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Awful movies to watch on Halloween

Updated on November 2, 2010

A more extreme version of "so bad it's good"

I love awful movies. It's a taste most people don't share, but with the right friends they're perfect. There's no better time to watch horribad flicks than Halloween. It's easy to find horrible movies. Awful ones that are fun & still good to show at a Halloween party? Nope. No campy film student stuff here either.

Below are a few of my favorites you might enjoy. I tried to limit myself to some you might actually find at a Movie Rental place, or perhaps Amazon.

Awful movie #1: Ernest Scared Stupid

I love most of his movies. That doesn't mean they're good!

One of my favorites by Jim Varney. He dresses up in a lot of costumes, and impersonates many characters. Ernest movies are "ridiculously stupid" if you're unfamiliar with them.

In this movie Ernest releases an evil troll from thousands of years of captivity. He, of course, starts doing bad things. Stealing childrens' souls. Turning some into wooden dolls. Picking fights with the mayor's kids. Stuff like that... but it's not enough, is it? Trantor the Troll is also trying to unleash a monstrous army on the small town.

And who will save the day? Ernest? Hah!

Seen it? Think it'd be a great Halloween awful movie?

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Ernest Scared Stupid
Ernest Scared Stupid

Here it is on amazon. You might even have a friend who owns it. Great halloween movie for kids. They'll laugh at Jim Varney, and adults can laugh because of how awfully funny it is. This movie was pretty popular when it came out and is "family friendly". In other words, you won't see the pile of gore, nudity, and other stuff you'd find in recent horror movies.


Awful movie #2: Troll 2

It has nothing to do with the original either.

Watch the scene below to see how bad it is. Some theatres still show it on special nights to fans of really awful movies. There were a few Halloween screenings here in Toronto.

"The plot concerns an American family, the Waits family, who are taking a trip to the country to visit a small town called Nilbog (goblin spelled backwards), but are plunged into a nightmare as they are relentlessly pursued by vegetarian goblins, who turn people into plants before they eat them." You'll know already if you'd love or hate the film. You can spoil the story for yourself on wiki.

Many people parodied this 20 second scene, you can see some here.

Seen Troll 2? What did you think of this awful movie?

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Get the pretty awful movie

Troll 2 (The 20th Anniversary Nilbog Edition) [Blu-ray]
Troll 2 (The 20th Anniversary Nilbog Edition) [Blu-ray]

The blu-ray edition. It's a lot cheaper on dvd right below this section. Did you know that almost all the popular horror films don't have a blu-ray version? But Troll 2 does.

Troll / Troll 2 (Double Feature)
Troll / Troll 2 (Double Feature)

An even cheaper combo package. I've never watched the first Troll, but I've heard it's completely unrelated to the sequel. It might actually be *gasp* a good movie.


Awful movie #3: House of the Dead 2

This movie might've been better if Uwe Boll directed it.

"Government operatives are sent to investigate a new infection that has rapidly spread across Cuesta Verde University. Outside parties, interested in financially exploiting the zombies, cause a lot of problems. Battles rage from the library, to the dorm rooms, to the football fields..." You can spoil this awful halloween movie story for yourself on wikipedia.

Why part 2 instead of part 1?

The first House of the Dead movie was directed by Uwe Boll. You might remember him from great movies like... well, I can't think of any that weren't bad. Postal made me laugh at least. The first House of the Dead though? It's so awful that not even being bad can make it good.

"House of the Dead II is undoubtedly one of the worst horror sequels to come around in a good long while" - Reel Film.

One of my favorite parts of this perfect for Halloween movie: People covering themselves in blood from dead bodies. They shuffle around like zombies to walk through a bunch of them. You'd think the zombies might want to eat them with all the body juice around...

Awful movie poll: Your thoughts on House of the Dead 2?

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Pick up the Dvd

House of the Dead II
House of the Dead II

I bought this awful movie much cheaper on ebay. You might want to use that option too. I doubt there'd be anyone else bidding on it, but you never know! :)


Awful movie #4: Once Bitten

One of Jim Carrey's earliest films & his first main role.

