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Avengers Captain America Costume and Ideas for Adults and Kids

Updated on April 17, 2013

Dress Up as Captain America from The Avengers Movie

Marvel Avengers Captain America costume from The Avengers 2012 movie for adults and kids . With lots of ideas for accessories and information about the character played by Chris Evans.

In The Avengers (aka Avengers Assemble) Captain America has to get used to the modern world, much has changed since the 1940s. On this page you'll find the latest costumes for Halloween or cosplay and also background information on the Steve Rogers character.

Captain America is a classic superhero with an instantly recognisable costume. You can get the new movie tie-in costume in adult and kid sizes and there's also an elite higher quality costume for Cap.

There's quite a choice of Avengers Captain America costumes for adults and kids so make sure you look through all of them before choosing.

Don't miss the Captain America cologne!

The Avengers Captain America Elite Adult Costume

Avengers Captain America Costumes for Adults

This is the Captain America muscle suit costume to tie in with Chris Evans costume in The Avengers movie 2012.

It's a jumpsuit costume that has the muscle padding built in to the suit. The costume has built in details on the arms and ankles and belt.

You also get a Captain America mask.

You do not get a shield (see below.)

Add Captain Americas one red glove and one blue glove as a finishing touch. (Also handy if it's a bit cold.)

Captain America Movie Shield (Adult)

An adult-sized Captain America shield to go with your costume. You'll have fun posing with this!

This is the Elite version of The Avengers Captain America costume from the movie. It's a higher quality costume with lots more detail.

The jumpsuit costume has lots of details like raised seams, knee patches and zippers.

You also get:

- Captain America gloves with attached gauntlets

- Vinyl utility belt

- Vinyl Mask with detail

- Red Boot covers

You do not get the shield.

The Captain America Deluxe Metal Shield is a cool replica made in metal. It measures 23 3/4-inches across. You can use it as a costume accessory and then hang it up on the wall as an awesome decoration when you're not crime-fighting.

This Captain America Body Suit Adult Costume is an alternative for a brave Steve Rogers. Bring your own muscles (or not!)

Captain America zentai style.

The Avengers Initiative - Captain America Spotlight

Captain America Character

Steve Rogers is Captain America. Back in the 40s, after being considered unfit for military service, Rogers volunteered for a specialist training program and was injected with Super Solder Serum to became an elite perfect soldier.

After his 40s adventures Captain America was frozen in ice and preserved.

In The Avengers Captain America has to get used to the modern world, and the rest of the Avengers team. Captain America is often called 'Cap'.

Avengers Captain America Costumes for Kids

This is the Avengers Captain America muscle suit costume (there's also a costume with a light up star.)

In this version of the kids costume, the LED light on Cap's chest lights up!

Great fun for Halloween and kids do love stuff that lights up.

One blue, one red. Great fun!

Avengers Captain America Blaster

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This Avengers Captain America Blaster is a fun role play toy for kids from age 6+. And yes, quite a few adult Captain Americas will enjoy it too!

Captain America Shields for Kids

For a shield to go with a kids Captain America costume you can choose a costume shield, or a toy shield. There's even one that shoots discs.

These are Captain America movie tie-in products. I'll be looking out for any updated Avengers movie shields.

Chris Evans Talks About Captain America

Avengers Patriot Your Attack Plan Captain America Cologne

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Yes, it really is Captain America Cologne! Sure to make you feel the part.

Captain America The American Way Costume Black Adult T-shirt Tee

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Want everyone to be aware of your superhero alter-ego? Try an Avengers Captain America costume t-shirt. You could wear it under your work shirt for Halloween! Or with jeans at the weekend.

More Captain America Accessories

You can get lots of fun Captain America accessories to wear with your costume or for everyday wear.

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Avengers Captain America Costume

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