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Avengers Birthday Cake

Updated on May 19, 2013

Make a Fabulous Avengers Cake that no one will be able to forget for your special day!

Are you looking for the perfect Avengers birthday cake? You've found the right place! Search through a variety of Avengers cakes and cupcakes that your child will love. The hit movie has reignited children's love of the Avengers and each of the main characters. So why not create an Avengers themed party that your child will love. You can create your own Avengers themed cake with little effort and some well placed cake toppers that will wow your guests and will make your child very happy!

Check out these amazing Avengers themed cakes to inspire you to create your very own party cake!

Check out these amazing Avengers themed cakes to inspire you to create your own

Avengers Birthday Cake Pictures

Click on the link to view the pictures

Avengers cartoon cake

A Wonderful Cartoon style cake that captures each character and is a lovely bright blue. A very unique cake and fun.

Avengers character cake

Excellent cakes with the A for Avengers and each individual character

Movie Avengers cake

The Avengers text as per the movie, and each symbol of each main Avenger. A really striking cake that is great for fans of the movie

Tiered Avengers cake

Fun Cake for a large party. Cute characters made from Royal Icing, each avenger is represented on this large cake

Avengers cake

A really spectacular cake but has been made with clever use of cake toppers of the characters, these might be the toys and not cake toppers. It looks amazing but can be made easily by an amateur.

Avengers cartoon cake

2 tier cake with butter cream - Thor, Captain America, Ironman, The Hulk, Hawk-eye and The Black Widow. This is a difficult one to replicate, each character is made from icing and looks really good

Avengers Cake Toppers

Ready made Avengers Cake Toppers for a quick fix!

There are many topper ideas for a Avengers birthday cake to choose from.

Below are just some of the Avengers Cake Toppers that you can buy from Amazon and press onto a normal plain cake. These cake toppers will give an excellent effect to any plain baked cake, you can then use frosting to decorate the rest of the cake. Avengers Cake Toppers are an easy and quick way to decorate a cake for a Avengers themed Birthday Party and will be sure not to disappoint the kids!

A quick and easy idea is to take a plain cake spray it with grey colouring or cover in grey fondant. Then purchase the cake toppers, get the figurines and an Avengers Logo to place on top of the cake. There are many ways you can place them, line them up, group together or have them re enact a scene. You can also place the logos of each avenger on the cake or try painting them on with colouring or piping them with icing. It is also worth piping around the bottom just for a professional finish. Check out the links here for ideas, the tiered cakes look really good but the individual cakes are also amazing. The toppers are really eyecatching so if you just use toppers and nothing else it will still look amazing.

Marvel Avengers Light up Cake Topper, DecorationCHECK PRICE

Avengers Hulk Cake TopperCHECK PRICE

Captain America Avenger Cake Decorating KitCHECK PRICE

Avengers Cup Cake Toppers

You can also create some really cool cup cake toppers, you could ice them yourself or purchase some excellent cup cake toppers. Here are some awesome Cup Cake Toppers you can purchase. If you want to try to make your own, check out and print out the pictures below and follow the instructions to create your own cupcake toppers for the Avengers theme!

Marvel Avengers Superhero Cupcake Rings - 12 ctCHECK PRICE

Marvel Super Hero Mini Figure Set - Set of 8 Vending Machine Toys - Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Thing, Hulk, Captain AmericaCHECK PRICE

Want to Make your own Avengers cup cake toppers?

its easy

If you have your own colour printer and like to do creative things with the kids, then why not print out these avengers themed cake toppers and make them yourself. The kids will have fun creating them and they will add something extra to your party with these easy to make cake toppers. All you need is some paper, some tooth picks or cake pop sticks and some sticky tape.

Print out the cake toppers in the link here Avengers printable cupcake toppers and help your kids cut them out to put on the cupcakes

Here was my attempt with the kids, they are quite messy as my sons are 4 and 5 and are very enthusiastic cutters!

If you have a steady hand or a circle paper cutter you can do a very professional job, try using some black backing card to stick them to and stick them together with some foam double sided tape. It will leave a gap between the topper and the card and will give the cake topper some depth

Order Avengers Cake Pops
Order Avengers Cake Pops

Avengers Cake Pops

Make your own Avengers Cake Pops! click on the links to view the Cake Pops

Cake Pops are incredibly popular, easy to make and are great items to add into a party favour bag at the end of a party. If you are considering making some cake pops for your child's party, here are some pictures of avengers themed cake pops to inspire you to create your own. There are also a few companies that make Cake pops to order and if you want a really professional job then they are worth considering.

Here are some Avengers themed Cake pops to take a look at:

Avengers cartoon cake

Avengers cake Pops to order

Vypasseti Cake Pops are amazing, these also look fantastic and if your budget will allow it worth ordering for your party.

Avengers Cake Pops

These character pops are cute, kids will love these and they also show how they made one of the characters.

Avengers cartoon cake pops

There are plenty of examples of cake pops, scroll to the bottom to find the avengers cake pops. These are really good quality cake pops my sons enjoyed looking at all of the cake pops on this page

Avengers cake pop flags

These cake pops are nice and original, you can also get the free printables from this wonderful site. I love crafting blogs like this one and you can copy these very easily by using the free printable flags


Avengers Figurines - Why not use the toys for your cakes!

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