the Latest Angry Birds Building Sets for Kids?

If Angry Birds teased us last year with a smattering of fun gifts that appealed to kids of all ages, the creators have outdone themselves this year in placing the temperamental fowl before a huge array of parents set on finding fun gifts for kids in popular themes. I really thought certain building sets had nearly disappeared in the stores until I happened through the building sets aisle at my local big box retailer. Lo and behold, Angry Birds K'Nex Sets! Really!

As a mom to four boys, I have to tell you that I though K'Nex had run their course. The huge roller coasters are phenomenal, but my kids are devoted to Legos. Sadly, the K'Nex intrigue wore off a bit. Angry Birds, however, still holds their attention. Enter small building sets with catapults and projectiles: a boy's dream, a mother's nightmare? Maybe not.

I'll feature some of the latest options here. I'll also point out the pros and cons of this sort of gift. There must be guidelines. That said, think about the math and problem solving that will happen with such sets on an intuitive level. Yes, I was a math teacher before I was a Mom!

Read on for my insight and suggestions.

Image credit: Amazon (Angry Birds King Pig Castle - Amazon Exclusive)

Angry Birds Building Sets: Which Kids are you shopping for?

From parents to grandparents, it's fun to find great gifts. Who are you hunting for great gifts for?

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Pros and Cons of Projectile Related Gifts

Angry Birds Building Sets and Catapults?

Catapults are great for providing tangible experience with a basic machine of physics. Kids can play with the concepts of moving closer to or farther away from the target. They can experiment with the idea of more or less force. They can explore angles and parabolas. Fantastic.

Removing the catapult from the game setting, though, a clever boy might look at other potential targets: Mom and Dad, Sister, the family pet, the window...You get the picture. Plastic pieces may not break too much, but you had better think through the potential trials before your physics whiz has a chance.

Set some rules and stick to them...direction catapult may be aimed, etc. Develop consequences for disobedience.Create a gallery for the game to be used in. A large box with top and front cut away can serve as a backboard of sorts to keep excessive force from becoming catastrophic.Play with your child and provide supervision.

There are a lot of expansion sets. to explore, and combining sets can provide you with great capacity for creativity!

Find the latest Angry Birds Building Sets for Kids

Products are always fluctuating, but here, you'll find the latest options for building sets for boys and girls who love the Angry Birds theme.

Angry Birds Star Wars Set for Kids

I just ordered this set for my son's 12th birthday. He loves Star Wars, he's intrigued by Angry Birds. He wants a video game that I won't buy because of its rating, but I'm pretty sure that given his affinity for building sets and the characters, he will have fun with this set. Build the Death Star of plastic Jenga pieces (it actually looks like a pig). Then set the Star Wars characters in place and take aim. Right up my boys' alley. I will be back soon to report on its reception.

Angry Birds Star Wars and Gifts

There are many other products that tie Star Wars and Angry Birds themes together. You'll find many of them displayed below. This is a fun combination, to be certain, and it's something with potential to create a great laugh and a lot of intrigue for your preteen boys.

Angry Birds Building Sets as Stocking Stuffers

K'NEX Angry Birds Blue Bird versus Helmet Pig Set
K'NEX Angry Birds Blue Bird versus Helmet Pig Set

Shown here is one of the Knex Building Sets in the Angry Birds theme, small enough to work beautifully as a stocking filler. It's also great from a price perspective, and these are going on my Christmas list for my three younger boys. Maybe not for my 16 year old, but then again, it might be funny to tuck Angry Birds Gifts in both his and hubby's stockings...he loved the click pen in an Angry Birds theme last year!


Angry Birds Stocking Fillers: - Cars, Angry Birds Building Set Extensions, and More

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