Once Bitten is more of a comedy than a horror film. It's R rated & a little adult in theme (the story, some of the dialogue & a scene in a male locker room). A vampire countess needs the blood of an innocent man to retain her youth. She and her flamboyant butler bump into Jim Carrey's character. He's in a long-term unsatisfying relationship, driving an ice cream truck and... well, you can imagine where this is going.

The film received negative reviews from critics with a "rotten" score of 10%

"For centuries, the Countess has collected a stable of young men and women who will accompany her on her journey through eternal night-and youth. Mark does not realize what she really is, and over the next few days he begins showing strange behavior; having strange dreams, avoiding direct sunlight and even drinking blood (from raw meat). After the Countess gets a second bite, Robin notices Mark's odd behavior and confronts the Countess during a dance-off at the high school's Halloween dance..." Spoil yourself on the full story at Wiki.

It doesn't involve a lot of spooky stuff or costumes. This is mainly a comedy about teenagers in the 80's. I watched it at Halloween myself, and had a good time, so it fit my list.

Did you know... Jim Carrey is a great dancer?

You can check out a clip here (youtube) from this awful movie.

Wat did you think of Once Bitten?

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Buy the Dvd

Once Bitten
Once Bitten

There's a slew of extras on this special edition. My local library had one, we rented it instead of buying Once Bitten. You might want to try checking yours to see if they have it.

Once Bitten (1985) / Vampire's Kiss (1989) (Totally Awesome 80s Double Feature)
Once Bitten (1985) / Vampire's Kiss (1989) (Totally Awesome 80s Double Feature)

A combo package that comes with another potentially awful movie dirt cheap. I haven't seen the second one in this set. Leave a comment below if you know if Vampire's Kiss is good (ew) or horribad!


Awful movies #5-99: Scifi Original Films

Now called "Syfy Originals"

Films created for the Syfy channel. It's a north american television station that's usually included in most home cable packages. These made-for-tv awful movies all seem to feature recognizable actors, very low budgets, and horrible writing.

You can click here to see a list of them.

The page had 98 syfy original films the last time I looked.

They're not all awful. Some are pretty good. But most aren't, and those are the ones you might want to watch for Halloween. Amazon has lots of reviews for most SyFy movies.

What do you think of the syfy scifi original movies?

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A few of their awful halloween movies! Click a thumbnail.

Feast - a close 100th - This movie was made to be intentionally awful.

It's supposed to be a slasher horror comedy. Low budget. Lousy special effects. Story? It's not explained. We get little flashes when a new character explains calling them a stereotype, with a quote or some ridiculous trivia.

"As people are enjoying drinks in a bar, a man covered in blood (identified onscreen as *Hero*) enters through the door and warns them all of impending danger. No one heeds his warning, so he shows the bar patrons the head of a repulsive monster to make them take him seriously. He is soon pulled through a window and decapitated by one of the monsters, amusingly just after it was implied that his chances of survival were very high." (from Wiki)

Much like Troll 2, you already know if you'd like this or not.

It might just be too good to be an awful movie for Halloween.

Feast (Unrated Edition)
Feast (Unrated Edition)

This movie was so popular it's already spawned two sequels. They'd be fun for Halloween too. I don't recommend starting with the third though. It's a direct continuation of the 2nd movie.


What did you think of Feast? An awful movie for Halloween?

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Share some awful halloween movies in the box below. :)

Know any others that belong here?

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    • thesuccess2 profile image


      8 years ago

      Manos: The Hands of Fate! I've never made it to the end of that film. Angel Blessing

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Okay, my offering would be Motel Hell. Thanks for your other picks. I may have to torture myself by watching them. Fun lens.

    • sousababy profile image


      8 years ago

      Oh, I think I am dating myself here but 2 others I would recommend that are awful halloween movies are: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Night of the Living Dead. Thanks for visiting my lens! Take Care, Rose

    • missbat profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow, some truly awful classics on your lens! Man, Once Bitten is what I'd call "hilarrable". And all those SyFy films...


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