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Art Deco Diamond Rings

Updated on February 20, 2013

Art Deco Diamond Rings are Romantic Gifts

For a vintage look that never goes out of style, art deco diamond rings are the perfect choice. Any one of these elegant rings is sure to please your lady on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, or just because you love her. And, yes, this timeless style is perfect for an engagement or wedding ring.

The art deco movement began within the Industrial Age, featuring crisp lines, geometric shapes, and machined details of that time. The period between 1920 and 1935 brought innovation to gem cutting, allowing jewelers to use more complex diamond shapes like marquise and emerald cuts along with traditional round solitaires. The settings tend to show more metal than today's rings, with fewer large stones - which means art deco diamond rings can be more affordable than you might expect.

If you're truly budget-minded, consider an art deco ring using diamond simulants. Recent developments in growing simulated diamonds have produced gemstones that rival natural stones in clarity, color, and sparkle. At prices as much as one-tenth of a setting with natural diamonds, a ring of cubic zirconia (CZ) may allow you to purchase an elaborate ring with more stones. If you purchase a CZ ring for a gift, be sure to reveal the truth about the ring to the recipient. Diamond simulants are so perfect, they are easily mistaken for natural stones.

The Art Deco Diamond Ring available at

Art Deco Diamond Ring 14K White Gold

Vintage Halo Art Deco Diamond Ring

Round Cut Antique Style Art Deco Diamond Ring

Oval Cut Art Deco Diamond Ring

Platinum Art Deco Diamond Ring

Round Cut Art Deco Diamond Ring With Filigree

Video: The Difference Between Edwardian and Art Deco

Mabel's Fancy Art Deco CZ Ring

Bling Jewelry Amethyst Color Art Deco CZ Ring

Chantilly's Art Deco CZ Ring

Signy's Art Deco CZ Ring

Megan's Garnet Red Art Deco CZ Ring

Sterling Silver Filigree Art Deco Cubic Zirconia Ring

Real or Simulant?

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