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ArtLab Hollywood Makeup Artist Studio

Updated on December 13, 2013

Get ready for glamour!

Put your art skills to the test and channel your inner creativity!

Step into the world of glam heaven with the one-of-a-kind Makeup Artist Studio to unveil your inner Cosmo Girl. Professional makeup artist techniques combined with art materials that replicate makeup ensure easy success for six unique looks: Glamour, Natural, Runway, Twenties, Mod, and Cat Eye. Create 3-D faces on paper and learn tips from the pros on how to translate techniques from paper to your face. In no time at all you will be ready to conquer the colorful world of cosmetology, one lipstick at a time.

Read All About It!

In Make a Face!, author Christina Henry de Tessan worked with a real Los Angeles-based makeup artist to get insider tips on how to create six unique looks. Techniques are included for easy replication of looks from sketch pad to 3-D paper pulp faces. Also includes tips on how to apply actual makeup to achieve similar looks. Facts about makeup and beauty are sprinkled throughout this fully-illustrated book.

ArtLab Hollywood Makeup Artist Studio comes complete with:

* 3-D paper pulp faces (5, all oval face shape)

* Scratch pad with face outline and area to note colors used

* Three double-sided brushes:

o angled brush with shadow brush lip brush with detail brush foundation brush with blush brush

* art materials:

o 3 watercolor cakes (foundation) with a how-to about mixing colors for more variety

o 2 watercolor pencils (eyeliner, lipliner)

o 4 colored pencils (hair color)

o 2 soft pastels (cheeks)

o 3 semi-soft watercolors (in custom lip shape)

o 8 watercolor cakes (eye shadows)

* 16-page fully illustrated booklet/lab journal

Recommended for ages eight years and older. Contains small parts not safe for younger children.

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