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Anniversary Wishes

Updated on January 28, 2013

Wedding Anniversary Wishes : Wordings and selection

If you are looking for wedding anniversary messages for Husband, wife, friend or parents, to write in anniversary card then you can have a look at below. You might have bought the wedding anniversary gifts and card. But stumbled on what to write in the card as you are unable to select correct wording or wishes which will truly reflect your feeling in the card. You know it is very important as it makes the relation warmer and lovable. the reciver will look you love and respect if the card wordings are correct. We have to select the card wordings with the type or relation, like wife, husband, friend, parents etc. Whatever may be you can have a look below, and I assure that you will get some message which will radiate your love and care to him. Even if you do not select some you may get an idea and will be able to create yourself. Or else you can join these messages together to make a grand anniversary message

Anniversary Wishes
Anniversary Wishes

Happy Anniversary Wishes for marriage anniversary

Happy Wedding anniversary Wishes For Husband

It is your anniversary and you want to surprise your partner with surprise gift. You have already bought a great anniversary present which will stole his heart for you again. You have shopped around greeting card shop and selected a anniversary card which will make him thrilled and more love and affection will flow to you. But now you are stumbled, can't find a anniversary wishes that will spread your love and affection through the words. You need something special which clearly tells him that you are blessed to get him as husband. But unable to write it.

Happy Anniversary to the sweetest husband in the world

Happy anniversary to my sweet wife

This anniversary is for the most beautiful

Women in my heart, who shared my life

to make it a celebration

Happy anniversary to you dear

You shared my life, No you have added

value and goal to my life

Happy birthday to you

You shared my life, but

I find my life is more beautiful and richer

Even after sharing it with you

Happy anniversary to you

You bought cheers into my life

you bought Happines into my life

You bought love into my life

Happy anniversary my dear

This anniversary wishes is not for only to a great husband,

But also a great Dad, who cares our children.

Happy Anniversary to you my sweet

When you came to my life I was confused

and sad. you guided me and made happy

Happy Anniversary to you my dear

Happiness, Celebration and satisfaction

That is what you are for me

Happy anniversary for you my dear

Sample anniversary Cards

Text with BIG Picture

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