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Artificial Topiary Trees and Plants | Topiary Arrangements Ideas

Updated on September 11, 2014

Beautiful Artificial Topiary Arrangements Ideas

Artificial topiary tree and plant arrangements could brighten up your house. Could you believe that? I certainly do believe in that. There are few reasons why actually I prefer them as a home décor accessory. Firstly, I fall in love with artificial plants, trees and flowers, secondly I like them since they look like very realistic, thirdly they add a sense of elegance to any celebration such as Birthday party, Wedding, Christmas, Easter and lastly, they provide beautiful displays for our homes.

There are varieties of topiaries such as boxwoods, hedges, ball topiaries, cedar, spiral, rosemary, cone, cypress, tea leaf, ivy, and topiary animals. Every topiary lover is going to like the ones I have featured in this lens. This is not the end; I have got some topiary arrangements ideas for you as well. All these fake topiary plants and trees are for both indoor and outdoor use. You can place them even in any public places including offices and shops. Here in this page you will find the best beautiful fake topiaries, the best deals, and the lowest deals. The best expensive and inexpensive artificial topiaries can be found right here in this article.

Image Credit:

Real Topiary Garden Photograph

Image credit: arenamontanus

Types of Artificial Topiaries You Will Find

Basically topiaries could be divided into two board categories: 1) Tree 2) Plant or Shrub. These come in different shapes and styles such as:

1) Boxwood Topiary

2) Ceder Topiary

3) Ball Topiary

4) Cone Topiary

5) Spiral Topiary

6) Topiary Animals

7) Tea Leaf Topiary

8) Topiary Hedges

9) Rosemary Topiary

10) Cypress Topiary

11) Preserved Topiary

Take a look at the photo on the right side, it is a boxwood topiary tree.

Image credit:

Artificial Cedar Topiary Tree for Outdoor or Indoor Use

As fake topiaries are decorative and functional for us we better learn how to arrange one quite elegantly. Buying a topiary and placing it on a place where it does not attract others then we will just waste our money. Here is the one I have got for you that is perfect for front door or porch.

TWO Pre-potted 4' Artificial Cedar Topiary Outdoor Indoor Tree
TWO Pre-potted 4' Artificial Cedar Topiary Outdoor Indoor Tree

Cedar topiary is a popular type of topiary. Even this is an artificial outdoor and indoor topiary tree it looks very realistic and attractive. Use them for special occasion such as on the wedding ceremony, Halloween nights or Christmas.


Do You Have Artificial Topiary At Home?

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Artificial Topiary Arrangements for Special Occasions

Artificial topiary arrangements for special occasions could add a touch of class to the event such as on wedding ceremony, birthday or Christmas. I have seen some topiary Christmas tree with lights on it, to be honest I like them even though they were fake. A friend of mine from Ukraine who once told me she bought a fake Christmas tree instead of having a real one. I was lucky that she sent me few photographs of that, I was just "wow, beautiful tree".

It is not unnatural if you see beautiful topiary trees and plants near you on an event like wedding ceremony. This event certainly is a big event for us. In order to brighten up outdoor scenery during the wedding party we could use some large fake topiary trees.

So many official meetings take place in a meeting room at many offices. Eventually, we need to decorate the room, if you are searching for knowing some interior room design ideas then pick this topiary tree arrangements idea. It is a popular office and home décor idea.

In case of birthday party and Easter party I highly recommend this décor idea. You wont have to spend much time for this artificial plants and trees. And for any outdoor party you can simply rely on topiary if you have to a tendency to make your visitors curious of your outdoor idea. There are diverse range of artificial topiary plants and trees you can find at or eBay and other online store. I have noticed that there are some great online store from UK that sale variety of topiaries.

Japanese Holly Topiary with Green Pot

It is great looking at real Japanese holly shrubs. They are quite popular and native shrubs to many east Asian countries such as in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. If you are looking for indoor or outdoor use of artificial topiaries then you can consider this Japanese holly topiary.

National Tree 13 Inch Globe Japanese Holly Bush in Dark Green Round Plastic Pot (LJB4-13-1)
National Tree 13 Inch Globe Japanese Holly Bush in Dark Green Round Plastic Pot (LJB4-13-1)

The foliage material is made of plastic so you don't have to think of watering it or take care of it much. Animal like deer would not be hungry seeing this one in your garden. Sunlight can't harm this as well and pruning is never required.


Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Topiary Trees

A boxwood topiary can be made of silk or just plastic. Sometimes people say plastic boxwood topiary trees are better than silk ones. Maybe they are right!

Boxwood topiary could appear in many styles and designs. It is possible to get a boxwood artificial Christmas tree, they are less then ordinary and beautiful.

