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★ Funny Practical Jokes | Aprils Fool's Prank Ideas | Office, Home, School & College Pranks ★

Updated on January 16, 2015

Find Your Inner Prankster With These Hilarious Gags!

Whether it's April 1st, Halloween, muck-up day or you just feel like doing a prank for a laugh, this page should give you some fun ideas.

I've listed ideas for tricks to play at home, at work, in the office and at highschool, ranging from the easy and simple to huge pranks which need a lot of effort putting in. I've also displayed videos of some of my favourite flashmob pranks plus the funniest set-ups on TV shows.

I hope you find this page funny, and I also hope you find the cheeky trick you are searching for!

Balloons, Balloons, Everywhere Balloons!

A classic prank.
A classic prank. | Source

TV Pranks & Gags

From 'Just for Laughs' and 'Trigger Happy'.

Prankster Props

These funny pranking props are all so much fun and would also make brilliant little stocking filler gifts:

Hepkat Provisioners Rattlesnake Eggs
Hepkat Provisioners Rattlesnake Eggs
I had one of these as a child and I loved it. All you do is wind the elastic band mechanism until it is tightly wound, then you place it carefully in the envelope marked 'Rattlesnake eggs'. Hand the envelope to your friend and if they try to open it or fiddle with it enough, the mechanism is released and makes a sudden rattling noise - guaranteed to make someone jump!
Novelties Wholesale Fake Parking Tickets-Set of 100
Novelties Wholesale Fake Parking Tickets-Set of 100
'Fun' and 'parking tickets' don't normally go in the same sentence, but these tickets would be fun to leave on your friend's cars - they'll know when they see them up close that they're a joke though, so they won't be worried for long :)
Stink Bombs 12 Boxes
Stink Bombs 12 Boxes
36 of the classic 'stink bombs' are included in this package, to create a massive pong wherever you like!
Reeve and Jones Jokes on You 6 Prank Set
Reeve and Jones Jokes on You 6 Prank Set
Amusing gift box for a little prankster; this product includes a whoopee cushion, a fake bandaged finger, a chewing gum trick, magic ink, a water squirt ring, and of course fake poop!

Prank Ethics

Just a few guidelines for pranking so that you don't get into trouble!

- No illegal pranks!

- No dangerous pranks!

- Don't go too far e.g. probably not a good idea to burst into a friend's house in a ski mask, brandishing an axe!

- Don't use weapons!

- Don't do something to scare someone so much that they call the emergency services!

- Only play pranks on close friends and family!

- Don't litter!

- Don't damage other people's property!

1-15 Ideas


- Buy a lot of small strange items e.g. 20 mini rubber ducks, and plant them in places where the recipient will find them - such as their locker, the toilet, the fridge, on their car, in their pockets, their desk etc. If you want to be naughty, you could plant some embarrassing items instead ;-), or if your victim has a fear of snakes or spiders you could plant fake plastic snakes/spiders.

- Send a weird/over-the-top and anonymous love letter to your victim. Perhaps with romantic gifts too.

- Fill someone's car or cubicle with balloons, boxes, chairs or anything else you can stuff in there!

- Note from the boss/headmaster/principal about a discipline problem that has come to their attention, with a 'please come and see me ASAP' message. You could try to send this to as many different people as possible to make it into a prank on the boss too. Best to only do this with laid-back bosses with a sense of humor though!

- Cover someone's car, cubicle, locker, desk etc completely with post-it notes, newspaper, foil, printed pictures or wrapping paper.

- Fill kitchen cupboards with ping-pong or bouncy balls.

- Make a web of string by wrapping it around everything in a room many times, thus tying everything in the room together. You could do this on a smaller scale with cotton thread wrapped around everything on a desk plus the office chair and desk drawer handles.

- Ice-cubes shoved inside clothes always gets a reaction.

- Put an embarrassing note on the back of your victim's car. Or you could put a 'For Sale' sign on the back for a ridiculously low price - and the victim's phone number too of course!

