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Animated Halloween Props and Gadgets

Updated on September 14, 2014
Animated hangman with kicking legs
Animated hangman with kicking legs | Source

Animated Halloween Props have never been more fun!

Animated Halloween Props can bring your Halloween decorating to life with fun, spooky and scary additions to your indoor or outdoor party fun!

Halloween decorating has sure come a long way over the years and each year offers more and more items for you to add to your growing collection.

Each year I try to find more fun and exciting items to add to our Halloween decorating at home and for work. These movable props have made my decorating so much easier, faster and super fun too!

Here you'll find animated hangman, ghosts, the ever popular zombies, pumpkins, a moving magic book and more fun Halloween decorations that will liven up your home for your next party! Kids love this holiday so much too and it's fun to see the look on their faces when your decorations seem to come to life.

(image of Animated Hangman courtesy of and featured below)

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Kicking Legs and Laugh

Animated Hangman Prop
Animated Hangman Prop

Use this spooky animated Halloween decoration on your front porch or in your entry way with a light shining behind it for tricks for the kids coming to your home!


One of my most favorite Halloween Props

I really love the look of this Halloween decoration and think it would be amazingly scary on the front porch as guests enter!

If you have the time you might want to try to make your own.

Just get some old jeans and a flannel shirt, stuff to mimic a body with newspaper or straw.

Use a bunch of newspaper for the head.

Cover that with some burlap or a tea dyed pillowcase.

An old piece of rope around the neck can be used to hang it from your front entryway.

Adding the animation would be the hardest part: Try an animated mechanism or Hope for wind!

Dark Magic Book

Motion sensor slowly and creepily opens this book of magic spells sure to make your kids and guests do a double take!

Animated Ghosts come to life in your yard or on your porch - blowing in the wind!

Or create an animated Halloween inside on your dining table or in the main living room area of your home.

These aren't too scary so the kids will probably enjoy them!

Halloween Animated Zombie Tombstone Prop
Halloween Animated Zombie Tombstone Prop

Plug him in and watch this Zombie scare the neighbors!


Realistic Moving Zombies Scare Me!! - and probably will scare your guests too!

Use these animated characters either in the corner of a dark room with barely a glint of light hitting it or outdoors with a spotlight shining on or near it for that perfect touch of spookiness.

Outside to the side of your walkway or under a tree when guests aren't expecting it would be perfect of course too!

For the Super Handy: Set up a Halloween Animated Skull

Check out the Lunging Zombie!

I don't just like animated Halloween characters but, the ones that lunge out at my guests either in the yard, on my porch or one of my favorite places - right in the entry of my home really scare the pants off of my unsuspecting guests.

If you have a large space you'll be decorating, big animated items can fill any spot pretty well.

We needed big items for our restaurant since we always used the large bar/lounge area.

Think about these types of animation if you're creating your haunted house, are decorating for your Halloween fundraiser, for a school classroom or office space.

© 2012 Cindy

Thanks for sharing any Comments you have about Animated Halloween Props and Gadgets! How do you use them and which are your favorites?

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    • vetochemicals profile image

      Cindy 5 years ago from Pittsburgh Pa

      @askformore lm: Thanks askformore, some of these halloween props and gadgets would be fun for other costume parties as well and so many 'dead' themes people love these days! See you soon. xoxo

    • askformore lm profile image

      askformore lm 5 years ago

      Great Halloween stuff! Some of it can be used all year round.