(TWO) 4' Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Topiary Trees - (Indoor/Outdoor)
(TWO) 4' Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Topiary Trees - (Indoor/Outdoor)

Can I use it indoor? Yes, of course you can use it indoor, nobody would bother about it. These are expensive topiaries but the one who has bought these were satisfied very much with product quality. These 100% UV protected artificial topiary trees will last for years and years, that's for sure.


Nearly Natural Mini Bougainvillea Topiary Tree

Whether you use it in your bedroom, living room or even outside on the porch this one always add something extra beauty to your sweet home. I once wanted to make this kind of topiary as if I was master for crafting or taking DIY project. Simply I was not and I did not try making it.

Nearly Natural Mini Bougainvillea Topiary Tree Photo

Image Credit:

Silk Tri Ball Boxwood Topiary Plant

Maybe you have came across many topiaries trees before but have not found the exact one you were looking for. Why don't you think of this one then?

Silk Decor 4-Feet Tri Ball Boxwood Topiary Plant, Green/Two-tone
Silk Decor 4-Feet Tri Ball Boxwood Topiary Plant, Green/Two-tone

This is a Tri ball boxwood topiary plant which looks very nice. If you live in a windy weather then you need fairly deep heavy pots to put them. Overall, these trees are great for your porch and front door.


Silk Tri Ball Boxwood Topiary Plant Photo

Image Credit:

Artificial Topiary Gift Ideas

I can spend my whole time just viewing or strolling real topiary gardens, what about you? Having a real ornamental garden so called topiary would be amazing for me. I know one has to take care of this type of garden much, maybe right now I don't have much time to spend time behind this. Hopefully in the near future I will have time. Let's hope for it because I want it.

I have mentioned earlier that we could use topiary for special occasions or events. That's true, no doubt about it. Can we think of another thing which might be a great for all of us? In fact, we can use a topiary tree or plant as a gift for others. We have many seasonal and religious ceremonies that come to our life each every year. Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthday all these great days are prefect time to present topiaries.

Women would like to have it as gift than men! I hope you don't argue with it. Your mother or wife might be interested decorating the porch you have or even front door could be brighten up with two topiary trees. Just place them on both side, on the right and left side of your front door and they will look great. Some people would like to have them even in a garage or store. So it is obvious that both male and female would appreciate to have these as a gift idea.

Tea Leaf Double Ball Topiary in Terra Cotta Pot Green Plant

Topiary is a perfect home improvement item. You can place them anywhere else you want considering their shapes and styles. They add stylized beauty to your entryway, patio and porch, no doubt about that.

24" Tea Leaf Double Ball Topiary in Terra Cotta Pot Green (Pack of 2)
24" Tea Leaf Double Ball Topiary in Terra Cotta Pot Green (Pack of 2)

This is a water resistant tea leaf double ball topiary that comes in a terra cotta pot. It is perfect addition to your hall table! Get this as gift for your mother as well on Mother's day or on her birthday.


Tea Leaf Double Ball Topiary in Terra Cotta Pot Image

Photo credit: at Amazon through Creative Commons licensing

Preserved Boxwood Double Ball Fake Topiary Picture

Photo credit: at Amazon through Creative Commons licensing

Beautiful Artificial Ivy Ball and Cone Topiary Tree

Could a fake Ivy ball and cone topiary tree enhance the look of your home? I am 100% that it could. Sometimes artificial plants are better than having real natural plant. In fact real plant brings some troubles while fake one stays out of such trouble.

DIY Artificial Topiary Trees: Make Your Own

Let's see how artificial topiary tree can me made! Learn these tutorials watching the video.

Nearly Natural Rosemary Spiral Silk Topiary Tree

My aunt has bought this rosemary spiral topiary tree and that makes her very happy when someone gaze at it! I think I can tell you why she preferred this one. In few words this is not that much expensive, she has a very few time for maintaining real topiary and lastly, she was searching for one that could last for many years.

Nearly Natural 5170 Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree, 4-Feet, Green
Nearly Natural 5170 Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree, 4-Feet, Green

This spiral rosemary silk topiary tree is truly realistic. It makes the perfect accent to any entryway or patio. With its lush green foliage twisting skyward, this one could make you happy!


Rosemary Spiral Silk Topiary Tree Picture

Image credit: and seller of this product

Potted Artificial Spiral Cypress Topiary Trees

If you wish you create a unique interior landscape then there are few substitutes than this one. In fact shape of real cypress tree is beautiful, don't you think so?

