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Automoblox Emergency Response

Updated on September 25, 2014

My youngest grandson is fascinated by emergency vehicles with or without the bells and whistles. Automoblox toy vehicles are well constructed of wood and plastic bodies with rubber wheels, these vehicles run better on imagination than batteries and sirens. As a parent and grandparent the novelty of noise wore off a long time ago. I am more interested in the long-term play appeal rather than how long the batteries will last.

Bold colors and graphics certainly enhance the latest additions to the Automoblox line of toy vehicles. Classic and modern at the same time, Automoblox founder Patrick Calello refers to the toys as future-retro. State of the art designed with classic play appeal.

The X9 SUV Fire Vehicle

The X9 SUV Fire Vehicle
The X9 SUV Fire Vehicle | Source

Available At Amazon - S9 Police Vehicle

While visiting the Automoblox website I appreciated the look and style of the toys and I expected a decent quality would be delivered when I ordered the trio. It is not often that quality meets expectations, in this case it did and then some. The toys are very well made and they look it, even better is that the construction will likely survive the obstacles and endurance test of young children. Since my grandson is still quite young I like that his problem solving abilities and small motor skills will benefit from taking apart, matching, and reassembling the parts and pieces of the vehicles. Yet the vehicles appeal to older kids (and collectors) whether as a toy to play with or displayed on a shelf or desk.

Most important, of course, was my grandson's positive play with the vehicles. He really does enjoy imaginative play with his Automoblox emergency vehicles speeding into action following a multi-vehicle accident and was very interested in removing and returning the driver and passengers. Each must be returned to an assigned seat which is accomplished by matching the figures to their proper, star, square, circle, or triangle shape.

New Video Module

Automoblox Gallery

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X9 Fire SUVS9 police CruiserFigures feature shaped pegs to fir properly in each vehicle.T900 Rescue Truck
X9 Fire SUV
X9 Fire SUV
S9 police Cruiser
S9 police Cruiser
Figures feature shaped pegs to fir properly in each vehicle.
Figures feature shaped pegs to fir properly in each vehicle.
T900 Rescue Truck
T900 Rescue Truck

Media Resourcs

Media resources and images are courtesy of Automoblox.

Are Automoblox vehicles on your gift wish list?

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