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Angry Birds Party Ideas & Freebies

Updated on May 4, 2015

Everything Angry Birds Party Related is here!!

Angry Birds certainly is a phenomenon! Incredible to see how it took off once the touch screen apple hardware took over the world! It really was the perfect game platform though for touch screen technology and so easy and enjoyable for all ages. And what i love most about it... is the brilliant graphics!!

I would definitely have an Angry Birds party for my son... or for an adult friend for sure... I think the theme is fabulous... and there's so many fun and creative possibilities for creating great party decorations and entertainment!! Whether for kids or adults... an Angry Birds theme is an oh so cool one... and so colorful, quirky and fun... there's endless possibilities for where you can go with the theme!!

Below I myself have created & provided free angry birds clip art, a free angry birds invite and a free instructional on how to make your own edible fondant/gum paste cupcake topper figures. Plus I've sourced heaps of ideas and examples for things like, making your own (DIY) Angry Birds party stuff... as well as offering heaps of buy it now internet gift ideas and party ware. (ie. Angry Birds Cakes, Angry Birds Cupcake Toppers, Angry Birds Cake Toppers, Angry Birds Board Games, Angry Birds Stationery, Angry Birds School Items, Angry Birds Costumes, Angry Birds Masks, Angry Birds Bobble Heads, Angry Birds Sound Plush, Angry Birds Silly Bandz, Angry Birds Puzzles, Angry Birds Stickers... even an Angry Birds Alarm Clock! (sick of reading Angry Birds yet?) plus much more!! )

So just keep scrolling down to discover all the party fun!

Good luck with your fun and fabulous irate feathered friends party! :)

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BEST FREE Angry Birds Digital Scrapbook Clip Art Download Kit

Unbelievably great freebie here!!! (For personal use ONLY)

BRAND NEW from Shery K Designs!!

Shery has so generously offered these free angry birds free digital printables!! Honestly... this pack will be all you need to create a brilliant party!!


- Angry Birds Banner

- 8 Angry Birds Cupcake Toppers

- 4 Angry Birds Clipart,

- 4 Angry Birds CupCake Wrappers,

- 1 Angry Birds Favor Bag,

- 1 Angry Birds Blank Invitation,

- 6 Angry Birds Bag Topper,

- 2 Angry Birds Fonts,

- 4 Angry Birds Printable Digital Papers.


Cute Free Printable Angry Birds Stickers - Courtesy of the Best Gift Idea Blog


Free Angry Birds Clip Art Printable Page - These were made for creating the DIY magnets.


More Free Angry Birds Clip Art PNG

Provided by

Perfect for computer ICONS.

Download stickers here....
Download stickers here.... | Source

Avery printable full page (Letterhead size) stickers - make your own stickers at home - You print directly onto the sticker sheets just like normal paper.

Here's how you make your own printed 'at home' stickers!!

These are a home must have... cause they can save you a fortune! Endless creative uses to make all kinds of stickers/labels for all kinds of purposes!! I'd be lost without a packet always on hand in my office.

And the beauty of these is... they're just one single large sticker sheet... so you print whatever you want on them then cut out and you have your very own unique, one of a kind, home made stickers!!

You can print practically anything at home off the internet and make them into stickers (for personal use only).

I use them for making price stickers, business stickers, cupcake toppers, book labels, laptop stickers, gift tags, name labels... anything and everything really! Whatever you can fit onto a page can be printed out and then cut out to create single stickers. The back is easily removed to create a strong adhesive full color sticker!

Free Angry Birds Wallpaper / Desktop Background Downloads!

Not only could you use these on your computer desktops but you could use them for your parties too!!

Print them out... use them on invites... print them on stickers to use on your party table... cut out just the faces and stick them to balloons, endless opportunities!!


FREE Angry Birds Printable Invite - just for you!

Vector Art by myself (Pip Pip Hooray) - Free for personal use only.

My own design... easily download... just click on the link below the image to be taken to FLICKR to download the largest version which is letterhead (8.5 x 11 inches). You can easily downsize for printing if required.


Here's the FREE Angry Birds Font (TYPE) to download

CLICK HERE for the Angry Birds Free Font
CLICK HERE for the Angry Birds Free Font | Source

Fun, Funny Angry Birds Dress Up Costumes

Free Angry Birds Green Piggies Clip Art

Green Piggies Clip Art Here
Green Piggies Clip Art Here | Source

Here's a FUN and easy DIY Game Tutorial that would be perfect as a party game!

Just click on the link below the photo to view the free tutorial

All you need is old cans and a red ball plus some paint and a paint brush and you'll have yourself a fabulous game in no time!!


Awesome Angry Birds Party Supplies & Goodies

Meredith & Eric made a life size AB Slingshot Game for their son Wyatt


Here's where you can buy the ball...

Step by Step Blog Tutorial of how to make an Angry Birds Pinata - by Khay Mun

Looking for Free Angry Birds Printable Coloring (Color-In) Pages?


