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Awesome 4 Year Anniversary Gift Idea For Your Husband or Boyfriend

Updated on March 3, 2014

After writing my highly succesful article on 1st year anniversary gifts, that helped literally thousands of people shop for their spouse, I decided to continue writing about anniversary ideas. It is very difficult to come up with great ideas that are fun for both sexes, that's why I've started to write articles for husbands and wives. My article on 4 year anniversary gifts for wives is on Squidoo as well.

The theme for the 4 year anniversary is silk or flowers. It's not that easy to shop within this theme for your husband, however I came up with some options. My personal favorite option is a silkscreen print on a subject that greatly interests your husband. I would be on top of the world if I got this silkscreen of Bender but I'm a big Futurama fan.... Not everyone is, strangely enough.

However the gift can be very easily adapted to whatever your husband loves. You can get him a superhero silkscreen or something by an artist he loves. The options are endless. Make sure you won't hate to have it in your home though ;)

If you don't like the silkscreen gift as an anniversary gift idea for your husband there are other great options, what do you think about:

  1. silk boxers (they feel great and your husband probably won't buy these for himself)
  2. silk bathrobe (just real comfortable)
  3. silk tie (personally I think getting him a great high quality pair of ties can be a fabulous gift, there is no better material for ties and he will definitely wear and use them)

Flower gifts for guys are really hard. Many of us will appreciate flowers but most men don't love them like women do and some feel it's a waste of money. Alternatives are flowerseeds to grow a colorful garden or anything with a flower dessin. You can come up with ideas from shirts and suitcases to furniture. Anything with flower design goes!


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