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Archie Comics Costumes for the Whole Gang!

Updated on October 28, 2012

Dress your Group in an Archie Costume!

Dress your group up as Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Reggie and the rest of the gang on your next costume party! Every character has a distinct fashion sense and personality, so it's the perfect group Halloween costume. The five main characters also have a band called The Archies, so you can also go with musical instruments to carry out that theme.

Aside from these five characters, there are a LOT more memorable characters to choose from - Ethel, Dilton, Midge, Moose, Chuck, Cheryl Blossom, Principal Weatherbee, Miss Grundy; and then there are the offshoot comic book characters like the Josie and the Pussycats or Lil Jinx. The sky's the limit to the size and age of your group!

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Archie Andrews - The Red-haired, freckle-faced Star

Archie Andrews, the carrot-head as Reggie calls him, is a clumsy guy in the small town of Riverdale - generally a nice sort of fellow. His Achilles heel is women - he goes gaga over attractive females, especially the rich Veronica Lodge and the sweet All-American Betty Cooper. He's perfect to follow as a costume because his outfit and face is very distinct. For the face - red hair, freckles; for the outfit - his trademark "R" pullover vest, checkered trousers, and bow tie. Women can also dress up as female counterparts of Archie Andrews - a cute idea.

You might not want to break anything in the interest of getting into character during your costume party ;)

Archie Andrews History - The Evolution of the Redhead

Archie Andrews History
Archie Andrews History

Check out how Archie Andrews has looked over the years!

Jughead Jones - Archie's Best Bud. Voracious Eater Extraodinaire.

Jughead, or formally Forsythe Jones, is another very memorable comic book character. Despite being Archie's right hand man, the red head's love for females has never rubbed on Jughead. In fact, he happens to dislike women, and prefers to be in the company of food itself... a lot of it. Luckily for him, he never gains any weight from the overeating.

The most prominent features of Jughead is his long nose, his odd looking hat / crown, and his shirt - which has a mysterious letter S on it, a secret that has yet to be revealed up to this day... You can bring Jughead's fave food, a fake hamburger, to the costume party to get a few laughs.

Again, it will be a cute idea for the ladies to wear a Jughead-type of costume.

Reggie Mantle - The Handsome Walking Ego

Reggie Mantle is the egotistical, rude guy in the story, who loves pulling pranks that are only meant to embarrass and not harm. While he is often portrayed as the bad guy, he at least does not trifle with the feelings of two women at the same time (like Archie does) and act like he's totally innocent. Reggie is also very often seen trying to get the affections of Midge and always ends up getting the end of Moose's fist as a result! Perhaps he likes the element of danger.

Reggie does not have features that are as distinct as Archie's and Jughead's; however, one must remember that this brunette has a good fashion sense, so this is a great place to start. To get the narcissistic point across, bring a comb and a mirror, and bring the self-assured cocky attitude. As long as you go to the party with any of the other more distinguishable Archie comic characters, people will have no trouble pegging you as Reggie at the costume party.

The Many Hairstyles of Reggie Mantle - One of the first Metrosexuals

Reggie Mantle's Hair Styles
Reggie Mantle's Hair Styles

Some say that Reggie Mantle even sported a ponytail before! Do message me if you find one of those!

Betty Cooper - Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Betty Cooper is the blond with a big heart. She is hopelessly in love with Archie, but Archie unwittingly takes her generosity for granted, even using it to help him win Veronica's affections.

Betty's hair is normally in a ponytail. She has a nice American Sweetheart kind of fashion sense, and I would suggest wearing a nice pink baby tee, and tight jeans, but you can really go ahead with whatever outfit you want. Just make sure the outfit is something simple (not expensive looking) yet stylish at the same time. To get into character even more, consider wearing the "I Love Redheads" top below!

Veronica Lodge - Little Miss Popular

Veronica is the absolutely popular, gorgeous, rich (often snobbish) brunette. All the guys go head over heels for her, but she has her eyes set on Archie Andrews (there are also a few instances where she has shown interest in Reggie Mantle). She has a strange friendship with Betty - while they're best friends (and we see rare instances when Veronica goes out of her way to help Betty out), they also have the eye on the same carrot top boy, so their friendship gets pretty complicated.

To get the Veronica Lodge costume perfect, make sure you choose a very expensive looking outfit (think Gossip Girl!), and a very sleek looking black wig. Consider a red dress - she loves attracting attention after all and some sparkly jewelry. Also, consider bringing some play money with you and flaunt it around.

Veronica Lodge through the Years - How her Look has Evolved

Veronica Lodge - from Retro to Modern
Veronica Lodge - from Retro to Modern

Check out how Veronica came to look like how she is today!

The Archies Band - Take your Archies Group Costume to the Next Level

The Archies Band
The Archies Band

If you're a band in real life, why not dress up as a band at the costume party as well! Here's the band line-up: Jughead is the drummer, Archie is the lead guitarist and vocalist, Reggie is the bassist, Veronica is the keyboardist, Betty plays the tambourine, Hotdog is the adorable conductor!

Just a trivia: one of their most popular hits was "Sugar, Sugar", sung by Ron Dante - listen to it below!

The Original 1969 Music Video of The Archies! - With a Cameo from Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Watch The Archies perform "Sugar, Sugar"!

The Archie-Betty-Veronica Love Triangle - What's your Stand?

Betty loves Archie. Veronica loves Archie. And Archie can't decide between the two! What's your stand on this? Who should Archie pick?

Who should Archie end up with?

Some Archie DVDs and Comics - Shop Online!

Archie Comic Characters - The Main Cast

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Archie AndrewsBetty CooperJughead JonesReggie MantleVeronica LodgeThe Archie Love Triangle
Archie Andrews
Archie Andrews
Betty Cooper
Betty Cooper
Jughead Jones
Jughead Jones
Reggie Mantle
Reggie Mantle
Veronica Lodge
Veronica Lodge
The Archie Love Triangle
The Archie Love Triangle

Talk about the characters, the hopeless love triangle, your dream Archie comic movie cast, your costume plans... anything!

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