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Funny Animal Head Costume Masks | Quick Costumes

Updated on September 10, 2014

Show who you really are with a costume mask

A animal costume mask is a cheap and ultra quick way to disguise yourself for any masquerade party.

Take your pick from the animal kingdom and get a zoological face-lift, as this is your chance to show everyone what party creature you really are. This list of animal head masks shown here.

Best selling Horse Head Mask - So popular it has become a mystery. Spooky horse mask..

Why is the horse head mask so incredibly popular? It sells like fresh butter and nobody knows where it all started or why almost everyone wants to wear it.

One reason may be.. because just like Mona Lisa.. the horse head mask has a expression that you can't really put your finger on...

The nr.1 best selling animal head mask

Accoutrements Horse Head Mask
Accoutrements Horse Head Mask

Does the horse mask look surprised? scared? is it laughing, or having an "Aha!" moment? is it hypnotized by something off-screen or out of breath after a long run? Impossible to say, but that expression is a super-bestseller with hundreds of positive reviews.


Cool and Exotic Giraffe Head Mask

Funny giraffe latex head mask
Funny giraffe latex head mask

Ok so the horse is popular, but maybe you are looking for something different and want a unique costume idea? How about disguising yourself as a giraffe. Not many would think of, much less dare go on a masquerade dressed up like this seriously odd animal. It is real, but looks like an alien.

The perfect mask to monkey around in

Chimp Mask / Monkey Mask Full Head Latex Mask Halloween Costume; Standard Size; By Fun World
Chimp Mask / Monkey Mask Full Head Latex Mask Halloween Costume; Standard Size; By Fun World

The best part of choosing to a monkey is that you can fool around all knight and nobody can argue with your right play the ape.

This chimp face mask looks well made.


The Hungry Wolf Mask

The hungry wolf disguise mask
The hungry wolf disguise mask

Where is this one from? The good old Roadrunner TV series? Or from Red Riding Hood? Or is it the Aesop wolf in sheep clothes? Maybe the one from Three Little Pigs?

Just put the wolf face mask on and you can be all of them if you like!

Scary Pig Head Latex Mask
Scary Pig Head Latex Mask

The Naughty Pig Head Mask

Check out the style of this pig costume mask. It has great detail with ears and snout looking realistic.

There is also a good expression wrinkled into this mask with a spooky presence in those eyes that convey.. something.. hunger? political disdain? lust?? total madness?

This pig head mask also seems roomy enough to wear for quite a while during a party.

Sooo.. did you pick a favorite animal mask for costume yet?

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    • Mamabyrd profile image

      Mamabyrd 5 years ago

      Oh my these mask are too funny and a little creepy. I think I like the squirrel head the best.