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Anniversary party ideas

Updated on February 2, 2013

Wedding Anniversary Party

Wedding anniversary is one of the occasion for enjoying and party. It is normally one of the great celebration with lot of happiness and cheer in. Guests are normally from closed group and almost everybody has come to celebrate and bless their close friend or relative. So the situation itself will bring the merry and happiness

If you have the privilege of throwing a grand wedding anniversary party for a special couple, then consider yourself honored! Planning this event is a special honor, so use these tips to make it a less stressful and fun endeavor!

1. How much budget do you have?

Like all parties, a wedding anniversary party will not happen if there's no budget! You should already know how much you plan to spend on the party and how much you will a lot for your gift for the couple. But remember that although grand expenses will mean a grand celebration, what matters the most is the sentimental value of what you decide to deliver to the couple.

2. Is it formal or casual?

How well you know the couple comes into this aspect: would they prefer a formal occasion or a casual one? A big formal affair is often paired with milestone wedding anniversaries (think their twenty-fifth, fiftieth, or sixtieth wedding anniversary). But if the family usually likes informal gatherings, then a low-key celebration with the couple’s favorite pastime or hobby will be a good choice.

3. When and where?

The date of the event is one of the most important considerations of any party planner. Always opt that it is on the couple’s anniversary date, unless if they have a special private event on that day or not too many guests will make it on the day itself. If this happens, then plan the party as close as possible to the anniversary date.

4. Who will come?

Because you are planning this party, you will decide who is to be invited. Also take into consideration the couple’s guest list. There may be friends or family members that your special couple want to include in the party, so it is a good idea to draft an informal list of guests so that you know how many people will come. Of course, as with all parties, once you send out the invitations devise a way to count the guests who’ve said they’ll come. That way, you can also plan your budget according to the number of people going.

5. What about food and entertainment?

Catering services are best for formal occasions with many guests. Usually, they are packaged along with the venue rental fee of a restaurant or a hotel. If you're having an informal celebration on the other hand, you can either enlist the help of family members to cook the food, have a pot-luck, or have the guests cook the food themselves! Also, don't forget to mark the special occasion with a cake which can either be homemade or purchased from a bakery.

Again, when it comes to entertainment, it depends on the couple's preferences. For a formal event, we recommend hiring a band, pianist, or DJ that will set the mood for the party. A photographer can also be a good option, especially for couples who love capturing every moment. For informal events, you can just opt for your own sound system that can play music or a projector that will project a video or a slideshow of the couple.

In the end, careful planning will ensure that any wedding anniversary party will be a huge success! Not only will you end up with satisfied guests, but also with a happy couple who will cherish the memories you've given to them on their special day.

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