More Angry Birds Coloring Pages to choose from

Courtesy of Cool Coloring Pages
Courtesy of Cool Coloring Pages | Source

Free Angry Birds 2 inch Cupcake Toppers Printable

Use a 2 inch hole punch to get perfect round cuts around these stickers.
Use a 2 inch hole punch to get perfect round cuts around these stickers. | Source

DIY - Make Your Own Red Angry Birds - FREE CLIP ART JPEG DOWNLOAD

I created this large clip art jpeg for you to have FREE!

Just print and then cut around the edges to easily stick the face to whatever you want to make your own Red Angry Birds!!

Click here to acess high res jpeg
Click here to acess high res jpeg | Source

And click this link to download the other Angry Birds Cut Outs for Balloons / Lanterns - The templates look exactly like the pictures shown in the photo below.

Courtesy of the Party Animal Blog
Courtesy of the Party Animal Blog | Source

Ideas for using the free printable angry birds face clip art cut outs

Here's some ideas for you to use these great freebies!

Attach to paper lanterns to have adorable angry birds to hang from the ceiling...

Attach it to colored balloons!...

Or attach them to colored paper bags to make very cute goody / favor bags!!

Or print them small and then cut out and stick to colored cups to make angry birds party cups just like these (but waaay cheaper!!)

Here's a fabulous idea!! Make a Piggy Drink Container!!

Fill it with Lime Cordial or Green Soda and then use a piggy print out to stick on the glass drink container! Doesn't have to be as big as this... could just be a 5 litre jug or something??

Doesn't have to be Piggie either... you could have red bird filled with red drink, yellow bird filled with yellow and so on.


The very talented Sweet Sugar Belle shows you step by step how to make awesome Angry Birds and Piggy sugar cookies!!


This is my son's favourite game at the moment!! Highly Recommend for KIDS - So Much Fun... truly wonderful game!!

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game
Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

It's the real life version of the angry birds game!! Knock on Wood Board Game set includes cute little plastic angry birds and cute little green piggies. The kids choose a card and have to make the exact same piggy wood set as shown in the picture. They then have a number of turns to knock down the structure and get the piggies using the slingshot and angry birds!!

Like I said... my son absolutely adores this game and there's a brand new set just out with ICE which I'll be buying very very soon!!


Make your own... then.... EAT THE PIGGIES!! - Easily make your own edible Angry Birds Characters for Partys!!

(when putting together the pieces... use a tiny bit water (easiest is to use a small paint brush dipped in water) if you want them to REALLY stick.)
(when putting together the pieces... use a tiny bit water (easiest is to use a small paint brush dipped in water) if you want them to REALLY stick.) | Source

Angry Birds or Naughty Piggy Cake Ideas and Inspiration



High Quality, Plush, Angry Birds, Head Masks!! - How cool are these??? Brilliant... and so cheap!!

Make Your Own Post It Note Party Banner Decorations!

Here's some brilliant inspiration for decorating the party table. - Debbie & Chris Orwat created this for their daughter's 3rd Birthday Party.

Angry Birds Peanut Butter & Jelly Party Snack Idea

Cut 2 pieces of bread in a circle. Spread peanut butter on one piece of bread and put the other slice on top. Put the strawberry jelly on the outside. Cut 2 feathers out of your scrap bread and spread jelly on it for the feathers. Cut a clementine slice to make his beak. Cut a large marshmallow in half to make his eyes. We cut out a bit from the top and the bottom. Add raisins for the eye brows, pupils, and tail.

So do you enjoy giving piggy's black and blue eyes and exploding them in a poof of smoke?

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      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      I love the idea of making one in the yard. How fun!

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      andrewha 4 years ago

      @CameronPlourde: Haha, same here!

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      If my son had his way he'd own one of everything in this lens! :P

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      Nice lens :D

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      Great lens indeed ^^

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      Pip Gerard 4 years ago

      @angrybirds365: I have a Star Wars Party Page too here... you could just mix some of the ideas together?

    • profile image

      angrybirds365 4 years ago

      i would love to get ideas around an angry birds star wars birthday party for my son. Any tips?

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      @JumpinJake: Thanks very much... appreciate your comment very much.

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      Pip Gerard 4 years ago

      @geeky247: I'm so glad I could help! Hope it's a wonderful party.

    • Pip Gerard profile image

      Pip Gerard 4 years ago

      @geeky247: I'm so glad I could help! Hope it's a wonderful party.

    • JumpinJake profile image

      JumpinJake 4 years ago

      I'm a big fan of angry bird stuff, well done on your blog highlighting them.

    • geeky247 profile image

      Heather Weaver 4 years ago from Colorado

      Wonderful lens. Thanks for the ideas! My daughter is having an Angry Birds party for her 8th birthday!

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      JJMagee 4 years ago

      I love Angry birds!!

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      TarahFlesch 4 years ago

      Nice lens! :)

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      Great post. Enjoyed a lot. Thanks

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      Love this lens :D

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