- Embedding office equipment e.g. staplers inside jello - a classic!

- Wrap everything in Saran wrap/clingfilm - including the toilet obviously.

- Get loads of disposable paper or plastic cups and cover every surface of a room with them - but also fill them with water to make navigating the room rather...tricky. For added interest, staple a block of the cups together.

- Change their screensaver to something embarrassing or incriminating (but don't go too far!)

- If it has snowed recently, pack a thin layer of snow against someone's house doors and windows to make them think they have been snowed in. If there is no snow, you could also print a brick wall print onto large sheets of paper and cover the outside of doors and windows with that instead.

- For someone who lives in your house: put their underwear in the freezer overnight and return them to their drawer just before they wake up. Put the underwear in water and wring it out before you put it in the freezer for an extra hard and frozen result.

Impractical Jokers

I love this show - so funny!

April Fool's Jokes & Flashmobs

16-30 Ideas

- If you're in school, pre-plan with the rest of the class what to do at particular times in the next lesson - for instance at 9:07, everyone put their hand up at exactly the same time (perhaps someone at the front of the class can be the leader of all of the actions), a coughing fit at 9:21, drop a pencil on the floor ar 9:30 etc.

- If someone is a deep sleeper, you can draw on their faces, put shaving foam in their hands or put charcoal on their fingertips.

- Make your own replica parking fine tickets and put them on lots of cars - with an 'April Fools!' message on the back.

- Stick a note on someone's back which reads something like 'I believe in aliens - wink at me if you do too'.

- Organise some friends to follow your victim in single file and imitate everything they do without speaking to them. If you have friends in a band or choir, they can play/sing to them randomly in public in an impromptu performance, then just walk off as if nothing happened.

- You could get a few volunteers who your victim doesn't know and get them to go up to your victim separately at different times of the day and act as though they are a famous celebrity and ask for their autograph. At the end of the day, a bunch of fake paparazzi could shout 'there he/she is!' and run up to them taking lots of pictures and asking Q's. Guaranteed to confuse.

- If someone usually has eggs for breakfast, either glue the eggs to the bottom of the carton, or hard boil them the night before.

- Put tape around the shower head so that water will shoot out at odd angles when the shower is turned on.

- Put your victim's watch and alarm clock forward by an hour or two.

- Put salt on their toothbrush.

- Put a paper cup full of confetti or water on top of a door that is ajar and wait for someone to walk into the room.

- If your victim's bedroom door opens into their room (rather than outwards), then whilst your victim is asleep and the door is shut, tape a newspaper barrier across the outside of the doorway almost up to the top. Push ping pong balls, packing peanuts, crumpled paper etc. through the gap - so when they open the door, they'll get a mini avalanche.

- Attach a magnet to the bottom of a coffee cup (or more than one) and put them on your victim's car so that they end up driving around with the cups still attached.

- If you live in a dorm or house with a few bedroom doors on one corridor, use a length of string to tie all of the door handles together. Then knock on all of the doors.

- Balance a glass of water/beer/other liquid on the back of your hand and say that it's actually physically impossible to do the same with both hands at the same time. Hopefully your friend will take the bait and try it. Then you can leave the room/pub and they won't be able to move.

Funny Gags & Prank Calls

31-45 Ideas


- Put a note on your victim's car which reads 'Sorry about the dent. Call me so we can swap insurance details.' Include a fake name and number and hide nearby to watch your victim search for a dent.

- Replace the liquid soap in the soap dispenser with fake tan, syrup, or add food colouring to a small amount of the existing soap.

- Borrow a few of your victim's belongings. Take a photograph of one item in an easily-identified location and mail the photo to your victim (perhaps with a ransom-style note with cut out letters and words from a magazine to spell out a message like 'We have kidnapped your pencil case. Find it within 24 hours or your pencil case gets it!'). When they go to the location shown in the picture, you will have left the item (e.g. pencil case) plus a photo of the next item in a different location. Carry on the trail until the last item is found and you can leave a message saying 'April Fools!'

