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Astronomy gifts for kids

Updated on January 10, 2013

Astronomy gifts that are educational and fun

Do you have a young stargazer in the family who is showing an interest in astronomy and the wonders of space? Then encourage their new hobby with a gift that will be not only fun but educational.

From a young age, I loved watching the night sky, learning the names of the constellations, the planets and searching for nebulae. If you want to be astounded by a spectacular sight, get a pair of ordinary binoculars and on a clear night, direct them upwards onto the the band of stars that is part of our galaxy, called the milky way. It will take your breath away.

Living in towns and in places where the skies aren't always clear makes it sometimes difficult for the budding astronomer. That's when a gift of an astronomy char, kit or book will come in handy, while they wait for the skies to clear.

This image features the moon on the wall, listed for sale below. A really neat light!

Moon on the wall - The perfect nightlight that turns itself off.

This realistic moon model hangs on your wall and lights up to show the different phases of the moon. Recommended for children ages six and older. This product has some very good reviews from satisfied customers and is a pretty awesome gift for a space mad kid. In fact I wouldn't mind one of these myself!

Glow in the dark planets

Glowing planets
Glowing planets

Learning the constellations - A Guide to Stars and Constellations

A field guide to Stars and Constellations
A field guide to Stars and Constellations

When you look up at the night sky, you will notice many of the stars seem to be arranged in patterns. These patterns are known as constellations and although they may have funny sounding names like Casseopia and Perseus, in the Northern Sky, there is also the Great Bear and the Little Bear. After careful watching, these constellations become familiar as they occupy the same place in the sky at times and they are easy to recognize and learn their names.

A young person's first telescope


Telescope on Sale at Amazon

This is a perfect first telescope. It is light in weight, easy to use and comes with an educational astronomy and solar system guide. The telescope features a 30mm objective lens, three powerful high-quality 20x, 30x, 40x magnification lenses and a table top tripod.

Stargazing binoculars - Fun and educational. An affordable gift for budding stargazers

Stargazing binoculars
Stargazing binoculars

While a telescope is good for observing the moon and singular objects in the night sky, such as galaxies, with a pair of binoculars you get a much broader view of the heavens. The kit comes complete with everything needed to become familiar with the night sky from the comfort of your backyard.

They are10x50 magnitude binoculars that are great for views of the Moon, bright planets and constellations

Included are the Starry Night Special Edition software is a powerful tool for learning the night sky and getting the most out of the 10x50 binoculars

Did you know?

The moon is moving 3.8cm a year further away from us!

3D Solar system

Another type of night illumination is featured by these glow in the dark planets. Hanging from the ceiling, these planets will give a fascinating view of our universe for the young astronomer. Also included in the kit are 200 stick on stars and a guide book to the solar system.

Solar system coloring book

Solar system coloring book
Solar system coloring book

A children's coloring book that contains 44 Space Age illustrations, including images of an asteroid, a spacecraft observing the landscape of Mars, representations of all the planets, and much more. As they color, they will learn lots of fascinating facts from the descriptive content accompanying the pictures.

Search Amazon for Astronomy gifts - Can't find what you are looking for?

Using the Amazon search bar, you can enter the product that you are looking for and be taken straight to the right page.

Space stickers - Hours of fun

What we have here is hours of educational play activities for one or several children at a time. There are twelve colorful sticker sheets each with 48 stickers of planets, several nebulae, a satellite, an astronaut, etc. The stickers can be repositioned and reused for continual use. Great for teachers or children's parties.

Did you know?

The Earth is traveling through space at 530Km a second!

Solar system calendar 2013

A beautiful color collection of images of planets, moon, stars, asteroids and more in this calendar for 2013.

The sky at night

Sir Patrick Moore
Sir Patrick Moore

Undoubtedly the best and longest running astronomy program in the world. Hosted by the brilliant and very learned Sir Patrick Moore, this BBC program has always been a joy to watch and keeps you up to date with the latest information on space missions, visiting comets and what to look out for this month in the night sky.

The Sky at Night

Did you know?

Sound cannot travel in space!

Journey through the Universe

Are you encouraging your little astronomer?

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