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Decorative Birds Nests

Updated on July 14, 2013

These Birds Nests Decorations Really Are Gorgeous!

Decorating with birds nests gets ever more popular. As interest has grown in this craft, the artistry of ready decorated nests has reached new heights. At the same time, the range of birds nest craft materials available has increased hugely. So now anyone who loves bird nest craft is spoilt for choice.

Stay on this page for the loveliest, ready made birds nests decorations on the market. They are just perfect for any birds nest themed event, including weddings, baby showers and all the times you want to celebrate nature, new life and new beginnings.

If you want to make your own birds nests then you need to click through to Making Birds Nests Crafts. It has easy to follow pictures showing you exactly how to make and decorate a nest, along with some good tips and ideas for nest theme projects.

If you are looking for the basic materials with which to make birds nests, and accessories like artificial bird eggs and pretty little birds, then you need to click through to Bird Nest Craft Materials, for crafting materials.

The nests on this page really are the best I've seen for sale. Each nest is a little work of art. They bring a touch of real beauty to any table setting, and afterwards your guests will love to take them home and keep them as a momento of the day.

You'll find designs with moss, leaves, eggs, birds and flowers, carefully crafted into wreaths, swags, garlands and table centerpieces in single and multi packs. I hope you enjoy this collection of decorated artificial birds nests as much as I have enjoyed gathering them together here.

Detail from Melrose Wild Flower Garland with Artificial Birds Nest and Eggs, 48-Inch

Mini Birds Nest With Ferns And Berries

So delicate, so pretty.

This bird nest decoration is just stunning. It makes a fabulous table decoration or entrance display. It's made by Silk Plants Direct, who are so well known for their like-like artificial flower arrangements.

Mini Fern and Berry Bird Nest Check Availability

Spring Serenity Decorative Artificial Twig Bird Nests With Eggs (Pack of 6 ) Size 6.5"Check Availability

Mini Birds Nests With Green Leaves, Full Of Eggs

You can use these little artificial nests just as they are, add your own decorations, or turn them into favor holders by adding small gifts.

These nests come in packs of 6 and 12. Make sure you select the corrrect size for your needs. They come supplied with artificial bird eggs. Note that all the eggs are displayed in one nest for display purposes.

Silk Plants Direct Mini Leaf Bird Nest (Pack of 12) Size: 6"Check Availability

Silk Plants Direct Mini Leaf Bird Nest (Pack of 24) Size: 3"Check Availability

Birds Nests Decoration : Double Nest With Grapevine, Leaves And Eggs

This is so gorgeous, I want to incorporate it into so many different table layouts. The double nest is really unusual, and the artistry that's gone into the design and construction makes this an outstanding piece of bird nest decor.

Grapevine & Leaves Song Bird Double Nest with Eggs Decorative, 17 inches x 9.5 inches x 11 inchesCheck Availability

Decorating With Birds Nests Is Increasingly Popular - If you want birds nest decorations for your wedding, here's how to do it:

If you want the tables dressed with artificial birds nests, you can keep the costs down by selecting a few of the more expensive ones for main and top tables, and choose simpler ones for everywhere else. This works really well, as it makes the really special ones stand out even more.

If you are feeling artistic you can scatter additional small eggs, moss and flowers on the tables.

If you want to give each guest a nest containing a wedding favor or party favor, then choose small and simple designs.

Daisy & Lavender Floral Spring Grapevine Artificial Wreath

Hang it on the door, the wall or over a large mirror. Fresh and spring like: just lovely.

This wreath is going to look fabulous against a white background.

Daisy & Lavender Floral Spring Grapevine Artificial Wreath with Birds NestCheck Availability

Birds Nest And Ivy Door Garland

Another swag that will make a wonderful holiday table decoration.

Place the 2 swags end to end for one very long table, or drape the two together for a fabulous smaller table decoration. You could also use this along a handrail or entwined up a flight of stairs.

Bird's Nest Ivy Door swag (Pack of of 2) Size 40"Check Availability

Mini Birds Nests With Wildflower Decoration

An elegant mini bird's nest with flowers and eggs.

Some nest decorations come moulded onto a post. This is particularly useful if you want to rest a nest securely within a bouquet or flower arrangement. It also means that you can fix nests into flowerpots, cakes, and whatever you might think of safely.

Slot these into flower arrangements, or just enjoy them just as they are. The stakes allow you to secure them safely into all sorts of arrangements and materials, but they can always be snipped off if you want to sit the nests directly on the table.

These life-like and generously decorated artificial birds nests are designed to slot into vase arrangements but they look perfect on their own as well.

Silk Plants Direct Mini Astilbe, Daisy and Fern (Pack of 12) Size:16"Check Availability

Artificial Geranium Raspberry Birds Nest Wreaths ( Pack of 2 ) Size 20"

The garden comes into the house!

A wonderful summer mix of raspberries, daisies, geraniums and ivy all entwined on a natural grapevine wreath base.

Artificial Geranium Raspberry Birds Nest Wreaths ( Pack of 2 ) Size 20"Check Availability

An Artificial Birds Nest And Wild Flower Garland

This garland also makes a stunning table runner.

Dressing long tables can be tricky: this long swag, with its spring flowers and faux nests with little blue eggs is just perfect. Run it along the length of the table right down the centre for a really pretty effect.

Melrose Wild Flower Garland with Bird Nest's and Eggs, 48-Inch

Artificial Poppy, Wild Flower, Vine and Bird's Nest Wreaths (Pack of 2) Size 22"Check Availability

Wild Earth Poppy Candle Rings with Bird's Nest ( Set of 6) Size 9" Fits 3-Inch CandleCheck Availability

Set of 12 Ceramic Robin bird small Faux Bird's Eggs - Blue with Brown SpotsCHECK PRICE

Michel Design Works Memento Box With NotecardsCHECK PRICE

Michel Design Works Birds Nest Blank Inside Slip Box Note CardsCHECK PRICE

Bird's Nest With 8 Decorative Hand-painted Eggs Size: 10"CHECK PRICE

Of Course You Can Make Birds Nests Yourself

These pages show you how, and where to buy any materials you need.

It really isn't hard to make birds nests and decorate them to suit any occasion. These are two pages designed just for that purpose. One shows you how I make my bird nests, and the other is where you can buy any materials you might need if you don't have them to hand.

Birds Nests For Crafts : Materials

Birds Nests Crafts: Resource Page

Vintage Style Bird's Nest Tabletop ClockCHECK PRICE

I Hope You Enjoyed These Artificial Birds Nests. Did You Have A Favourite?

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    • savateuse profile image

      savateuse 4 years ago

      some of these birds nest decoration are really lovely! what a cool idea!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I loved the mini fern and berry. This is the best website with bird nest decorations that I have seen. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Alex-45 4 years ago

      I'd never heard of this type of decoration. Thank you for enlightening me :-)

    • CoeGurl profile image

      CoeGurl 4 years ago from USA

      This is such a charming touch in decorating! My favorite is the bird nest with grapevine and leaves.

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image

      Missmerfaery444 4 years ago

      All of them - absolutely beautiful birds nests! I think this makes a gorgeous spring and/or Easter décor theme, and great for families too as they can inspire kids to learn lots about birds and their eggs.