Allstate Pack of 2 Potted Artificial Spiral Cypress Topiary Trees 3'
Allstate Pack of 2 Potted Artificial Spiral Cypress Topiary Trees 3'

For big occasion like Christmas and New Year you can rely on this topiary tree. There are total 476 Leaves and that makes this topiary bushy! It comes in a decorative weighted plastic pot. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Handcrafted Topiary Plants & Trees

What do you think about artificial topiary? They seem to you handmade, right? Well, if you are guessing so then you are absolutely right. I have met with several artists who were very crafty making artificial topiaries. They have said, they must need plastic, silk and planter to make one.

You know that topiary is an art of clipping or pruning trees, foliage and shrubs to create various definite shapes. Japanese cloud trees (Ilex crenata or Japanese Holly), azalea flowers trees and ceder trees are quite ideal for making topiary. They even famous in some countries, where people like having real topiary garden.

There are so many beautiful topiary gardens you can visit in Japan. Most of them will delight you with their unique appearances and styles. I also have heard that in the UK there are several famous topiary gardens people can visit. Hopefully in the future if I ever go to England I would visit them.

If you have to make a topiary at home surely you need some materials such as Spanish moss, faux moss, white planter, foam ball, styrofoam ball, scissors and some other useful tools. Below I have shared some links that could help you to make homemade topiary.

DIY - How to Make Fake Topiary?

Making topiary trees and plants are not an easy tasks to do if you don't have proper knowledge of making one. The following links will help you to learn how to make beautiful topiaries.

Artificial Ball-shaped Boxwood Topiary Plant

Hardly we can find a person who only likes topiary tree but not its plant. A small topiary plant could enhance the beauty of our living room.

Set of 2 - Pre-Potted 24" High Ball Shaped Boxwood Topiary- 16" Diameter - Plastic Pot
Set of 2 - Pre-Potted 24" High Ball Shaped Boxwood Topiary- 16" Diameter - Plastic Pot

The sunlight can never be a problem for these ball shaped boxwood topiaries. If you live in a warm area where the weather is awfully extreme then consider these! I think it is a great gift idea for Valentine's day!


Fake Ball Shaped Boxwood Topiary Plant Image

Photo credit: and real producer of this product.

Topiary Place Card Holders Ideas

If you have any garden party then why don't you simply find some topiary place card holders? This idea is also great as wedding favor! Flowers could be real while topiary plants are fake. You can simply put them in serving trays.

Image credit: Jennifer Morrow

Beautiful Preserved Boxwood Single Ball Topiary Plant

A boxwood single ball topiary is more than an ordinary topiary. It is a delightful ball topiary you would ever buy.

Mills Floral Company Box Topiary, Single, Large, 6" x 16"
Mills Floral Company Box Topiary, Single, Large, 6" x 16"

Finding a nice home decor idea for winter, spring, summer and autumn is easy. But can one last for long all these seasons? This nice looking single boxwood topiary is suitable only for indoor use.


Have You Ever Visited Topiary Garden?

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Preserved Boxwood Single Ball Topiary Plant Image

Photo Credit:

Artificial Boxwood Topiary Hedge

This hedge reminds me of a movie called "Over the Hedge" - it was such a nice animated movie I have watched two months ago from now on. Boxwood topiary hedges create attractive borders along walkways or entrances. There are many fake hedges you can find online such as on, and

33"Hx8"Wx39"L Boxwood Hedge Two Tone Green
33"Hx8"Wx39"L Boxwood Hedge Two Tone Green

This topiary hedge is beautiful and made of plastic. As a result it will last for many years.


Artificial Boxwood Topiary Hedge Photo

Photo credit: at Amazon through Creative Commons licensing

Cheap Topiary Plants for Home Decoration

Here I have featured five inexpensive topiary plants you would like to buy at lowest price. Just don't think these product quality is bad, they are simply not!

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      4 years ago


    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      4 years ago

      I love the look of these. My favorite topiary are the ones in the Disney theme parks.

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      4 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this! It has given me some new ideas.

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      Shelly Sellers 

      4 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Love my 3 faux topiary small trees and use another 2 styles during Christmas!

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      4 years ago

      Beautiful! I like topiaries.

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      Gloria Freeman 

      4 years ago from Alabama USA

      I like your collection of topiary. they look good. Thanks for sharing.

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      4 years ago from USA

      We've used plants like this for so many things. They always look good and are so easy to decorate. Thanks for showing so many new types I haven't seen. Gives me new ideas.

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      4 years ago from chichester

      This is such a good idea for the home and they look so beautiful! l want one!

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 

      4 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      What a big selection there is! Love the garden photo, so green and perfect! Enjoyed your ideas here. Thanks for sharing Takkhis

    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 

      4 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      That place card idea is great. Nice topiary collection!


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