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Anniversary gifts for Anniversary

Updated on December 29, 2012

Anniversaries are kind of a type of accomplishment for couples. It is a hard thing to keep a marriage going; you'll surely encounter problems along the way. And every anniversary is a milestone for a relationship. And every time you reach a milestone, you should celebrate to give yourself a reward. Part of that reward is giving a present to your partner. Giving gifts during anniversary heightens the romance between the couple on that day.

Thinking of a perfect gift? You're at the right place then. We are here to help you find a good gift to your partner that will surely be appreciated by him/her.

Silver jewelry

this is a perfect gift especially on your 25th anniversary. We suggest that while you are holding her hand and putting the ring on his finger, chant some nice little sweet metaphors or symbolism of that silver jewelry, of how it means to your relationship. You may try "See that sparkle on that jewelry? That is how your love brightens my each and every day, whether it is good or bad." and the like. It may sound cheesy, but it will appeal very romantic to your partner.

Gold jewelry

this is another good gift, especially on your 50th anniversary. Going 50 years is not a joke; and something gold is a beautiful reward. Gold is not only lustrous, it is also strong. Without luster and strength, your togetherness won't be 50 years long. But this gift is not only for 50th anniversaries. If you have plans already of giving this kind of gift early in your relationship, make sure what you will give on your gold anniversary will be the most precious.

Jewellery with gemstone

let's get back to the anniversary symbolisms again. Diamond is a perfect gift on the 10th, 30th and 60th anniversary; and since it's the hardest of all the gemstones, it is also a good present on the 75th anniversary and so on. Pearl is for the 12th; amethyst for the 33rd anniversary; opal for the 34th; jade for the 35th; ruby for the 40th; sapphire for the 45th; and emerald on the 55th.

Okay, now we are out of the jewelry stuff. Let us get into the more practical part, since budget is also a consideration. Remember, you don't need to be lavish all the time. This may be an old tune, but "It's the thought that counts."

Love Songs CD

you can still get romantic on a cheaper price. You can get a copy of an album of your partner's favorite artist, or compile his/her favorite love songs on a CD. You may also include songs that are lyrically perfect to describe your relationship. If you have time, you can make an audio-visual presentation using a favorite love song as the background music. Include slideshows of your pictures and videos together.

CD of a romantic movie— instead of getting into a movie house and watch a movie, why don’t you just give a copy of an old romantic movie? Who would like to keep movie tickets as a remembrance for that particular anniversary? This may be a simple one but at least your partner has something to treasure

Scrapbook/Photo Album

this may require time and creativity, but not as much money as in buying jewelries. Compiling the photos that you’ve got in a stylish way will not fail to make your partner smile. At every glimpse of every photo, a memory is sure to be remembered that will bring a little sparkly smile on your partner’s face.

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