- The night before April Fool's day, take your victim's toothbrush and place it in an airtight plastic bag full of water. Leave it in the freezer overnight and in the morning take it out and put the ice block where the toothbrush is usually kept. Or if their toothbrush is usually kept in a cup, fill the cup with water and put the cup with the toothbrush and water in the freezer.

- Put a small water balloon in their pillowcase.

- Get some hair extensions the same colour as your victim's hair and put them around their head as they sleep.

- Make some photocopies of just a paperclip and put those copies back into the paper tray of the photocopier. People will think there is a paperclip stuck in the machine.

- Borrow all of the victim's pens and replace them with cheap pens that have either had the caps glued on or had clear nail polish painted over the tips.

- Leave a phone message for the victim that says that a 'Mr Lyon/Mr Behr/Mrs Draff' called, and would like you to call them back soon. Then give the phone number of the local zoo.

- Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel and find 'Mouse' on the list. Double click. You can switch the primary and secondary buttons of the mouse around here, as well as slowing the pointer speed down under 'Pointer Options'.

- Serve a miniature April Fool's day breakfast by cooking a tiny slice of bacon, a quail's egg, perhaps a few baked beans and a small slice of toast. Put them on a big plate and serve with a shot glass of orange juice, a towel as a napkin and large knives and forks.

- If you are in school/college, you could organise a 'flashmob' music concert in secret - get a school rock band to agree to set up somewhere pre-planned and then at a particular time, everyone has to go to that place and rock out at full volume! For full effect, do it mid-lesson.

- Get all the girls in the school year to donate old bras and hang them from the trees in the ground, and in loads of random places.

- Put an ad in the newspaper; lots of potential for this, including advertising that your school is for sale, and putting your friends in the 'lonely hearts' column. Someone at my school put up an auction on Ebay for the very expensive school sculpture!

Lecture Hall Pranks

More Ideas

Hundreds of cups of water in an office :)
Hundreds of cups of water in an office :) | Source

- Put liquid soap on the door knobs.

- Make people jump with scary masks and fancy dress, film their reactions and post the videos on Youtube!

- Make new 'Push' and 'Pull' door signs, then put them over existing ones so that they're the wrong way around - just to confuse people all day.

- Hide people's family photos at work and replace them with photos of random TV stars, celebrities or historical figures. Perhaps make a 'shrine' to a particularly embarrassing famous figure, or to a work colleague.

- Move someone's possessions slightly everyday - perhaps a bit more obviously each time until you end of making a huge change like reversing everything on their desk, moving the desk to the other side of the room or covering everything in newspaper.

- Order random, bizarre and cheap items off the Internet and have them sent directly to your victim. If you buy the items off Ebay, contact the sellers to tell them not to include an invoice - and you also ask if they could include a message inside.

- Pay someone to serenade your victim as a surprise, but have the song contain someone else's name - then the serenader realises at the end that they have got the wrong address. Or you could get someone to deliver an envelope with 'April Fools!' written inside, after singing or half-stripping in front of your victim.

- Stuff shredded paper into someone's closed umbrella so they'll get a surprise when they open it.

- Write an official-looking letter which talks about the latest 'mission' and includes secret details (think James Bond or Mission Impossible) - and don't forget to write on the bottom that the letter must be kept confidential and must be destroyed immediately. The victim will be baffled at why it has been sent to them.

- If your friend is throwing a fancy dress party, find out what costume they are going to wear and get every guest to come as the exact same thing - then pretend it was coincidence!

- If your girlfriend has a sense of humour, try this gift prank.

- Sew up the fly of your boyfriend's underwear or pants with a temporary running stitch.

- Put a couple drops of (non-flavored) food coloring in the milk - but this works best if the milk carton is NOT see-through.

Are you usually the practical joker or the victim?

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