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Apple Costume - Fun Apple Costumes For Kids and Adults

Updated on August 26, 2011

An Eye Catching Apple Costume

Here's a fun selection of apple costumes to choose from for kids and adults. An apple costume is a fun choice, it's bright, bold and if you want to get noticed, you are sure to attract lots of attention in one of these eye catching outfits!

A apple costume is a great outfit for any party, they're easy to wear, comfortable and most of all fun. If you want to turn heads, this is a great costume choice to go for. You'll look good enough to eat!

See below for the cool range of to choose from, there's an apple costume for all! These are affordable costume choices that will have you party ready in minutes! A great costume choice for both kids and adults.

Kids Apple Costume

Only 2 designs to choose from here, but 2 really fun and cute apple costumes. If you want your child to stand out at any party, these are great costume choices that are sure to have them at the center of attention.

The baby apple costume comes in 2 pieces, a bubble body suit and a velcro fastening hat. The bubble body suit fastens with snaps for easy diaper changing.

The older childs apple costume (shown in various sizes) also comes in 2 pieces. You get a foam body suit and a headpiece with a leaf attached.

These are great costumes for kids who are sure to have fun wearing them.

Adult Apple Costume

If you want to walk into a room and have everyone look in your direction, here's a great way to go about it! The traditional apple costume choices are too cool.

The first one listed is a easy to wear, lightweight tunic complete with attached worm glove puppet! It's a really fun apple costume that stands out from the crowd.

The second of the traditional apple costumes is somewhat more rotund! Not quite sure how you'll fare at fitting through doors with this one, but it too cool not to choose! This comes in 2 pieces: the body suit that simply slides over your head and a hat. It's a really great costume choice that is sure to bring about giggles.

The white apple costume comes in 2 pieces, the body suit and hat.

Other costumes listed aren't traditional apple costumes, but they are related. There's the fun bobbing for apples costume, the sexy take on the Snow White look with the Poison Apple Princess costume. Then there's the super cool red apple purse as a party accessory.

Whichever apple costume you go for, you can be sure that you'll be party ready and looking great in no time at all!


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